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The Ways of Development. Informative. Linguistic use. Punctuation has held & keeps on holding a ... an) Angel Falls b) Victoria Falls c) Niagara Falls. an) America b) ...
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PEREVALA OLGA Specialized School on Computer Techniques №13, Cherkasy

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The Ways of Development Communicative Grammar

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Grammar has held & keeps on holding a focal spot in dialect educating. It ought to be incorporated into informative exercises. They draw upon the individual sentiments and inspiration of the understudies so as to evoke articulations in English that methodology honest to goodness correspondence.

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It ought to be better : to exhibit new linguistic use structures in illustrative informative circumstances; focus to the type of sentence structure as well as to the importance & preparing of the given material in consistently life; understudies ought to know about the capacity of new language structure thing.

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Teaching Communicative Grammar depends on such angles : Functional Structural Situational content

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Grammar is unseparately associated with utilizing of dialect as a part of every day life and creating talking aptitudes

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Teaching Indefinite Tenses at the basic level such circumstances might be utilized: Tell us what you as a rule do at home to help your family with tasks; Tell us what you\'ll do at the weekends to help your family clean the house; Tell us what you wanted to do yesterday, yet fizzled.( I didn\'t… ) Ask your companion what he/she will do one week from now;

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Explaining Continuous Tenses the accompanying circumstances might be useful: You have returned from school & your sibling is at home as well. Your mom is still at work .She is calling you since she needs to recognize what everybody is doing right now. You let her comprehend what you & your individuals from the family are doing; E.g. Tania is riding her bike in the yard. Roman is playing the piano. Granny is cooking supper.

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Someone was making a move outside & broke your neighbor\'s window. Your neighbor associates you with having done this. He comes over & begins blaming you for it.You attempt to protect yourself & your sister giving your reasons. E.g. I can\'t have done it. I was staying inside listening to music constantly. My sister was getting her work done .

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ILLUSTRATIVE SITUATION It\'s autumn.It is late October. The climate is awful. It is downpour ing intensely. Individuals are rush ing along the road. A young fellow is stand ing at a transport stop & hold up ing . Individuals are look ing at him with amazement. Whom is he sit tight ing for ? He has a group of red roses in his grasp. He is frosty. His hands are frosty. He is hold up ing however she is not com ing .

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Answer the accompanying inquiries & talk about in gatherings: Is the young fellow sitting tight for a transport? Whom would he say he is sitting tight for? Why is he remaining at a transport stop?

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No talking is conceivable without the learning of linguistic use, without the shaping of a language structure system. On the off chance that a learner has obtained such a component, he can deliver right sentences in an outside dialect.

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Grammar ought to be very much clarified. Syntax plans & illustrative presentations are of incredible help in exhibiting new linguistic use material

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words generally can\'t do a picture justice words generally can\'t do a picture justice

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Present Continuous Tense V ING AM IS ARE +

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PLURAL - (e)s [s] [z] [iz] NOUN Number

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Singular Plural A feline Cats [s]

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A tiger Tigers [z]

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A photograph Photos [ z ]

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A container Boxes [ iz]

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It\'s much less demanding to learn Grammar : Through verses & tunes; Through axioms & platitudes; Through sentence structure diversions; Through various sorts of activities

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Poem : " What are they do ing?" Mom is retouch ing a pocket. Father is perused ing the press. Sway is mak ing a rocket. The level is in the wreckage. Mother is cook ing supper, Dad is play ing chess. Bounce is battle ing with Nina, The guardians have an anxiety .

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"Are you resting, Brother James ?" Are you dozing , are you dozing , Brother James ? Morning chimes are ringing, Morning ringers are ringing. Ding, dong, ding. Ding, dong, ding. Melody :

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Memorize the accompanying maxims & colloquialisms paying consideration on the utilization of the Present Continuous Tense. Know where one is go ing . One\'s left hand does not realize what one\'s correct hand is do ing . Try not to cut the limb you are stand ing on. Fiddle while Rome is smolder ing . The tortoise wins the race while the bunny is rest ing .

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Grammar Game " Make-Believe " Teacher: hello, youngsters ! The chime has gone. The lesson has started. You are sitting. I\'m standing since I need to see you better. Presently I\'ll compose the date. Gracious, I\'m drained. I would do well to go to the nation & go for a walk. The climate is fine, the winged creatures are singing. What am I doing ? Entirely right, I\'m listening to the feathered creatures. Gracious, look, what number of blossoms there are in the field. I\'m partial to blossoms. What am I doing now ? Yes, I\'m picking blossoms. Lena, help me, there are such a variety of blossoms. What is Lena going ?

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Student 1: She is picking flowers. Student 2: She is helping you. You may proceed with this amusement between two groups. The primary group is " craftsmen", another group is "onlookers". The undertaking is given: " Make – trust that you are slashing wood ". The first performs activities, the second group remarks them.

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Make up the guestions for test : " It\'s a superlative world "

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Question Blues At first how about we rehash question words by method for

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What, where, why, when, who, how, whose .

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what number, which, how much, to what extent

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It helps in the event that you sing this little tune.

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I think I have the Question Blues.

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Special Questions is are the… … est there Where Which What ?

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- er - est - more - most Adjective Degrees of Comparison

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Which/high/waterfall/world? an) Angel Falls (Venezuela) b) Victoria Falls ( Zimbabwe) c) Niagara Falls (USA/Canada)

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an) Angel Falls b) Victoria Falls c) Niagara Falls

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an) America b) Africa c) Asia Which/huge/landmass/world?

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Which/far/planet/from the sun? a) Neptune b) Pluto c) Uranus

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Which/profound/sea/world? a) Pacific b) Atlantic c) Indian

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Where/the Eiffel Tower? an) in London b) in Paris c) in New York

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Where/the Statue of Liberty? an) in Washington b) in New York c) in London

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what number/mainlands/there are/world? a) five b) four c) six

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What/the capital of Italy? a) Madrid b) Cairo c) Rome

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