Permitting Class: Comprehension Microsoft's Scholarly Authorizing Training Arrangements Bunch Microsoft Organization Mod.

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Permitting Class: Comprehension Microsoft's Scholarly Authorizing Training Arrangements Bunch Microsoft Organization Moderator: Brett Davis New Authorizing Programs Unending Permitting Scholastic Open 6.0 Scholarly Select 6.0 Variant 6.0 projects accessible October 1
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Permitting Seminar: Understanding Microsoft’s Academic Licensing Education Solutions Group Microsoft Corporation Presenter: Brett Davis

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New Licensing Programs Perpetual Licensing Academic Open 6.0 Academic Select 6.0 Version 6.0 projects accessible October 1 Non-Perpetual Licensing Campus Agreement 3.0 Subscription School Agreement 3.0 Subscription Version 3.0 Programs accessible August 1

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The Great Divide

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Microsoft Academic Open License

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Academic Open 6.0 Perpetual licenses No consented to arrangement Upfront request necessity of 5 licenses to qualify No reorder least 24 Month Term Track buys through eOpen

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Microsoft Academic Select

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Academic Select 6.0 Perpetual licenses Signed assention Pools Applications, Systems, Servers Points 1500 conjecture over the assention Term: 36 timetable months Renew for extra 12 or 36 months Annual Purchase Review

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Software Assurance/Licensing Changes Simplified Licensing Model Removal of Version, Competitive, Product Upgrades Two sorts of licenses (October 1 st ) Full Version License Software Assurance (SA) License

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Concept of “Current” Current = the latest economically accessible item as of Oct 1, 2001 Commercially accessible = on Oct 1 authorizing cost list * SA for servers must be bought at a segment level – there won\'t be a BackOffice or Core CAL SA

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Time Periods

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Microsoft Campus Agreement

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Campus/School Agreement 3.0 Subscription

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Microsoft Campus & School Agreement Changes Increased Product Selection & Flexibility New technique for deciding least qualification Student Option for School Agreement Customers Media Kit Simplified Renewal Process

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Improved Product Selection Customers may choose from any of the accompanying items Office Std/Pro/Macintosh⮠Editions Windows⮠Upgrades BackOffice® CALs FrontPage® Project Publisher Encarta⮠Reference Suite Microsoft Press⮠Titles NEW! Visio⮠Professional NEW! Encarta Class Server CALs NEW! Enchantment School Bus titles (School Agreement just)

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Campus & School Agreement - Transition New or Renewing Agreement before August 1 st ? Sign up for 1.0 & 2.0 Agreement Sign a 3 Month Agreement today and after that a 9 Month Agreement and exchange to the 3.0 Agreements

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Microsoft NJ/NY Education Cindy Honma without toll 800-426-9400 x11560 Brett Davis 212-484-1889 .

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