Period of Absolutism: Lord Louis XIV.

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Absolutism. Political hypothesis that had faith in the
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Period of Absolutism: King Louis XIV Objective: The understudies will have the capacity to clarify the hypothesis and ramifications of absolutist govern in France under King Louis XIV.

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Absolutism Political hypothesis that put stock in the "Perfect Right of Kings" (Monarchs got their power from God). Religious administrator Bossuet built up this in Politics Taken From the Very Words of Scripture. Religious administrator Jacques Bossuet

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Louis XIV (r. 1643-1715) Personal lead started in 1661 with the demise of Cardinal Mazarin. " L\'état, c\'est moi " (the state is me) Symbolized as the "Sun King." (Center of France; beams of sun reflect off of ruler onto subjects).

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Châteaux de Versailles King\'s living arrangement and focal point of government. Spent unlimited wholes of cash on development. Regal condo were at the focal point of the complex.

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Court Life at Versailles King disjoined double capacities: that of squire and that of director. Both capacities were gone for state-building. The Fronde had instructed Louis to doubt the respectability, so he designated authorities from white collar class source. He likewise proceeded with the act of offering titles ("nobles of the robe" instead of "nobles of the sword").

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Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1619-1683) Served as controller of accounts from 1662-1683. Upheld mercantilist strategies. Fabricated streets and waterways. Credited for a hefty portion of Louis\' monetary victories and disappointments.

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Domestic Policies Louis ordered absolutist thoughts through mastery of the focal organization which had more noteworthy control of state funds, the execution of laws and the utilization of outfitted drive. Expanded illustrious control over the neighborhood parlements. Safeguarded the strategy of Gallicanism . Renounced the Edict of Nantes in October 1685 and started oppressing Huguenots; more than 200,000 fled France.

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Wars & Expansion under Louis XIV Through a progression of costly wars Louis gradually extended French domain. War of Devolution (1667-68) The Dutch War (1672-78) War of the League of Augsburg (1688-97)

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War of Spanish Succession Childless Hapsburg Charles II names Bourbon Philip of Anjou as beneficiary. Britain, Holland and HRE contradict French procurement of Spain & domains. Louis was vanquished by the British and Austrians.

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Treaty of Utrecht (1713) War finished with Treaty of Utrecht (1713) and Treaty of Baden and Rastatt (with Hapsburgs in 1714) Philip of Anjou get to be Philip V of Spain, however he nor his successors could hold French position of authority. Hapsburgs and British picked up region, French lost New World terrains.

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The End of an Era Louis XIV was one of the considerable state-manufacturers of Europe Despite this, the workers of France endured as they never had or since. This would bring government welfare as a state work it the 18 th century His absolutist arrangement cemented the place of France as the prevailing force in Europe.

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Exit Ticket In what ways was the manage of King Louis XIV a model of absolutist run the show? In what ways were absolutist approaches a dream or incapable in representing the French state?

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