PDHPE K-6 syllabus Utilizing the syllabus for consistency of educator judgment.

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Aerobatic. Essential development and physical action. Aptitudes ... physical movement pg 18-19 (i.e. Move, Gymnastics, Games and Sports, Active way of life) ...
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PDHPE K-6 syllabus Using the syllabus for consistency of educator judgment © 2006 Curriculum K-12 Directorate, NSW Department of Education and Training

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The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 Syllabus depends on a wide thought of wellbeing. It envelops all parts of an individual\'s prosperity, comprehensive of social, mental, physical and profound wellbeing.

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Aim To create in every understudy the learning and comprehension, aptitudes and qualities and states of mind expected to lead sound, dynamic and satisfying lives. To embrace a dependable and gainful part in the public arena. pg 8

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Rationale Encourages a comprehension and esteeming of self as well as other people. Advances physical action. Stresses educated basic leadership, prompting compelling and capable activity. pg 6-7

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What goes under the PDHPE umbrella? Street wellbeing instruction Safety Sun security Child insurance training Games Families Physical movement Friends Relationships Gymnastics Dance

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Overview of learning in PDHPE K-6 pg 9

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Strands The syllabus is sorted out into 8 interrelated substance strands Active way of life Dance Games and games Growth and advancement Gymnastics Interpersonal connections Personal wellbeing decisions Safe living

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Skills The substance is interrelated to five abilities Communicating Decision-production Interacting, Moving Problem-comprehending

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Outcomes and markers Outcomes Knowledge and comprehension Skills Values and demeanors Indicators An announcement of conduct that understudies may show as they work towards the accomplishment of syllabus results

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Overview of K-6 content pg 36-37

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Stage diagrams Each dab point is required to be instructed inside that stage. Every dash point is an illustration Content can be instructed together from various strands (interrelated substance and aptitudes) pg 38 – 45

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Activity Identify two sub headings from two distinct strands that can be educated together as a component of a unit of work.

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Foundation Statements Foundation Statements give a depiction of the learning, aptitudes and understanding that every understudy ought to create before the end of every phase of elementary school. Major development and physical movement Healthy decisions Self and connections

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Skills – Communicating, Decision-production, Interacting, Moving, Problem-illuminating

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Activity Locate and read the results that include physical action pg 18-19 (i.e. Move, Gymnastics, Games and Sports, Active way of life) Read the PDHPE Foundation Statement for your Stage. Talk about and contrast and somebody from another Stage

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How can everything fit together? Results Specific explanations of fancied understudy accomplishment proposed by the syllabus Indicators An announcement of the conduct that understudies may show as they work towards the accomplishment of the syllabus results. Content What is required to be educated amongst Kindergarten and Year 6. Establishment proclamations Stage articulations give a general depiction or preview of understudy accomplishment that is normally expected toward the end of a phase. The announcements additionally distinguish how substance is successive and expands upon earlier learning.

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