Pennsylvania Primaries.

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Pennsylvania Primaries Barack Obama Hillary Clinton John McCain In the News (3/24-3/27) Random Dad. Primaries Obama Clinton McCain In the News Misc. $200 $400 $600 $800
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Pennsylvania Primaries

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Barack Obama

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Hillary Clinton

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John McCain

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In the News (3/24-3/27)

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PA. Primaries Obama Clinton McCain In the News Misc. $200 $400 $600 $800 $ 1000 $1000

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The Pennsylvania primaries are hung on this date. 4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24

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What is 4/22?

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The Democratic Primary has this numerous agents Up for gets. 150, 164, 158, 170

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What is 158?

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The most recent day for enlisting For the essential is/was this. 3/24, 3/31, 4/7, 4/21

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What is 3/24?

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The PA essential is a sample of this sort of essential. Open, Closed, or a crossover

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What is shut?

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This hopeful has the backing of Ed Rendell and Luke Ravenstahl.

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Who is Hillary Clinton

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Barack Obama was brought up in the Sandwich Islands, or this 50 th state.

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What is Hawaii?

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Barack Obama won This honor for His diary. Grammy, Pulitzer, Nobel, or NAACP

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What is a Grammy?

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Daily Double Obama initially Entered the national Spotlight at this occasion.

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What is the 2004 DNC?

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Obama’s Father is from this African Nation. Kenya, Somalia, Ivory Coast, or Democratic Republic of Congo

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What is Kenya?

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Barack Obama has Served this numerous terms In the U.S. Senate. 0,1,2,3

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What is 1?

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Hillary Clinton Served as a board part For this organization. Wal Mart, Enron, Microsoft

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What is Wal Mart?

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Hillary moved on From this prestigious Law school. Harvard, Columbia, Yale, or USC

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What is Yale?

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Hillary Clinton has Served in this numerous chose Offices. 1,2,3, or 4

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What is 1?

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In Bill Clinton’s Memoir, He erroneously guarantee his wife was Named after this acclaimed Briton.

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Who is Sir Edmund Hillary?

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Hillary is in this year of her Senate profession. 6, 8, 10, 12

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What is 8?

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McCain put in 5 years as a POW in this war. Viet Nam, Korea, WWII

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What is Viet Nam?

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McCain’s father And granddad both Held this rank in the naval force Petty Officer, Admiral, Lieutenant, Or Captain

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What is Admiral?

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McCain last kept running For president in this year 1996, 2000, 2004

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What is 2000?

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McCain did This in the Navy. Pilot, Gunner, Diver, or Submariner

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What is pilot?

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Daily Double The speech specialist For McCain and Co-writer Of his books

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Who is Mark Salter?

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President Bush Recently went by This Pittsburgh Suburb.

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What is Sewickly?

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These two groups opened The MLB season in Japan.

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Who are Boston and Oakland?

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The leader of this city Has declined to venture down, Even after he was summoned. Houston, Charleston, Detroit, or Columbus

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What is Detroit?

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This Popular occasion This week brings Countless guests To Washington D.C.

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What are the Cherry blooms?

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The Penguins secured a Playoff seed for the current week by beating this division rival.

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Who are The NJ Devils?

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The 2010 World Cup Is in this country.

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What is South Africa?

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This nation has the most astounding wage per capita. Luxemburg, USA, Italy, Andora

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What is Luxemburg?

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These two beatles were Right given.

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Who are Lennon And Harrison?

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This man Invented Charcoal.

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Who is Henry Ford?

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Final Jeopardy If chose, Barack Obama would be the most youthful President since this man.

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Who is Bill Clinton?

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This is the biggest stream that Flows south to north on the planet.

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What is the Nile?

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