PC Projection Presentation Guide.

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PC Projection Presentation Guide 2005 HPS Yearly Meeting Spokane, WA 05/02/05 This Presentation Gives: Data about the PCs utilized at the HPS meeting. Rules for adding to a presentation. Due dates for submittals of presentations. Projection PC
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PC Projection Presentation Guide 2005 HPS Annual Meeting Spokane, WA 05/02/05

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This Presentation Provides: Information about the PCs utilized at the HPS meeting. Rules for building up a presentation. Due dates for submittals of presentations.

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Projection Computer HPS supplies projection PC HPS preloads all presentations 256 MB RAM Microsoft Windows (2000 or later) Microsoft PowerPoint (2000 or later) Not associated with sound framework

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Presentation File Requirements One record for each presentation *.ppt organization File absolutely independent No connections to: Other records The Internet

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Style Guidelines Rule of thumb: 1 slide for each moment A 15 minute presentation dispenses just 12 minutes for talk, 3 minutes for inquiries Each slide ought to have a title In “File->Page Setup…” window indicate: Slides estimated for: “On Screen Show” Slide introduction: Landscape

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Style Guidelines (cont) Short expressions, not long sentences Use Arial or comparable sans serif textual style This line utilizes Helvetica textual style whatever remains of the report utilizes Arial 36 Point Titles 28 point content

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Common Problems Unreadable visual guides is a successive objection from participants. Take after these rules to stay away from the most well-known pitfalls: 1. An excessive amount of data on a solitary slide. A typical misstep is to utilize decreased text dimensions to make space for more words. In the event that you can’t read your lettering from 10’ far from a tablet show (15’ from bigger screens), then the majority of your gathering of people will have issues. 2. Terrible shading complexity . Hues that look great on your screen don\'t fundamentally view well when anticipated.

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Special Fonts and Symbols Special text styles, images, slugs not on projection PC Watch out for: Wingdings, Monotype Sorts Scientific image textual styles, Asian dialect text styles MS Line Draw Can install TrueType textual styles in document: Select “Tools->Save Options->Embed TrueType Fonts” from the dialog box that shows up when the “File->Save As…” menu is chosen.

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Contrast High differentiation essential Use light lines/content on a dim foundation Foreground: White , yellow, light cyan Background: Black, dull blue, dim cocoa Caution: Red , orange or blue lettering and lines get to be garbled when anticipated

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Display Speed Slides ought to show in a split second Do not divert the gathering of people with moderate move impacts Avoid abuse of moderate illustrations, textual styles and embellishments

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Transitions Between Slides by and large, unique activity ought not be utilized when changing starting with one slide then onto the next Usually exceptionally diverting to group of onlookers Use just as extraordinary enticement Default settings ought to be: Effect: No move Speed: Fast Advance: On mouse click

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Transitions Between Lines Can be very powerful Focus consideration on a particular line of a slide Dim past lines for more accentuation on current line Transitions ought to be prompt Be reliable

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Presenting Information: Diagrams Keep outlines basic Easy to view Make content intelligible Use all space in rectangle Example takes after:

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Board 1 Board 2 Board 3 ASP tdo tck PSBM tms tdi trst Backplane ASP Connections

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Presenting Information: Graphs Keep charts basic Eliminate or quell diverting matrix lines Use expansive text dimensions Example takes after:

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Fault scope versus No. of Vectors 100 80 60 Fault Coverage (%) 40 20 0 1.0E+01 1.0E+03 1.0E+05 1.0E+06 No. of Vectors

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Some Bad Examples, or “How to Annoy the Audience” Overuse move impacts Focus the gathering of people on your slides, not the speaker Try to utilize each element PowerPoint brings to the table The following slide indicates samples of terrible practices that ought to be kept away from: Bad slide design Improper shading utilization Transition impacts gone distraught

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This slide has no title. Titles help manage the group of onlookers through the discussion. All slides aside from photos ought to have a title. The sort on this slide is too little. It’s intelligible here, however when anticipated, just the moderator and perhaps those in the front lines will have the capacity to peruse it. Those in the back will be totally lost. Utilization OF ALL CAPITAL LETTERS OR ITALICS ALSO MAKES SLIDES DIFFICULT TO READ. Use dim foundations with light letters! This slide would be less demanding to take after if spaces were utilized. Don’t plan your slides to remain solitary. They are a manual for your presentation. In the event that they were justifiable without anyone else\'s input, we could simply distribute them and disregard presentations! Your slides support what you say, they don’t supplant it. This slide has an excess of words and an excess of focuses. Hold your slides under nine lines. Diverting move impacts!

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Deadlines July 2 : Final form of PowerPoint presentation transferred July 10-13 : Check in and rehearse presentations in Speaker Ready Room July 11-14 : Oral presentations at HPS meeting; check your warning for particular day and

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