PC Design Systems and Applications.

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PC Representation Procedures and Applications Section 1 - Design Basics Dr Brett Stevens email: Brett.Stevens@port.ac.uk telephone: 023 9284 5482 location: West Wing, Eldon Building notes: http://techfaculty.port.ac.uk/cgtap 16 Hours -
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PC Graphics Techniques and Applications Chapter 1 - Graphics Fundamentals Dr Brett Stevens email: Brett.Stevens@port.ac.uk telephone: 023 9284 5482 location: West Wing, Eldon Building notes: http://techfaculty.port.ac.uk/cgtap

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16 Hours - Lectures to occur in Mercantile House, Room 5.02. This will incorporate PC design hypothesis and discourse of applicable social and specialized issues. 20 Hours - Practicals to occur in Mercantile House, Room 3.04b. This will incorporate access to design generation offices for formal instructional exercise sessions and proceeding with venture work. 1 Hour - Exam, which will constitute 60% of your evaluation. This will be an individual, open book, PC based test. Progressing - Coursework, which will constitute 40% of your evaluation. There will likewise be an evaluated, ceaseless viable part that will help create useful and critical thinking abilities.

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Unit Web Site Notes : http://techfaculty.port.ac.uk/cgtap/index.htm Books : http://techfaculty.port.ac.uk/cgtap/booklist.htm Coursework : http://techfaculty.port.ac.uk/cgtap/assessment.htm

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2D versus 3D Graphics Coordinate Systems Cartesian Coordinates. Hub, (pl tomahawks). Inception. 2D has “x axis” and a “y axis” 3D has “x axis”, “y axis” and a “z axis”

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Piet Mondrian (around Early C20th) Red, Yellow and Blue 1921 (oil on canvas)

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Physiological Pictorial Monoscopic Motion Parallax Accommodation Occlusion Relative Height Relative Size (Requires Expected Size) Linear Perspective Foreshortening Texture Gradients Shading and Shadows Aerial Perspective Relative Brightness Stereoscopic Convergence Stereopsis Depth Cues

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Japanese Ukiyo-e

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Leonardo da Vinci The Last Supper, 1498

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Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) Belvedere

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2D Graphics Information put away inside of that system can be subdivided into two classifications. Bitmapped (or raster) illustrations made with paint projects, for example, Corel’s Photopaint or Adobe’s Photoshop. Vector design made and controlled with a draw projects, for example, Coreldraw or Adobe’s Illustrator

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2D - Bitmapped Graphics Bitmapped (Raster) representation utilize a 2D cluster of focuses (pixels). Like Pointalism. Dark Weather by George Seurat (1859-1891)

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Bitmapped Graphics The quantity of pixels utilized as a part of a bitmap is its spatial determination (e.g. 1024x768). The quantity of bits (i.e. 0s and 1s) used to speak to a shading is known as the bit profundity or shading determination. e.g. 24 bit. This is not the quantity of hues itself.

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Bit Depth

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Bit Depths and Colors 1 bit = 2 Colors (Actually Black or White) 4 bit = 16 Colors 8 bit = 256 Colors (GIFs) 24 bit = 16,777,216 Colors (JPGs) 48 bit = 281,474,979,710,656 (PNGs)

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File Sizes and Bit Depths File size of a bitmap is (Resolution x Bit profundity + document overhead)/8 = Size in Bytes

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Greyscale to Black and White. Dark Scale Threshold Dithered

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Dithering an Image. What is the hypothetical record size of the picture previously, then after the fact dithering? At that point make the showcase network again however with the dither lattice, 3,6,9,12 (requested from the upper left to the base right) and work through the activity once more. What do you take note.??

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Aliased and Anti-Aliased Images. To show a ‘continuous’ line it must be isolated amongst discrete pixels. This can prompt the line looking rough or associated.

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Perfect and Sub-Pixel Sampling This obliges enough bit profundity to bolster the ‘extra’ hues

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Bitmap Compression The record size for putting away bitmapped design can be substantial. codecs indicate how a document ought to be COmpressed and DECompressed. Lossless pressure (gif, png) Lossey pressure (jpg)

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File Sizes and Bit Depths ( Spatial determination * Color determination ) + document overhead)/8 pressure proportion = File Size in Bytes (isolate this by 1024 to get the size in KB). Every one of these elements are directed by the record sort …

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2D Vector Graphics Vector illustrations utilize a scientific representation. Primitives are the essential shapes from which drawings are developed. The term alludes to geometry, shape and position. The primitives have characteristics , which determine extra show data, for example, the shade of a component, its introduction

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Michelangelo Buonarroti Pieta 1498-99 Marble. Basilica of St Peter, Vatican

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3D - Volume or Surface Graphics Volume utilizes a 3D exhibit of focuses (voxels). Like bitmaps. Surface illustrations utilize a portrayal of an object’s limits (polygons). Like vectors. .:

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