Pcounter for Netware Installation Guide .

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Pcounter for Netware Installation Guide. Contents: Pcounter Requirements................................................. Pcounter for NDPS/IPrint Installation............................. Pcounter Additional Information.....................................
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Pcounter for Netware Installation Guide

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Contents: Pcounter Requirements................................................. Pcounter for NDPS/IPrint Installation............................. Pcounter Additional Information..................................... Pcounter for Queue Based Printing............................... Suppported features......................... Assessment/Support Information......................................

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Pcounter Requirements Software prerequisites for PCOUNTER.NLM (NDS lines) • NetWare 4.10 or above Software necessities for PCOUNTDP.NLM (NDPS) • NetWare 5.x or later with NDPS introduced • Support Pack 6 or later required with NetWare 5.0, or Support Pack 2 or later required with NetWare 5.1. Programming prerequisites for Win32 utilities • Windows 9x, 2000, or later • Novell Client for Windows

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Pcounter NDPS/IPrint Installation Pcounter is downloaded from our site. Once the documents are extricated run the setup.exe on a windows PC. (The Novell Client for Windows is required). Take after the Install wizard (Please observe next screen)

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Pcounter NDPS/IPrint Installation

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The Pcounter customer applications will now be introduced on this PC. The fundamental "backend" application is Pcontrol . This application will permit you to design Pcounter on all your print servers. Open Pcontrol to proceed with the establishment

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Browse and highlight the NDPS Manager. At that point tap on the "Pcounter" catch in the apparatus bar. This will open the principle design settings for Pcounter

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Global Settings: Set the log area for Pcounter. at that point Select "Concede trait rights" (Please observe next page for more subtle elements).

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Browse to the most noteworthy setting and snap Select. Tap the Grant catch. This procedure will give the NDPS Manager the accompanying rights:

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Global Settings: Click on "Introduce server documents" This will duplicate all the obliged records to \\SYS\SYSTEM on the server which is facilitating the NDPS Manager.

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Global Settings: Click on "Default Printer arrangement profile" This will permit you to set a default design for all Printers

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For essential logging: Set the "Bookkeeping" to \'Log record just\' NOTE: Other "Bookkeeping" alternatives are accessible yet printing could be affected if quota\balances have not been doled out. Default Printer Settings:

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For essential logging: "Set all costs" for all page sizes NOTE: If a page size is NOT ticked Pcounter will prevent that size from being printed. e.g. In the event that letter is not ticked and the printer driver is defaulted to letter this will prevent clients from printing. To empower/handicap shading location select this choice.

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Select the "Printer Agents" alternative Highlight the printer you need Pcounter to screen Click the "Include bookkeeping" catch

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Click the "Startup" catch This will begin the bookkeeping on the Printer Agent The "bookkeeping status" ought to now be "Dynamic" It likewise demonstrates to you which adaptation of Pcounter you are running

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Additionally a comfort screen is stacked on the server. From here you can check the adaptation, upkeep and which specialists are stacked

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Pcounter Additional Information Non-secure IPrint Options Pcounter has different alternatives to naturally seek the Tree to approve clients

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Pcounter for Queue Based Printing Pcounter likewise bolsters customary Queue Based printing This kind of printing requires extra arrangement For a total guide for setting up Queue Based Printing please reach us: T : 0113 273 0300 E : support@altman.co.uk

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Check Eval/Registration of Pcounter Select the "Enrollment and time for testing"

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SUPPORTED FEATURES (1/4) Counts pages imprinted on any PostScript or PCL printer, from every single significant maker, for example, HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Canon, and that\'s only the tip of the iceberg. Additionally included are Ricoh RPCS, Canon BubbleJet , ImageRunner , HPGL, Epson (ESC/P, ESC/P2, ESC/PAGE) printers. This spreads most lasers, inkjets, and multi-work gadgets available today. Bolster for TIFF printing is incorporated, and Pcounter additionally tracks plot estimate on HPGL/2 and PostScript plotters. Authorizes printing account equalizations/quantities for clients. Stores the balance(s) for shares in the NDS/eDirectory . Clients can check their parities by means of web program or utilizing WBalance , a little Windows utility that keeps running in the framework plate. Keeps a log record of all print movement - for printers facilitated on different servers the log can be kept in one focal area for simple access.  The log record incorporates client name, report name, printer/line name, date, time, customer station, customer code, subcode , paper measure, highlights, byte estimate, page number, cost, and record adjust.

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SUPPORTED FEATURES ( 2/4 ) Windows clients may have a popup window for charging print occupations to customers/work numbers. The cost for every page is dictated by the paper estimate utilized as a part of the print work, permitting variable expenses for printers that bolster various paper sizes. Print occupations asking for an invalid paper size can be disposed of. Move plotters can be represented in view of picture size. Can produce different printing utilization reports and print histories of clients, printers, and customer codes.  Reports and histories can be spared as HTML, CSV, or arranged content, can be specifically propelled into Excel or web programs, and can be sent by email. Rules-based printing for load adjusting in view of most extreme and least byte sizes and additionally page numbers - print employments can be erased, moved to the end of the line, or moved to another print line.

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SUPPORTED FEATURES (3/4) All print occupations can be consequently held/stopped, and worldwide (print work design) settings for lines can be naturally enforced.  Each server has a default layout that can be utilized comprehensively for all print lines on that server. A Plot Manager handles cluster accommodation of printer-prepared documents to printers and plotters, including support for customer charging codes and planning. Dismiss mistaken print work sorts, for example, Postscript on PCL printers. Organize communicate messages can be modified and sent whenever to keep clients educated. Customisable standard pages can be utilized which contain all data about the print work, including the page check and record adjust.

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SUPPORTED FEATURES (4/4) Administration should be possible from any Windows workstation or server on the system, including printer/line set-up, design, properties, consents, and print work administration. The Pcounter workstation apparatuses (popup and account adjust data) are internationalized in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Polish, and Norwegian. Pcounter can be utilized to implement worldwide print work designs on lines, which can empower or cripple standard, shape sustain, and advise settings without expecting to stress over workstation settings. Pcounter can naturally allot print work possession from different stages, (for example, Mac and Unix) via seeking the NDS tree or bindery, or erase the employment if a proprietor can\'t be found. Pcounter bolsters iPrint and NDPS grouping. All trademarks contained in this record are the properties of their particular proprietors.

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