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Peer assessment. Level 4 - a few link words (and/but) and opinions - some use of the regular avoir form of the perfect tense Level 5 mainly correct use of the regular avoir perfect tense OR use of aller + infinitive verb to describe future events
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Peer evaluation Level 4 - a couple interface words (and/yet) and feelings - some utilization of the general avoir type of the ideal tense Level 5 primarily redress utilization of the customary avoir idealize tense OR utilization of aller + infinitive verb to depict future occasions discusses distinctive individuals, not simply je longer sentences with more connection words (on the grounds that/be that as it may/likewise) a few suppositions - time/recurrence expressions (today, tomorrow, frequently, and so on) Level 6 As for level 5, however: rectify utilization of all types of the ideal tense - both avoir and être verbs, and unpredictable & consistent past participles AND utilization of aller + infinitive verb to portray future occasions more conclusions with reasons - more engaging dialect – e.g. to depict individuals, places & exercises

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Mon profil Write a profile of yourself, including the data underneath. your name your age & birthday your family ( ++ portray one of them, giving your feeling) your pets ( ++ say what pet you\'d get a kick out of the chance to have & why) where you live ( ++ give your conclusion) what you look like what kind of individual you are ( ++ check descriptive word endings!) your preferences & disdains ( ++ inclinations & say why) depict an occasion in the past depict something you are going to do later on ++ = how to get extra stamps ++ interface words ++ past, present & future tenses ++ opinions ++ time expressions – when/how frequently ++ discuss other individuals, not simply yourself

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