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Computer Merit Badge. Christ The King Troop 45 Jose Remon jremon@compunetLTD.com. With Permission from: Tom Foss & Chris Strauss. Updated March 2010. Requirements. Discuss with your counselor the tips for online safety.
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PC Merit Badge Christ The King Troop 45 Jose Remon jremon@compunetLTD.com With Permission from: Tom Foss & Chris Strauss Updated March 2010

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Requirements Discuss with your instructor the tips for online wellbeing. Give a short history of the PC. Clarify how the development of the PC has influenced society, science, and innovation. Do the accompanying: Describe four employments of PCs outside the home. Portray three ways you and your family could utilize a PC other than for amusements and diversion. Disclose the accompanying to your instructor: The five noteworthy parts of a PC. How content, sound, pictures, and video documents are put away in a PC\'s memory How record pressure functions and how pressure influences the nature of the document. Portray two PC chip-based gadgets, and depict how they are "smarter" as a result of the chip and its program. Do the accompanying: Explain what a program or programming application is and how it is produced. Name three programming dialects, and portray their employments. Name four programming bundles you or your family could utilize, and clarify how you would utilize them.

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Requirements Discuss ways you can shield a PC from infections and how to ensure the data put away on a PC. Depict how PCs are connected to create and get to the Internet and the World Wide Web. Do THREE of the accompanying: Using a spreadsheet program, build up a nourishment spending plan for a watch weekend campout. Utilizing a word processor, compose a letter to the guardians of your troop\'s Scouts welcoming them to a court of respect. Utilizing a PC representation program, outline and draw a campground get ready for your troop. Utilizing a PC design program, make a flier for an up and coming troop occasion, fusing both content and some kind of visual, for example, a photo or representation. Utilizing an Internet web crawler (with your parent\'s authorization), discover thoughts regarding how to direct a troop court of respect or open air fire program. Print out a duplicate of the thoughts from no less than three distinctive Web destinations. Impart what you found to your instructor, and clarify how you utilized the internet searcher to discover this data. Utilizing a presentation programming project of your decision, build up a report around a theme that has been affirmed by your advisor. For your presentation, make no less than 10 slides.

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Requirements Using a computerized camera, take a photo of a troop action. Exchange the photo document to a PC and utilize photographic programming to make it sufficiently little to send effectively as an email connection. At that point, utilizing a PC associated with the Internet (with your parent\'s authorization), send an email to somebody you know. In your message, incorporate the photo as a connection. Check that the individual got your email and could see the connection. Utilizing a database director, make a troop list that incorporates the name, rank, watch, and phone number of every Scout. Demonstrate your advocate that you can sort the enroll by each of the accompanying classes: rank, watch, and one after another in order by name. Do ONE of the accompanying: Using a database program of your decision, make a troop list that incorporates the name, rank, watch, and phone number of every Scout. Make a frame inside the database chief to get to every Scout\'s data exclusively. Demonstrate your guide how the frame functions. Utilizing a product bundle of your decision for PC supported plan (CAD), make a building style drawing of a basic protest. Incorporate the top, base, and no less than one side view and the measurements.

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Requirements Create a blog and utilize it as an online diary of your Scouting exercises, including bunch discourses and gatherings, campouts, and different occasions. Your blog ought to have no less than five sections and two photos or outlines. You require not present the blog on the Internet, but rather you should impart it to your advocate. In the event that you choose to run live with your blog, you should first impart it to your folks AND instructor and get their endorsement. Make a Web page for your troop, watch, school, or place of love. Incorporate no less than three articles and two photos or representations. Your Web page ought to have no less than one connection to a Web webpage that would bear some significance with your gathering of people. You require not present the page on the Internet. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you choose to do as such, you should first impart it to your folks AND instructor and get their endorsement. Visit a business or a modern plant that utilizations PCs. Watch what assignments the PCs fulfill, and be set up to examine what you have realized. Disclose the accompanying to your instructor: Why copyright laws exist Why it is not allowable to acknowledge a paid, copyrighted PC amusement or program from a companion unless the diversion or program is considered freeware or shareware. Clarify the ideas of freeware and shareware. The confinements and impediments of downloading music from the Internet Find out around three vocation openings in the PC business. Choose and discover the instruction, preparing, and encounter required for this calling. Talk about this with your guide, and clarify why this calling may intrigue you. Report what you figure out how to your advocate.

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1 - Tips for Online Safety Never give out or post individual data on the Internet, for example, your address, phone number, the name or area of your school, or your folks\' names. Never, under any conditions, consent to meet up close and personal somebody you have compared with online without your parent\'s authorization. Never react to messages or announcement sheets that are sexually revolting, undermining, or make them feel uncomfortable in any capacity. Never send any individual materials to an online companion, for example, an address, phone number, or photo, without first educating your folks. Continuously be reminded that the general population you meet online may not be who they say they are. Know about cyberbullies. On the off chance that you feel you are the casualty of a cyberbully, don\'t counter. In a private message, serenely request that the cyberbully stop and let the harasser realize that you will make different strides if the mishandle does not stop. Tell your folks or gatekeeper immediately. Continuously educate your folks when you go over anything on the web that makes you uncomfortable.

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2 - History of the Computer Analog versus Advanced Abacus – Early Difference Engine - 1888

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Early Digital Computers – ENIAC - 1945

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Apple 1 – 1975/Apple ][ - 1977 Macintosh - 1984

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IBM PC - 1981

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Last 20 Years Explain how the creation of the PC has influenced society, science, and innovation.

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3 - Uses of PCs outside the home Calculation Word Processing Communications Web Portals Analysis

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Home Uses of Computers Email Family Web Pages Accounting Bill Paying Research …

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4 - Parts of a Digital Computer Input Output Processor Memory ROM RAM Storage Hard Drive USB Drive DVD Drive

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Schematic Diagrams

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Input Devices (digitizers) Keyboard Mouse and other Pointing gadgets Trackball, joystick, weight touchy tablet, touch screen – an area digitizer Sound digitizer (mouthpiece, MIDI gadget) Scanner (a picture digitizer) Sensor (temperature, light, dampness, smoke, development, or digitizer)

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Output Devices Printers (the main yield gadget) and Plotters Impact (daisywheel) and dab grid Thermal (early BW and shading) Laser (most elevated quality, BW and shading) Plotters (pens on moving arms like seismographs) Ink-fly (shading plotters prompt printers, some likewise warm) Monitor Analog: CRT (cathode-beam tube) – the "screen" Digital: LCD (fluid precious stone show) screens Sound Card (computerized to simple converter) Modem (modulator-demodulator; another advanced to simple flag converter)

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Processor & Memory Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the "cerebrum," and is some brand of microchip chip The CPU is regularly mounted in a module attachment on the motherboard , a circuit load up tying everything in the PC together through an electronic "transport" Co-processors are utilized to offload registering errands from the CPU, for example, arithmetic and design Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read-Only Memory (ROM) are additionally mounted here ROM is changeless, frequently re-writable (CMOS) RAM is transient unless for all time fueled (Palm)

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8080 – 1975 - 4500 Transistors

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Pentium Pro – 1995 – 5.5 Million

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Xeon – 2009 – 721 Million

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Magnetic - Digital Storage Sequential Access Magnetic Tape Backup tapes Random Access Hard Disk Magnetically covered metallic platters on fast axle Drive actuator with numerous drifting read-compose heads on arms Digital Storage USB drives, memory cards – SD, CF, SM Can be shared crosswise over gadgets, ie PCs, amusements, cameras Flash memory is a sort of EEPROM chip, which remains for Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

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Optical Storage CD-ROM (Compact-Disk Read-Only Memory) Write laser copies pits into the surface of the circle Read laser ricochets light off the hollowed surface WORM – Write Once Read Many, or CD-R Newest positions: CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW Capacity (more up to date media have higher limits) Compare the CD-ROM surface (left) to the DVD surface (right) CD – Up to 800 MB/DVD – Up to 9 GB/BluRay – Up to 50 GB

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Output Devices Printers (the principal yield gadget) and Plotters Impact (daisywheel) and spot framework Thermal (early BW and shading) Laser (most astounding quality, BW and shading) Plotters (pens on moving arms like seismographs) Ink-stream (shading plotters prompt printers, some additionally warm) Monitor Analog: CRT (cathode-beam tube) – the "screen" Digital: LCD (fluid gem show) screens Sound Card (advanced to simple converter) Modem-Network Card-Broadband Wls

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CRT-LCD Display CRT Dot Trio Aperture Grill Slotted Mask En

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