PC Upkeep Equipment and Programming.

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PC Maintenance. Equipment and Software. Gilster, Ron. A Certification FOR DUMMIES, third Edition. Hoboken: Wiley, 2004. UGA ETTC. Console. Compacted air. Cleaner ...
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PC Maintenance Hardware and Software UGA ETTC Gilster, Ron. A+ Certification FOR DUMMIES, 3 rd Edition. Hoboken: Wiley, 2004

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Keyboard Compressed air Cleaner Alcohol Warm, nonsoapy water Let it dry!

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Mouse Keep mouse cushion clean Mouse with a ball Inspect for pits or breaks Wipe with clammy, build up free material Let it dry Inspect rollers and free of gunk Replace?

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Monitor Glass Dry-dust it with build up free fabric OR Use Antistatic cleaner Outside case Turn off and unplug Alcohol, General-reason cleaner, or packed air Let it dry!

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Hard Drive Back up, Back up, Back up Defrag ScanDisk Clear treats Install Updates

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Horses, worms, and germs Nuisances Displays deception and popups Damage-lost information

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Protection Adaware Spybot http://www.download.com Antivirus

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