Participation between i nstitutional and private divisions in the field of electronic data security.

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Instructive movies. 8. Instructive movies on YouTube. On February, 2008 at ... 10 short instructive movies about EI security were upladed ...
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Participation between i nstitutional and private areas in the field of electronic data security methodology of Lithuania

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Abstract The presentation will cover a short overview of down to earth collaboration amongst institutional and private division s in the field of electronic data (EI) security in Republic of Lithuania.

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Coordination of IT security in broad daylight part In understanding with choice No. 291 of Lithuania Government, Ministry of Interior is planning security of data innovation in legislative foundations and offices. Pastor of Interior has appointed the execution of those capacities to the Security supervision division, which is a constituent part of the Information Policy office.

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History An assessment of state data frameworks in Lithuania was first time finished in 2000. As the last Report expressed, most measures had just impermanent effect. With regards to conclusive discoveries the principal State technique on data advancements security was embraced by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in 2001. Second Strategy for Electronic Information Security was embraced by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in 2006.

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EI security preparing programs grew together with private part In 2005 PHARE subsidized task „Technical help for reinforcing limits of powers managing IT and electronic information security" was finished by consortium of JSC Blue Bridge, Mykolas Romeris University and Kaunas University of Technology. Among the aftereffects of this undertaking are EI security preparing programs for: State organization staff (clients); Head administration of State establishments; IT security officers.

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EI security preparing programs grew together with private division Results : Preparation of preparing projects and preparing of State establishments staff (for on location and separation learning choices); Prepared preparing materials for eye to eye and separation learning choices; Developed separation learning framework situation, web gateway and substance for it; Trained 40 IT security officers (in addition to ~40 in 2008); In 2008 there will be more than 3 000 clients prepared. Substantial privately owned businesses, for example, JSC „Microsoft Lietuva", JSC „Bite Lietuva", „SEB Bankas" demonstrated enthusiasm for these EI security preparing programs for their staff preparing purposes. Primary State organizations, similar to Lithuania Customs, State Tax Inspectorate effectively embraced these separation preparing programs.

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EI security preparing programs grew together with private segment Ministry of Interior, together with privately owned businesses arranged EI security preparing materials (on-line and CD-ROM adaptations) for up close and personal and distan ce learning alternatives: Power Point slides; Test questions on every theme; Texts; Educational movies

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Educational movies on YouTube On February, 200 8 at world\'s renowned web video entrance „YouTube" ( ) 10 short instructive movies about EI security were upladed by MoI . Those movies were made by request of Ministry of Interior, executing PHARE supported venture and in amusing and visual way draws in each PC client regard for EI security dangers. Amid this month, IT security preparing movies connection was gone to more than 27.000 times.

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Seminars of utilization of EI lawful represents State establishments Ministry of Interior together with privately owned businesses occasionally sorts out commonsense classes of utilization of EI legitimate acts and EI security association and remarks of EI and IT security lawful acts changes. These workshops are gone to by staff from: State establishments; Local powers; Private organizations. IT security experts of Ministry of Interior occasionally partake on IT security courses, sorted out by private segment.

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Risk Assessment Manual Ministry of Interior of Lithuania as contracting power, in participation with private area (JSC „Blue Bridge") arranged and distributed „Risk Assessment Manual" (creator Robertas Vageris, CISM) as a major aspect of PHARE subsidized undertaking in 2005. This Manual covers the famous danger examination strategies, gives illustrations and advices to handy application. „Risk Assessment Manual" is appropriate for application out in the open organizations in Lithuania, overseeing IT assets and managing information of various level of significance in the electronic structure. PDF rendition of „ Risk Assessment Manual" is accessible for download from Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania home webpage .

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Risk appraisal in State IT frameworks Starting from 2007, Risk evaluation in all State IT frameworks was performed. Numerous IT framework proprietors contracted privately owned businesses for danger assesment. By National EI security coordination commission approvement, abridged Risk appraisal report is accessible at MoI site

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ISO 17799 review of principle State Registries As a feature of Government procedure for Electronic Information Security, ISO 17799 assessment of six State Registries in 2007 was performed. Consistence to ISO 17799 was discovered 78 %. State Registries proprietors arranged arrangements of managing incompliances and as per these arrangements fortifying EI security.

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EI security venture S ite (esecurity) was propelled in Ferbruary, 2006. It is joint result of State establishments and EI security private part organizations. This task primary accomplices are MoI, Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT), JSC „Microsoft Lietuva", JSC „Blue Bridge", SC „TEO.LT", JSC „Panda programming" and others). This site was gone to more than 167.000 times , since it was made.

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EI security venture Home clients Private organizations State establishments Information, gave nearby, includes articles about EI security and security circumstance, dynamic dangers, patterns, and so on

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International meetings together with ENISA Lithuania\'s State foundations (MoI, Communications Regulatory Authority and Ministry of Transport and Communications) alongside ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) and privately owned businesses arranges worldwide gathering „European Network and Information Security" . These meetings are consistently held in Vilnius (2005, 2006, 2007, coming in 2008). Welcome!

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State foundations and private segment collaboration venture „Safe web for all" MoI, Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT), banks of Lithuania and IT security organizations, cooperating, arranged and uninhibitedly conveyed through the Lithuania around 100.000 CD\'s with antivirus, antispam and antispyware projects and flyers with data about EI security, security dangers and efforts to establish safety.

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Other activities, guaranteeing EI security in Lithuania E-Tax revelation (State Tax Inspectorate); E-data about individual information, (State Residents\' Register Service); E-Reference of Previous feelings (IT and interchanges Department under the MoI); E-open administrations on gateway (e - G overnment) (data about individual\'s State social protection (State Social Insurance Board), data about individual\'s acquired medicinal administrations and pharmaceuticals (State Patient Fund). All these e-Government electronic administrations use distinguishing proof and verification gave by Internet managing an account frameworks of Lithuania.

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Other ventures, guaranteeing EI security in Lithuania „ State foundations IS security " venture. Will be actualized in basic IT frameworks possessed by: Ministry of Interior Lithuanian Customs State Tax Inspectorate State Social Insurance Board During this task will be executed these IT efforts to establish safety: Data reinforcement; IT base checking and control; Intrusion identification and counteractive action; Service level administration.

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Preparation of IT security study modules in Kaunas University of Technology Project was financed by Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Lithuania and EU Social Fund. Aftereffects of this task are 10 new study modules for IT security understudies in Kaunas University of Technology : Master\'s degree study modules: Systems of cryptograhy; Security of e-archives and information; Security of PCs; Security of PC systems; Security of web communication and VOIP; Management of information security; Security of e-business; Security of e-government. Specialist\'s degree study modules: Theory of crypthography; Network security.

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