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PC GRAPHICS CISC440 CISC640 Educator: Prof. Chandra Kambhamettu TA: Mani Thomas Intructor Available time: Marry. 2-4pm Smith403 ppt slides plan credits: Chaitra Murthy (MS, UD) Figures: Hearn and Dough puncher, U of Illinois Presentation PC Design Picture Handling
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PC GRAPHICS CISC440 CISC640 Instructor: Prof. Chandra Kambhamettu TA: Mani Thomas Intructor Office Hours: Wed. 2-4pm Smith403 ppt slides outline credits: Chaitra Murthy (MS, UD) Figures: Hearn and Baker, U of Illinois

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COMPUTER GRAPHICS Computer illustrations is worried with all parts of delivering pictures utilizing a PC It worries with the pictorial combination of genuine or fanciful items from their PC based models BACK

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IMAGE PROCESSING Image preparing is the opposite procedure of PC representation. Picture handling and Understanding regions focus on examination and remaking of 2D or 3D objects from their photos BACK

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COMPUTER VISION Computer vision encourage more broadens exploration into comprehension pictures. It is the development of unequivocal, significant depictions of physical articles from pictures. BACK

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GRAPHICS TIMELINE THEN The field submissively started 45 years prior with a couple lines on a cathode beam tube. Until mid 1980’s it was a little concentrated field because of lavish equipment and programming (application programs)

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GRAPHICS TIMELINE Now We can create pictures practically vague from photos Interactive….highly intelligent!! In present times client controls the substance, structure and appearance of items by utilizing different information gadgets

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GRAPHICS TIMELINE Now (proceeded with) Direct control is in overwhelming utilization We can make full length films completely by PC in general, the improvement of PC illustrations is driven both by the client\'s needs group and by the advances in equipment and programming

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POPULARITY why is it so prominent - A photo is justified regardless of a 10000 words!!!!! It gives the most characteristic method for corresponding with a PC, since our observation capacities are preferable with pictures over with words It is one of the uncommon fields that has numerous business intrigues as there are examination intrigues (Thanks to Hollywood!!)

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APPLICATIONS Computer representation is such a great amount popular as a result of its boundless mixture of utilizations Display Of Information Medium to pass on data Design Many applications exist in building and structural planning (CAD,VLSI) Simulation Graphical pilot training programs, diversions, plugs and instructive programming User Interfaces Visual ideal models in client association: windows, symbols, menus and so forth. Virtual Reality Applications

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Wooden Mirror (D. Rozin, NYU) Sitting Movie Hand-still The wooden mirror has 830 bits of wood each around 40 mm square orchestrated into an octagon of 35 x 29 . Every bit of wood is associated with a servo engine that can tilt it around 30⺠here and there. The entire piece is lit from above with a couple spot lights, in a manner that when the pieces are tilted upwards they get to be brighter, and when they tilt downwards they get to be darker. The servo engines can position every piece in 255 positions hypothetically yielding 255 dark levels for each piece. In the focal point of the Mirror a small camcorder is covered.

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Image Creation Camera is utilized to take a picture, put away on the film. Film records test of force that hits every point Intensity is shine of a point (measure of light reflected off the point), generally measured in lumens. Force is discretized to pixel values (persistent - > discrete)

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Images.. CAMERA: Light beams come through lens in the camera and hits the film. Extent of light that hits the film is controlled by the opening (balanced in blend with the central length). Time length of time (to keep the entryway open for light to come-in) is controlled by shade speed. Us: Light from the outside world energizes nerves in our retina and mind comprehends the stereo pictures of our retina.

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Discrete versus Nonstop universes Computers are in discrete world so we break the constant area (time and space) into discrete area. Activity: 24 to 30 outlines for each second Image: little dabs making up a lattice for the showcase. The little dabs are Gaussian, called pixels. Worth given to every pixel is called power.

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SUMMARY Introduction Graphics Timeline Popularity Of Computer Graphics Applications Of Computer Graphics Short notes on Images

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