PDF :數位製程與數位出版.

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PDF :數位製程與數位出版 PDF: Building a PDF Work process 引用: Anne Nickinello, System World, Inc. Why PDF? New distributed framework - open door for change Enhance work process Move towards a totally advanced work process Where is PDF Utilized? Article Grouped Notices
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PDF :數位製程與數位出版

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PDF: Building a PDF Workflow 引用: Anne Nickinello, Network World, Inc.

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Why PDF? New distributed framework - open door for change Improve work process Move towards a totally computerized work process

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Where is PDF Used? Article Classified Advertisements Note: Y-T-D more than 1,500 PDF documents have been sent to the printer with a 99.3% achievement rate.

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Editorial - PDF Workflow Pagination (PC) - OpenPages - Publishing System - Microsoft Word 97 , 2000, XP - Quark Xpress 3.32 , 4.0, 5.0 Graphics (MAC) - Freehand 8.0 - spared as Quark EPS - Photoshop 4.0 - spared as MS DOS.TIF

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Diagram of Network Switched 10/100mbps - TCP/IP Printers B/W & Color 10 mbps Client - PC Internet 10/100 mbps File/Print Server T-1 100 mbps T-1 Pagination - PC Firewall Switch 10 mbps 100mbps Printer Gigabyte Express & Acrobat Distiller Graphics Power MACs Publishing System Servers - NT 4.0 Classified Power MACs

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Final Page Postscript File Printed Postscript Distilled PDF Created Log File Checked in Note Pad Editorial PDF Workflow Soft Proof PDF File - Reader PDF Dragged to “Send” Folder PDF Sent by means of Gigabyte Express Fax Sent to Printer Output Confirm Received Files at Printer

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Classified - PDF Workflow 75% Digital records got from promoters Applications acknowledged (MAC & PC): Quark Xpress, Pagemaker, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw ALL DIGITAL ADS ARE PREFLIGHTED Final Pagination - Quark Xpress (MAC) PDF made on MAC stage

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Advertising - PDF Workflow House and exchange notices Applications acknowledged (MAC & PC): Quark Xpress, Pagemaker, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw ALL DIGITAL ADS ARE PREFLIGHTED PDF made on MAC stage

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PDF Workflow Receive Native Files (Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Etc.) and Scans from Client Process Hi Res Scans w/Retouching & Color Correx & Preflight Client Files Utilizing PreFlight Pro and Manual Check Output Analog or Approval Patch Color Proofs

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PDF Workflow (Cont.) Review Patch Proofs Internally Send out shading patch proofs for customer OK Patch is returned and amended if necessary, if not, sweeps are submitted for get together with documents Job is amassed in Native applications

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PDF Workflow (Cont.) Files are caught in Illustrator or Trapwise and put inside of Quark for consummation Traps must be set as Overprint and Knockout because of Postscript’s powerlessness to hold trap data Generate PS File and afterward Distil into PDF utilizing Publication or CTP Specifications Preview, confirm, and printout PDF document to an Epson Color Print for printed version contrast with customer laser

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PDF Workflow (Cont.) Email or FTP PDF record to customer for “soft proof” approbation or changes If customer has adjustments, they are commented utilizing Acrobat 4.0’s verbal and composed abilities Annotated record given to Mac Dept for preparing of changes, without the need of Production interpretation

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PDF Workflow (Cont.) Mac/Retouching Operator can view explained document on screen while making modifications to Native document Process rehashes itself with resubmission of PDF document to customer for endorsement After support of PDF record, record is sent to imaging of High End Digital proof (Kodak Approval) or film and Matchprint proof

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PDF Workflow (Cont.) Proofs and/or film is quality checked utilizing Quality Checklist, which incorporates, however not restricted to: Trapping Line Screen Image Quality Font Integrity Trim/Bleed Sizes Color Break Corrections Properly Made

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PDF Workflow (Cont.) If evidences pass Quality Check, they are sent to customer for last regard If changes are essential, they are made and procedure is rehashed until last regard is accomplished After last approbation, PDF document is “post flighted” to check document respectability and printer/distributer specs, film is Quality checked for the same

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PDF Workflow (Cont.) Once PDF document and film is checked, film is dispatched or documents are transmitted by means of AP AdSend, FTP, Email, Media Download After transportation, local records, last PDF document and any between time expounded records are chronicled for future reference and utilization

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PDF Timings Average Page PS: 1.5mb PDF: 487k Create: 30sec Transfer: 4sec Page 1 PS: 10.8mb PDF: 2mb Create: 3:15min Transfer: 20sec Power Cover PS: 66.6mb PDF: 8.4mb Create: 18:30min Transfer: 1:30min Classified (MAC) PS: 36mb PDF: 4.6mb Create: 8min Transfer: 2min Note: Average throughput to printer by means of Gigabyte Express = 5.4 mb every moment

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PDF Benefits Improved Productivity Consistency Quality Reduced Production Costs

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Workflow Benefits No misfortune in quality since we are as yet using Hi Res pictures and customary rationale in arranging activities for picture quality and catching needs Reduction in Time, Materials, & Delivery expenses expected to deliver undertakings, bringing about lower expenses and creating higher benefit Quicker Approval/Turnaround Times

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Workflow Benefits (Cont.) There is no more obligation than a traditional work process the length of despite everything you coordinate the fundamental strides to check catching, picture quality, substance, and document uprightness as you would ordinarily Makes customer inward steering of verifications less demanding and speedier when utilized as a “soft proofing” strategy

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PDF File Benefits Security Features Single File Embedded Construction Visual Check Capability Small File Format Cross Platform Capable No Need for Native Applications (Quark, Illustrator, Etc.)

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PDF File Benefits (Cont.) Delivery of advertisements, standard mail ventures with various variants, and 100+ Page Catalogs to different printers w/100% achievement versus PostScript conveyance w/more or less 80% achievement rate 100+ Page Catalog conveyed in FAT PostScript surpassed 8 GB of data versus PDF group w/High Quality/Low Compression Settings lessened size to around 3.5 GB

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PDF File Benefits (Cont.) Reduced document size takes into account adaptable conveyance choices Considerably simpler to create and confirm a clean PDF record over PS Files, decreasing down time, killing squandered materials, meeting tight calendars Clean deciphered PDF arrangement gives quicker computerized sealing cycle and imaging of plates

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The Economics of Cross-Media Publishing 引用自: Cimarron Buser, Texterity, Inc.

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Cross-Media versus Digital book Cross-Media distributed is a “old” issue Various printed renditions, sizes, on-line databases, interpreted variants “E-Book” = another cross-media challenge Hardware-particular - Dedicated ‘reading experience’ Software - Cross-stage (yet generally Window PC) “Wrappers” - DRM-empowered documents Multi-Function Devices - PDAs, cell, half and halves Websites with HTML or Applet driven substance

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Hardware “Readers” “E-Book Devices” Rocket*, Softbook*, goReader, hiebook “Tablets” Qubit, MS Tablet PC “Electronic Ink” (E Ink) Software “Readers” Distribution autonomous Adobe eBook Reader, MS Reader, MobiPocket Distribution-particular eBrary, netLibrary, Questia, Peanut, Franklin, ION The E-Book Landscape DRM “Wrappers” Sealed Media, ContentGuard Multi-capacity gadgets Franklin, Palm, Pocket PCs Cellular (WAP, VoiceXML) * Acquired by Gemstar, otherwise known as REB-1100 and REB-1200

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Value of Cross Media Workflow ROI for cross-media work process increments with: Complexity advantage from organized markup Reusability re-issued releases, “most” substance continues as before Number of Versions study aides, single sections, test books, other “slices” Number of Formats print, database, eBook, web, remote

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Complexity & Reusability Textbooks Specialized High Medical Legal Complexity Higher ROI Reference Novels Low High Content Reusability

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Formats and Versions All digital book arranges Multiple Individual Chapters 2-3 digital book configurations Web adaptation Versions Study Guides Higher ROI XML database Single Book Print Only Multi-Channel Formats

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Cross-Media Requirements Case Study Publisher needs to “co-publish” electronic releases (eBooks) and print book Marketing & limited time influence Ability to offer ‘sneak previews’ in electronic form All “Retail ready” positions accessible at the same time eBook Production must incorporate with existing “print” work process Consistently high caliber to lessen sealing Fast turnaround to hit print ‘Marketing Window’ Complete framework status accessible progressively Affordable aggregate expense (interior and outer)

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Initial Workflow for eBooks Case Study Publisher upgrades front matter Vendor makes single-utilization OEB and LIT Publisher evidences pages, rolls out improvements Vendor right/resend to Publisher File Hubs Clean Up Manual Convert Proof Update 1 week 6-8 weeks 1-3 weeks 2-4 weeks Vendor and Publisher transfer substance and metadata to record center points Results with Old Workflow: (1) No capacity to co-distribute with print release (2) Elapsed Time of 10 to 16 weeks (3) Internal sealing expenses to a great degree high

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Updated Workflow to expand ROI Case Study Publisher redesigns front matter Vendor makes multi-use OEB and LIT Publisher reviews, minor changes Vendor rectifies and makes all eBook yields Amazon bn.com Gemstar Overdrive Palm Reciprocal : Clean Up Final Convert Proof Update 1 week 5-8 days 1-2 days 3-5 days Vendor transfers all substance and metadata to document centers Results after New Workflow: (1) Co-distribute electronic and print version (2) Elapsed Time of 3-4

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