Perceptions in Utility Administration By Wear Habicht .

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Equivalent or more noteworthy unwavering quality. Effective administration least cost steady with unwavering quality, ... try not to have tattoos or body piercings you are not staying aware of ...
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Perceptions in Utility Governance By Don Habicht – Worthington Public Utilities General Manager Retired Minnesota Municipal Utilities Summer Meeting Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Benefits of Public Power Equal or more prominent unwavering quality Efficient administration – most reduced cost steady with dependability, group objectives and sound business rehearses Lower power rates Responsiveness to client concerns – each national is a proprietor with an immediate say in approaches Not-revenue driven status – lower costs and no split fidelity amongst clients and stockholders

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Benefits of Public Power Continued Greater segment of incomes stay in group Tax installments, installments in-lieu-of-assessments and/or exchanges to the group\'s general asset Local control over the electric appropriation framework feel and outline Primary mission of giving slightest cost, solid administration over amplifying benefit

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Maximizing the Benefits of the Public Utilities in your group Governance Financial Management Work Force Planning

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Governance Types of Cities by Government Structure Statutory urban areas Operate under Chapter 412 of the Minnesota Statutes 747 Statutory urban communities in Minnesota Home standard contract urban areas State law permits any city to embrace sanction or neighborhood constitution 107 urban areas have received home tenet sanctions in Minnesota

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Governance – The City Charter Types of Cities by Government Structure Both statutory and home principle contract urban areas can build up an open utilities commission with the force and obligations set up for such bodies by law. 47 percent of the Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association part urban communities electric utility operations are administered by an open utilities commission.

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Governance - Bylaws Commission and City Council Members, Managers and Superintendents Membership – qualification, opportunities, voting and participation Meetings – notification, majority and open meeting law Agenda/Minutes Officers Organization of the Public Utilities – divisions, strategy, administration and representatives

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Governance Bylaws proceeded with Power and Duties of the Commission – land and contracts, expansion of administrations, joint operations with others, utilization of avenues for utility establishments, rates, power for consumptions, security issues, open data uses and bookkeeping and spending reports General Provisions – alteration of standing rules and severability of local laws

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Governance Council and/or Commission Policy Ends Council and/or Commission – Administrator, General Manager or Superintendent Linkage Administrator, General Manager or Superintendent Limitations Governance Process

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Governance Policy Ends Mission Statement Vision Statement Core Values

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Governance Policy Council and/or Commission – Administrator, General Manager or Superintendent Linkage Global Governance – Management Connection Unity of Control Accountability Delegation Monitoring Performance Annual Evaluation

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Governance Policy Administrator, General Manager or Superintendent Limitations Emergency Succession Treatment of Staff Asset Protection Compensation and Benefits Financial Planning and Budgeting Financial Condition and Activities Communication and Support to Policy Makers Treatment of Consumers

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Governance Policy Administrator, General Manager or Superintendent Limitations - Continued Value-included Products and Services Pricing of Products and Services Community Development

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Governance Policy Governance Process Global Governance Commitment Governing Style Agenda Planning Policy Makers Job Description Role of the Chair Code of Conduct Cost of Governance

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Financial Management Strategic Financial Plan Annual Budget Five Year Operation and Maintenance Summary Capital Improvement Program Equipment and Vehicle Revolving Schedule Five Year Flow of Funds Summaries Reserve Account Policy

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Financial Management Monthly Financial Reports Balance Sheet Sales Report Statement of Revenues and Expenses Statement of Cash Flows Annual Report - Audit

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Work Force Planning A noteworthy bit of people in general force work power will be qualified to resign amid the following five to seven years. The positions that will encounter the most retirements may likewise be the most hard to supplant; first line chiefs, senior administrators, and general directors The loss of basic learning and the powerlessness to discover supplantings with utility particular aptitudes are two of the greatest difficulties that open utilities face as an aftereffect of the maturing work power Public utilities need to accomplish more to get ready for their future work constrain needs

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Work Force Planning Recruiting and Training Competitive Salaries Benefits

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Work Force Planning If 20 to 25 percent of your workforce don\'t have tattoos or body piercings you are not staying aware of progress

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Sources of Information

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Sources of Information Other APPA distributions Minnesota Municipal Utilities Newsletters and other data Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association – Meetings and Workshops American Public Power Association – Meetings and Workshops

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