Part I Hair ever.

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Part I Hair in History A Viewpoint in Society and Society Old Egyptians (3000 BC – 300 BC) Hair was of extraordinary significance in Egyptian culture. Old Greeks (1100 BC –300 BC) Hair was viewed as a method for individual expression and a type of social correspondence.
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Part I Hair in History A Perspective in Culture and Society

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Ancient Egyptians (3000 BC – 300 BC) Hair was of awesome significance in Egyptian culture.

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Ancient Greeks (1100 BC –300 BC) Hair was viewed as a method for individual expression and a type of social correspondence.

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The Middle Ages (5 th – 14 th century) Hairstyles mirrored the numerous adjustments in design as an aftereffect of numerous new exchange courses.

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Elizabethan Times (1558-1603 AD) Wigs got to be famous in England amid the rule of Queen Elizabeth I.

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The French Aristocracy (18 th century) Prior to the French Revolution Marie Antoinette typified “the greater the better!”

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Colonial America (17 th - 18 th century) It was trendy for men to wear wigs.

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African-American Slaves (17 th century – 19 th century) Hairstyles brought from Africa were a route for slaves to keep their way of life alive.

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Native Americans This photo portrays a conventional Hopi Indian hairdo.

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Chinese Tradition Fetal hair from a child is trimmed, then tied with a red string and spared.

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Victorian Era (1830s –1900) Hair was utilized as a part of craftsmanship amid the Victorian period. Ordinary grieving clasp with adored one’s hair Artwork produced using human hair

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The 1900s After the Victorian period ladies started to relax.

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Early 20 th century In the 1920s short hair was advanced by noiseless motion picture star Louise Brooks.

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Mid 20 th Century The Afro Introduced in the1960s, the Afro was a disavowal against the utilization of hair straighteners that helped copy Caucasian hair.

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The Long-Haired Hippies 1960s-1970s The long hair numerous nonconformists donned symbolized rebellion against “the establishment.”

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Anarchy Punk rockers additionally discovered a style that symbolized rebellion against government.

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21 st century Today, a lot of Hollywood decides the most recent patterns and societies in hairdos.

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How much is sufficient? Today there are such a large number of hair consideration items to browsed!

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Part II The Bald Truth

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Why do individuals shave?

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Monks Both men and ladies friars shave their heads to symbolize religious dedication.

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Hasidic Jewish Custom Some Hasidic Jewish ladies shave their heads to symbolize marriage.

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These gatherings shave for political reasons. Neo-Nazis & Skinheads

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Medical Reasons Cancer patients frequently shave when experiencing chemotherapy.

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Welcome to Boot Camp! Another military volunteer gets a hair style.

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Hair Quotes “The hair is the wealthiest decoration of women.” - Martin Luther (15 th century) “A woman’s delegated glory.” – Unknown “If a lady has long hair, it is a heavenliness to her.” – The Bible (Corinthians I 11:15)

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Samson & Delilah In this Biblical story, Samson finds that his quality originates from his hair.

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Greek Mythology Medusa’s hair was transformed into serpents by Athena.

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Fairytales After Rapunzel deceives the witch, her long hair is trimmed.

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Hemingway His works are a few samples of female character in advanced writing.

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Witches Females thought to be witches were shaved by those searching for the “Devil’s Mark”

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France - Post WWII Women thought to be Nazi sympathizers were openly shaven and mortified.

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Bald Men are regularly seen as saints Sports star Michael Jordan

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Or regarded on-screen characters Actor Patrick Stewart as Star Trek Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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And Rarely Noticed Would you give the bare man in this group a second look?

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When a Woman decides to shave it is expected she is…

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Rebellious Rock star Sinead O’Connor shaved her head when her record mark needed her to dress like a doll.

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Suffering from Sickness Melissa Etheridge wore her bare head while experiencing chemotherapy.

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Or out and out insane The world went wild when Britney Spears shaved her head not long ago.

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Part III My Story

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In 2 nd grade A characteristic redhead

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No more normal 6 th grade - 1979

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High School Graduation 1986 Grew simply enough hair back to be free again

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Ironman Wisconsin 2002 I never thought I’d make it!

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My driver’s permit tak

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