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Foundations of the Texas Constitution. Texas has had a few composed constitutions.183618451861186618691876. The 1824 Texas Constitution. The 1824 Constitution of Mexico set up a government republic and gave that every state compose its own constitution in 1827.Texas and Coahuila built up a state constitution in 1827.Small Unicameral Legislature, Governor and Vice Governor, most from CoahuilaWritt
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Pearson Longman PoliticalScience Interactive Shea, Green, and Smith Living Democracy , Second Texas Edition Chapter 20: The Texas Constitution

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Roots of the Texas Constitution Texas has had a few composed constitutions. 1836 1845 1861 1866 1869 1876

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The 1824 Texas Constitution The 1824 Constitution of Mexico set up a government republic and gave that every state compose its own particular constitution in 1827. Texas and Coahuila built up a state constitution in 1827. Little Unicameral Legislature, Governor and Vice Governor, most from Coahuila Written in Spanish Catholicism official state religion (not connected to Anglos) Anglos not subject to military administration, charges or traditions obligations Texas seen as a cushion against Indians, Americans

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The 1836 Texas Constitution Texans composed possess constitution in 15 days (amid the fight for the Alamo) upon Texas freedom in 1836 like US framework 17 article "assertion of rights" Bicameral assembly with House and Senate Four-level court framework, including Supreme Court Definition of citizenship barring slaves, Indians, ladies Similar to different states Clergy couldn\'t hold office No detainment for obligation Short terms of office Similar to Spanish Mexican Law Community property rights Homesteads secured against tax assessment Problems Very troublesome and complex to revise

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The 1845 Texas Constitution 1837: The primary attempt at addition Texas minister proposes extension to US President Van Buren US didn\'t need war with Mexico, and declined 1843: The second attempt US President Tyler underpins addition, and arrangements start Annexation bargain crushed in US Senate 1845: SUCCESS! US President Polk and Congress bolster extension by joint determination. Texas President Anson Jones and Texas Congress concur. Drew up new state constitution which was confirmed in October 1845 State of Texas Constitution Pro: Cited as one of the best of its time Straightforward and basic – much like US Constitution Permanent assets for government funded schools Separate property rights for wedded ladies Con: – it permitted servitude to proceed in Texas Only permitted importation from US Free African Americans could leave if Congress let them.

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The 1861 Texas Constitution Texas withdrew from the U.S. in February 1861 (Civil War) Convention to move Texas into the Confederacy Replace the 1845 constitution Deleted arrangement that accommodated the liberation of slaves But different arrangements with respect to slaves and slave exchange were not consolidated

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The 1866 Texas Constitution When Texas returned union after Civil War, Reconstruction obliged changes to state\'s contract. Acknowledgment of cancelation of subjection Also included arrangement of barely received corrections Governor\'s term expanded to 4 years Governor given a detail veto Salaries expanded Only white men could serve in the lawmaking body State incomparable court reached out to 5 judges; chose to 10 year terms

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The 1869 Texas Constitution Congress finished Reconstruction in 1867 More necessities were put on Texas\' readmission have sacred tradition with agents chose by every single male native more than 21 paying little respect to shading or past state of subjugation compose new state constitution accommodating general grown-up male suffrage Texas readmitted to Union in 1870

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The Current Texas Constitution Party governmental issues prompted to uncommon authoritative session to amass protected tradition in 1875 76 Democrats and 14 Republicans chose appoints Wide scope of affiliations, occupations

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Reasons for the 1876 Constitution A response to Reconstruction 1869 constitution had prompted to Governor E.J. Davis\' administration Power had been concentrated in the state government Enabling Act – named 8,000 authorities State police Could announce military law Education strategies in the organization had prompted to increasing expenses in property charges Other Criticisms: many driving residents banned from holding open office as a result of support in the Confederacy. Post-war surge in broad daylight interest in schools, streets, and scaffolds was paid for by much higher assessments and expansive government shortfalls. It was additionally inadequate – minimal more than a gathering of pieces that had been endorsed by an uncovered lion\'s share of the tradition delegates. It was excessively long, unpredictable and lumbering Movement in the 1870s requiring a governmental issues of substantive issues and prohibitive constitutionalism

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The Constitutional Legacy The Texas Constitution in a Comparative Perspective

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Provisions of the 1876 Constitution Different from US Constitution US - Liberal constitution Incorporates the fundamental structure of government and permits the lawmaking body to give the points of interest through statutes Texas - Statutory constitution Creating the structure and powers of government in incredible detail Texas Constitution must be revised by statewide vote. 17 articles – 16 agent

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Provisions of the 1876 Constitution 16 agent articles – a portion of the biggies Article 1 : broad Bill of Rights (now including ladies\' rights and rights for casualties of savage wrongdoings) Article 2 : division of forces Article 3 : bicameral, biennial council Article 4 : freedom of significant authorities guaranteed by autonomous race, holds line-thing veto Article 5 : formation of legal framework with incomparable court (common), court of requests (criminal), state and province courts, all chose in factional decisions Article 7 : making of government funded educational system, isolated by race; office of superintendant and cumpulsory participation dispensed with; no arrangement for neighborhood school charges

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Provisions of the 1876 Constitution Structure of area government definite, however scattered in four separate articles Several articles confining the lawmaking body\'s exhausting and spending caution Requirement for adjusted spending Provisions for committed assets Article 17 : Provisions for altering Constitution proposition 2/3 vote in both assemblies of lawmaking body, approval by voters By 2006, the Texas Constitution had been revision 439 circumstances in just 130 years.

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Criticism of the 1876 Constitution Large number of corrections : hasn\'t on a very basic level modified the structure of state government however have added to one of the longest constitutions in the US "Deadwood" – many segments superfluous after changes in US Constitution Plural official: Major official officers chose independently Limits force of senator to execute arrangements Part-time national lawmaking body with low pay: hard to complete things in so little time Low pay ($7,200 every year + costs) influences who can stand to serve Lack of adaptability in budgetary and law-production capacities makes it difficult to respond rapidly to new occasions and conditions

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General Principles and Structural Impact of the Texas Constitution

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Comprehensive Revision Effort In 1973, Constitution Revision Commission submits draft constitution to assembly In 1974, protected tradition meets, yet dismisses without another constitution – why? Council was the established tradition Special Interests ruled Decision rules, similar to 2/3 manage excessively prohibitive Fight over "appropriate to-work" arrangement (union movement) Lack of uncommon political initiative – Speaker was an intermediary "cockroaches" – obstructionists "revisionists" – the individuals who rejected governing body serving as tradition

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Constitution Revision – The 1975 Constitutional Amendments The 1975 Constitutional Amendments 8 Amendments taken from the 1974 tradition, dismisses by voters Reasons for dismissal? Gone before by the Sharpstown political outrage and Watergate Texans expected that the new constitution would make government too intense. Specific worry over state pay impose

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1999 Constitutional Revision Effort Proposed by Rep. Burglarize Junell and Sen. Charge Ratliff Created a genuine CEO Simplified the legal Definition of proficient arrangement of government funded instruction Authorization of statewide property impose Never considered Texas Constitution stayed unaltered

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The Texas Constitution Today Can be discovered online here Most late changes

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