Part 3 Area 1.

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Pie Chart - Questions. Generally what amount more well known is crusty fruit-filled treat than ... In both cases, utilize the outline to recognize the answers, not the rate numbers ...
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Part 3 Section 1 Reading diagrams Plotting focuses Estimating Values

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Warm-up Solve the accompanying: Give set-developer, interim, and number line

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Graphs A chart is a photo representation of A capacity OR An arrangement of information Graphs come in numerous styles Bar diagram Pie outline line chart

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repeated from information utilized as a part of the content.

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Questions what number beverages would a 200lb man need to drink in 1hr to have a 0.08% BAC? On the off chance that Steve has a BAC under 0.08% in the wake of drinking 4.5 beverages in 1hr, what would we be able to say in regards to his weight? Tina has a BAC of 0.10% after only 3 drinks. What would we be able to say in regards to her weight?

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These are completely made up numbers just to make the point!

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Pie Chart - Questions Roughly what amount more well known is crusty fruit-filled treat than peach pie? Name two sorts of pie that are generally similarly prominent. In both cases, utilize the diagram to recognize the answers, not the rate numbers

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Coordinates Bars and pies are pleasant for straight out information, however Cartesian directions are frequently significantly more helpful line charts conditions (faction 3.2) Devised by Rene Descartes utilize two opposite number lines X and Y tomahawks every point is given by two numbers (x,y)

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Identify the focuses

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Make a chart Draw an arrangement of directions and separate the accompanying focuses: (8,7) (3,- 5) (- 7,- 5) (4,6) (2,0) (0,0) (- 3,2)

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Some Names Origin : the point (0,0) Axis : the number lines Abscissa : the x-hub estimation of a point Ordinate : the y-pivot estimation of a point Quadrant : every quarter of the chart cut off by the tomahawks Ordered pair : the two qualities for a point, in (x,y) request

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Battleship Collaborative Corner, page 174 Groups of 2 10 yes/no inquiries to discover the ship! Play 2 rounds; everybody gets the chance to have impact against each other individual If an additional individual is in your gathering, they can twofold check

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Line Graph

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Questions How long does it take to get to a heart rate of 80BPM? After how long it is safe to say that this is individual\'s resting heart rate at any rate? What is that base heart rate?

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Try making one: Athlete\'s Foot!

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Question What may have happened after month 7?

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The Window (page 167) Text book tradition: [Left, Right, Bottom, Top] So, [-10, 10, - 5, 20] looks like what? We should set the WINDOW on our number cruncher

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Your Turn Page 171, Problem 26. How about we take a stab at doing it with the mini-computer. TI Calculator Help

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