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PC Representation Arranged by Mythical beast Lee 1 January 2003 Utilization of PC Illustrations Motion pictures Amusements Therapeutic Imaging PC Helped Plan Exploratory Perception Design Client Interfaces Presentation http://www.ethereal3d.com/Portfolio/Activitys/index.html
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PC Graphics Prepared by Dragon Lee 1 January 2003

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Use of Computer Graphics Movies Games Medical Imaging Computer Aided Design Scientific Visualization Graphics User Interfaces Presentation http://www.ethereal3d.com/Portfolio/Animations/index.html http://www.cs.utah.edu/research/regions/illustrations/

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Concept & Terminology Pixel – basic component of a bitmap representation. Determination – the no. of pixels in level and vertical measurement. Hues – the RED, GREEN, BLUE estimation of a pixel. Dim Levels – 256 dark levels Objects – design components that can move uninhibitedly.

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Types of Computer Graphics Bitmap Graphics Based on pixels Does not scale very much Jagged( 起鋸齒 ) after amplification Vector Graphics Based on scientific recipe Scale well

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Creating & Editing a realistic picture Drawing primitive: Dots, lines, bends, circles, oval, rectangles. Painting: Color fill Editing operations: Scale Transform Group and Ungroup Merge (consolidate all articles/layers into foundation layer) Flip even/vertical Rotate

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Presentation Graphics Presentation Software Eg. Microsoft PowerPoint Reminder on utilizing presentation programming Apply a format to spare your important time. Utilization move impacts and building impacts to advance your presentation outwardly. Control the season of your slide show to accomplish mechanization. Add Sounds to your presentation

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Common representation position GIF (Widely utilized on the Internet) Animated GIF (Widely utilized on the Internet) JPG/JPEG (Widely utilized on the Internet) Bmp (Windows illustrations group) Psd (PhotoShop record design) Ufo (PhotoImpact document form) Ai (adobe artist – Vector) Fla/swf (Macromedia Flash - Vector)

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Reference The Mathematics of Web Design http://www.math.arizona.edu/~mcenter/throat/web/VRML Sites http://www.itl.nist.gov/iaui/ovrt/vrmlexamples.html http://www-vrl.umich.edu/NewMidfield/index.html http://www.nyx.net/~cmaarbj/vrml/http://www.sci.utah.edu/

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