PDR-Advanced Sound Recorder/Player.

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PDR-Digital Audio Recorder/Player. Brian Cowdrey. Mike Ingoldby ... Extra recording capacities. Sway on Society. May increment illicit music downloads ...
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PDR-Digital Audio Recorder/Player Brian Cowdrey Mike Ingoldby Gaurav Raje Jeff Swetnam

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Objective Successfully encode/unravel MP3 Play/Stop a tune Select track and quick forward/rewind Read off from Compact Flash Card Display tune title and time Voice Recording in MP3 Format Equalizer Controls

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Hardware Overview ROM RAM MP3 Enc/Dec DAC MCU Compact Flash Compact Flash D/E Buttons ADC LCD LEDs

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Software Overview Bios DSP OS Recording User Int. Supply information to Dec/Enc Supply CF to Memory LCD Buttons

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Microprocessor (C8051F320)

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MP3 Encoder/Decoder (MAS 3587F)

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Project Schedule

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Milestones CDR Research/Design segments PCB outline format Order First PCB Milestone I Test Microprocessor Implement Monitor Program LCD/User Interface

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Milestones (contd.) Milestone II Program Encoder/Decoder Program OS to Combine all projects Redesign unique PCB plan Expo Possible expansions Final testing/investigating

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LCD Display/User Interface Monochromatic graphical showcase 122x32 pixels 8-bit interface with implicit controller Display melody title and play time (conceivably ID3 label) Show menu relating to client interface catches

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Jeff MP3 encoder/decoder Signal preparing Brian LCD User interface Mike Microprocessor USB interface Gaurav Compact blaze FAT16 document framework Division of Labor

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Risks/Contingency Plan Risk : Errors on PCB design Solution : Reorder new PCB load up Risk: MP3 Encoding/Decoding Errors Solution : Record and play back crude information as wav records Risk: Problems with USB interface Solution : Switch to a serial port Risk: Graphical LCD mistakes Solution: Switch to character LCD

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Compact Flash Card Small removable mass stockpiling gadget Connected to chip with a 8 bit information transport Microprocessor interfaces w/CF card with registers on CF card

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FAT 16 Directory structure that rundowns documents and areas on CF card Compatible on numerous stages (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) User benevolent

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Possible Additions FM remote control Equalizer Battery Power Real-time signal handling

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Marketability Target Market: Teenagers/College Students Directly rival Apple\'s IPOD Additional recording abilities

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Impact on Society May increment unlawful music downloads Drive down costs for other MP3 players in the business sector

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Cost Analysis PCB (2) $300 Microprocessor $40 MP3 Encoder/Decoder $35 LCD Display $30 Compact Flash Card $20 RAM $5 Miscellaneous Parts $20 - - - - - TOTAL APPROX. COST $450

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Expected Yield Selling Price Per Unit = $50 Mass Produced PCB $8 Microprocessor $1 MP3 encoder/decoder $1 Misc. parts $2 Labor $5 LCD $3 Total = $20 Profit=$30 per unit 150% yield

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