Parts of the Computer .

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Parts of the Computer. By: Olivia Krause Kaplan Elementary / Summer 2006. Monitor. A monitor is the computer screen you look at and work on A monitor looks like a TV. Monitor ON Button. The monitor ON button is the place you press to turn the monitor on or off. Keyboard.
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Parts of the Computer By: Olivia Krause Kaplan Elementary/Summer 2006

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Monitor A screen is the PC screen you take a gander at and chip away at A screen resembles a TV.

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Monitor ON Button The screen ON catch is the place you press to kill the monitor on or.

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Keyboard The console is one method for conversing with the PC. It had catches to help you write and utilize programming programs.

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Mouse The mouse helps you move the cursor around on the PC screen .

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Mouse Pad A mouse cushion is utilized to put a mouse on. The mouse must be on a mouse pad for the cursor to move.

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CPU Hard Drive The hard drive is the mind of the PC. It spares all the data you chip away at and spare. The hard drive peruses the product you utilize.

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CPU Hard Drive ON Button The hard drive ON catch is the catch you press to turn the PC on.

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Printers make a duplicate of your work on paper.

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Printer ON Button The printer has a catch that turns is on when it is squeezed.

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CD-Rom Drive The CD-Rom Drive is the place you put a CD into the hard drive tower to run a program.

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Computer Disk CD A CD is a level round protest that contains the data to run a program.

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Floppy Drive A floppy drive is the place on the hard drive tower that a floppy plate is set to be keep running on the PC.

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Floppy Disk A floppy circle is much the same as a CD. It spares data you need to keep. A floppy circle does not hold as much data as a CD.

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Scanner A scanner resemble a camera or duplicate machine. It makes a duplicate or takes a photo of the question that is set on it.

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