Part I: The Way of life of (High)- Innovation: Recorded and Philosophical Contemplations.

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a style or outline or inside enrichment that uses objects and ... In the way of life of High-Technology, current thoughts of innovation are turned on ...
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Part I: The Culture of (High)- Technology: Historical and Philosophical Considerations

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Let\'s watch a few motion pictures…

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Questions Concerning Technology What sorts of representations of innovation would you be able to distinguish in mainstream culture? How does our mainstream culture envision our association with innovation? What do these representations enlighten us concerning the importance of "being human"? What do these representations educate us concerning the significance of innovation?

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The Utopians and the Dystopians In late history there have dependably been two perspectives of innovation. What they partake in like manner is the meaning of innovation as instrumental , a necessary chore. Heidegger believes this is an exceptionally contract perspective of innovation and verifiably very new.

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Theories of Technology The instrumental hypothesis: Tools standing prepared to fill the need of their clients (Feenberg, 1991). Innovation in itself is regarded "neutral" The estimation of innovation then is dictated by the utilization of the adopter.

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Instrumental Technology: Freedom, Empowerment, and Control Box 2: Freedom at Fingertips The American, French, and Russian upheavals in any case, in 2001, NCR (at last) disclosed the "Flexibility idea" to the world. In a show at the Marriott Marquis lodging in New York in July 2001, "Flexibility" came fit as a fiddle of an uncommon bank programmed teller machine (ATM) fit as a fiddle of a brilliant red egg. Utilizing a cell telephone or PDA, individuals were currently allowed to get money from ATMs. With the Freedom idea, cell phones would supplant the attractive stripe cards in a customer\'s pocket. A pilot venture in Denmark gave individuals the main taste of such "flexibility at fingertips" – Danes could now use interestingly a cellular telephone to pull back trade out a live situation at customary ATMs in the city. NCR trusts its red eggs will transform into brilliant eggs. The organization sees a lucrative future in apportioning more than money from the Freedom eggs, or from consistent ATMs with Freedom frameworks – in banks, eateries, stores, air terminals, and inns. Among the utilizations: point-and-snap recovery of travel or stimulation tickets, even MP3 documents. Such Freedom-imbued ATMs could administer physical or virtual things. For instance, neighborhood can be downloaded on a cell phone. The portable interchanges join in the "Flexibility idea" utilizes infrared innovation. Other short separation portable advances, for example, Bluetooth could likewise be utilized as a part of ATMs uniquely adjusted to acknowledge such innovation. Source: "NCR hatches a Bluetooth Egg," 10Meters News Service, July 13, 2001,; Lorraine Russell, "World First - Mobile Phone Used to Withdraw Cash from NCR ATM in Denmark Pilot Project", CONCOR

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Theories of Technology The substantive hypothesis: another and effective social arrangement of innovation that by one means or another creates outside our human office. People standing prepared to serve innovation

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Substantial Technology: Enslavement and Surveillance WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH Box 3: Dataveilled Danielle 11-year old Danielle Duval will be embedded with a microchip to track her persistently. In the event that grabbed, Danielle\'s area would be found by means of a PC. Educator Kevin Warwick of Reading University close London has worked with human-implantable chips, incorporating some embedded in his own body. He is building up the chip that will go in Danielle\'s leg, and give security and certification to the Duval family. Cynics are not persuaded that such Star Wars innovation is prepared for prime time. At the point when Danielle\'s mom was cited as saying, "If an auto can be fitted with hardware to empower it to be followed when it is stolen, why not make a difference the same guideline to finding missing youngsters?", a feature writer composed an answer entitled "No, Mrs. Duval, you CANNOT track a versatile human by remote like an auto!" He contended that chip creation financial matters, the need huge systems achieving each corner, and absence of convenient force sources spoke to boundaries that would take years to overcome. Source: Lorraine Fisher, "Microchipped", ; Guy Keweny, "No, Mrs. Duval, you CANNOT track a versatile human by remote like an auto!",; Charles Gibson, "21 st Century Lives: Kevin Warwick",, Aug. 25, 2000,

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Technology as Control Renaissance: the perspective of innovation as an instrumental and normal device that permits people to control the world and expert nature is conceived. Innovative social orders = Modern Societies Non-mechanical Societies = Primitive Societies.

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Technology as Control Technology "separates" the mythic or charmed perspective of the world. It makes the world and its articles accessible for human use, control and dominance. It "secures" the world for people in instrumental terms. The Catch 22: endeavors to secure the world and its articles has turned into all the more "hysterical" and "irate" on the grounds that these endeavors are continually under assault by the "unsecuring" inclinations of innovation thusly.

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19 th Century: The Rise of the Engineer With this origination of Technology, the objective is to make "everything" viable. Indeed, even pioneer craftsmanship finds innovation as a method for changing workmanship into something utilitarian, instrumental. Specialists and large scale manufacturing come to be seen as models notwithstanding for aesthetic creation!! The house as a mass-created "machine for living in." An object of configuration must be "of no perceivable "style" however basically a result of the mechanical request of large scale manufacturing. E.g., an auto, a plane, a building.

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The 20 th Century: The Modern View Everything is to be subjected to institutionalization and legitimization – the T-Model replaces the redid mentor auto. The down to earth, the practical came to be seen as the heavenly chalice of creation. The acclaimed: "structure takes after capacity" – the introduction of a machine tasteful

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Machine for Shopping

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Summary: 1750-1960 With the happening to the advanced period, the origination of innovation was re-characterized from the established Greek thought of "craftsmanship": Strives to "murder" the "spirits that "enliven" the world. Render objects of the world as "dead." Open a universe of discerning illumination. Bring exploratory innovative advancement.

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Part II: Hi-Tekk as Design?

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High-Technology Is it simply an issue of more innovation?

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High-tech as Cultural Expression "High"- lights the non-instrumental. "High"- lights the non-innovative. Cutting edge just reenacts innovation. Brings back a significance of innovation that has been darkened in our cutting edge origination: craftsmanship and feel . Frame and Function get to be isolated!

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High-Tech Design: "… a style or outline or inside embellishment that utilizations questions and articles ordinarily found in manufacturing plants, stockrooms, eatery kitchens, and so on., or that mimics the stark functionalism of such hardware." – English Dictionary Entry.

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High-tech Esthetics

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What does this mean? In the way of life of High-Technology, cutting edge ideas of innovation are stopped people in their tracks! Innovative transforms usefulness and instrumentality into something else . Be that as it may, into what?

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Technology originates from the Greek: Techn έ Techn έ implies: workmanship, aptitude, or "specialty" The tasteful part of innovation was never truly not a portion of innovation, simply quelled in our origination of innovation. We witness a re-rise of the tasteful inside our origination of high-innovation: representation, style, plan. From "either/or" to "furthermore": instrumentality/usefulness AND ALSO feel/style

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So, What is the Age of High-tech? Innovation turns into a matter of representation… … of style… … of outline… … of picture.

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Having a High-Tech Style: From ball shoes, to hair styles, to condo (with funnels and channels in the open, solid floors, and glass dividers, and so on.), things are being depicted as having an innovative style. in cutting edge then, the advanced perspective of useful structure has been broadly deserted for an innovative look or style that need not be practical in any conventional sense.

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High-Tech as Style

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High-Tech as Style

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High-Tech as Style

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High-Tech as Style

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High-Tech as Style Bush\'s Aircrafts Saddam\'s Aircraft

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Dimensions of High-tech Is starkly moderate, functionalist inside outline cutting edge? Is the perplexing hardware of a chip cutting edge? The measurements of innovative: Minimalism (decreasing articles to the most fundamental structures, scale down, streamline). Unpredictability (scaling down requires "more in less").

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Evidence in the Marketplace? Mobile phones, PDAs Stereo frameworks and speakers DVDs Walkman Sneakers Laptops Eye glasses Apartment structures Night clubs, eateries

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