Part 2.

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Screen and Video Card. Screen. Feature Card #18. C.S. Pick a Monitor ... Feature Card Memory. Measure. VRAM #22. C.S. Other Monitor Factors. Determination. Shading Depth. VGA ...
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Part 2 Input and Output

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Mouse Keyboard Printer Monitor & Video Card Modem Sound Card Scanner Summary

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Mouse Using the Mouse Actions Click Drag and Drop Double-Click Right-Click ...

Slide 4

Mouse (2) Left-gave Users Mouse Pad Clean the Mouse Cordless Mouse

Slide 5

Mouse (3) Other Pointing Devices Joystick Touchpad Trackball

Slide 6

Keyboard Escape Key Caps Lock & Shift Keys Ctrl and Alt Keys Function Keys Spacebar

Slide 7

Keyboard (2) Backspace Key Enter Key Delete Key Arrow Keys

Slide 8

Keyboard (3) Status Lights Numeric Keypad

Slide 9

Printer Choose a Printer Speed Printer Resolution

Slide 10

Dot-Matrix Printer Speed Resolution Ink Carriage Paper Multipart Forms

Slide 11

Ink Jet Printer Speed Resolution Ink Color Paper

Slide 12

Laser Printer Speed Resolution Ink Color Paper Multifunction

Slide 13

Laser Printer (2) Memory Laser Printer Languages PCL PostScript

Slide 14

Other Printers Solid Ink Printer Thermal-Wax Printer Dye Sublimation Printer

Slide 15

Printer Fonts TrueType Font Bitmapped Font

Slide 16

Printer Buffer & Spooler Print Buffer Print Spooler

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Monitor and Video Card Monitor Video Card

Slide 18

Choose a Monitor Size Dot Pitch Non-Interlaced

Slide 19

Choose a Monitor (2) Refresh Rate Controls Tilt-and-Swivel Base Electromagnetic Radiation Energy Star

Slide 20

Monitor Tips Screen Saver Glare Filter

Slide 21

Video Card Memory DRAM VRAM

Slide 22

Other Monitor Factors Resolution Color Depth VGA SVGA

Slide 23

Modem Phone Line Connect to the Internet Send & Receive Faxes Exchange Information

Slide 24

Types of Modems Internal External

Slide 25

Modem Speed Save Time and Money Line Quality

Slide 26

Modem Communication Communications Programs Handshake Online

Slide 27

Other Modem Information Data Compression ISDN

Slide 28

Sound Card Applications Games/Multimedia Record Sounds

Slide 29

Connections Joystick Line In Speaker Out Line Out Mic In

Slide 30

Choose a Sound Card Sampling Size/Rate Sound Blaster Full-Duplex

Slide 31

MIDI FM Synthesis Wavetable Synthesis

Slide 32

Scanner Scan Graphics Scan Text

Slide 33

Types of Scanners Hand-Held Scanner Sheet-Fed Scanner Flatbed Scanner

Slide 34

Color Grayscale Scanner Color Scanner Scanning Mode Line Art Grayscale Color

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Resolution Higher is better!

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