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Dynamic Cooling Device for Cradle of Portable Electronic Devices ... A support get together with a removable mounting surface is designed to get a compact electronic gadget. ...
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Week 4 Deliverable 09/16/09 Patent Search

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Patent 1 Active Cooling Device for Cradle of Portable Electronic Devices US Patent # 5,704,212 Date : January 6 th , 1988 Vertical View of Surface Conformable Cooling Assembly A support get together with a removable mounting surface is arranged to get a compact electronic gadget. The support get together has a cooler bolstered by the base to encourage the utilization of the convenient electronic gadget in warm or unforgiving warm situations. The cooler is set in a thermally conductive way on the gadget, which is gotten by the mounting surface. Broadened Exploded View of Cradle and Cooling System

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Patent 2 Integrated Circuit Cooling Apparatus US Patent # 5,457,342 Date : October 10 th , 1995 An incorporated circuit cooling contraption comprising of a warmth conductive base plate (to be set against the circuit), a Peltier cooler having a cooling side associated with the top surface of warmth directing base plate, and a warmth radiator and get together associated with the warming side of the Peltier module. The Peltier impact module cools the incorporated circuit while the radiator and fan get together cools the Peltier cooler. All congregations contain association openings and strung connectors. Detonated Vertical View

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Patent 3 Corrosion Resistant Flexible Reflective Film for Solar Energy Applications US Patent # 5,118,540 Date : June 2 nd , 1992 Highly climate and erosion safe adaptable intelligent film for sun based vitality applications and lighting reflectors, is framed by vapor-saving silver onto an adaptable backing. For this situation, it is a biaxially arranged polyester film with a fortified defensive fluorocarbon film on top of the polyester film. Fluorocarbon is exceptionally optically transmissive to IR, UV and obvious light beams, impenetrable to dampness, scratch-safe and simple to keep clean. Amplified Cross-sectional View of Flexible Reflective Film

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Patent 4 Radiation Controlling Reversible Window US Patent # 5,180,954 Date : January 1 st , 1980 A straightforward glass substrate having one surface covered with a radiation absorptive film that is over-covered with a radiation intelligent film. The covering strategy is with the end goal that it renders the intelligent film to be absorptive where the surface touches the radiation absorptive film. Outline of window get together Edge perspective of the glass substrate and two dainty film layers

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Patent 5 Water/Air Dual Cooling System for a CPU US Patent # 6,343,478 B1 Date : February 2 nd , 2002 A water/air double cooling strategy for a CPU cooling plan incorporates a metal water gatherer connected to the CPU, a warmth exchanger, a pump adjusted to pump water through the water collector and the warmth exchanger (for consistent dissemination of water ), a warmth sink appended to the metal water aggregator, and a fan mounted on the warmth sink to adjusted to bring about flow of air over the warmth sink. Delineation of double cooled framework

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