Personnel Place for Educators and Program Contacts.

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Personnel Place for Teachers and List Contacts Getting to Staff Center Class Program Grade List Ask for Evaluation Changes Grade Endorsement Process Next Steps Workforce Center The self-administration Staff Center is for Educators and List Contacts to: Perspective and download class lists
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Personnel Center for Instructors and Roster Contacts Accessing Faculty Center Class Roster Grade Roster Request Grade Changes Grade Approval Process Next Steps

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Faculty Center The self-administration Faculty Center is for Instructors and Roster Contacts to: View and download class programs Notify understudies in a class by means of email Enter last grades Change grades

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Access the Faculty Center as an Instructor For class lists for Fall 2007, select the Faculty Center.

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Access the Faculty Center as a Roster Contact Log into the framework Log in with your ASURITE ID and Password Navigate ASU Customizations>ASU Student Records>Roster Contacts>Faculty Center

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Access the Faculty Center as a Roster Contact Search for classes inside of your assigned Academic Org. A rundown of Academic Orgs can be found at the Registrar’s site

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Accessing the Faculty focus as a Roster Contact You will see a rundown of classes and educator. When you tap on a column – you enter that class with the same programming access as that teacher.

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Class List Once classes are shown for an employee or a Roster Contact, the staff\'s operation focus is the same for all clients. Select Term Download rundown of classes Academic Status Report Class Detail Grade Roster Class Roster

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Class Roster Select the Class Roster symbol to show a class program. This class program shows all understudies in the class as characterized by the chose enlistment status (default is selected). Posting ID Notify Students Function Printer Friendly Version Download (class list) Posting IDs Printer Friendly Notify Students Notify Students

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Class Roster – Notify Students Send messages to all enlisted or chose understudies. The email will be sent to you for your records (these messages won\'t show up in your ‘sent’ letter drop), with a Blind Copy sent to every understudy (this keeps understudies from seeing other understudy names in the email they get).

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Download Class List, Class Roster, Grade Roster Use the download symbol to spare your class rundown, class program or review list as a different document that you can use disconnected from the net. NOTE 1: When you download, PeopleSoft will spare the document as a .html record that LOOKS like an exceed expectations spreadsheet. Utilize the “Save As” highlight to spare the document in the arrangement you wish. NOTE 2: all together for the download to work, you must set your program to work with PeopleSoft. Directions are accessible at spring/_JobAids/SetYourBrowserforPeopleSoft.pdf

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Grade Roster The Grade Roster symbol will show up close to a class when grade lists have been produced for a class. Grade Rosters are created daily by a clump procedure controlled by the Registrar\'s Office.

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Grade Roster Grade program sort: Final Grade Approval Status : Not Reviewed Post Tonight Complete Add this evaluation to all understudies Unassigned evaluations just Find Function EN Grades

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Downloading and Importing Grades It is conceivable to download the evaluation list, sort in your evaluations and import the evaluations once again into the class. Download Grade Roster “Save As…” an Excel or content document Enter your evaluations into the record Import the evaluations by means of the “Import Grades” catch. Note : this is discretionary!

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Requesting Grade Changes Two approaches to request Grade Changes (for Roster Contacts) Grade change catch – (shows up when all evaluations are posted) Grade Change menu (for Roster contacts just)

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Grade Change Request Page Select new review for understudy Type in reason Click Submit 1 change demand/understudy/class at once.

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Checking the Status of a Grade Change Check status of Grade changes from the solicitation evaluation change page – Requested L1 Approve Successfully Changed

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Grade Change Process What happens after you present the evaluation change – L1 Approver (Department) L2 Approver (College) Changes are instantly presented on the student’s record

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Grade Change for Past Classes Instructor or Roster contact can demand changes to classes of Fall of 06 and later Only Roster contacts can demand changes for classes preceding Fall 06 – yet they must utilize the evaluation change segment – (not staff focus)

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Next Steps Final Grades are expected Dec 10-17! Educators – Access the Faculty Center and check whether your classes arrive and that you can see the evaluation lists. – If not, check with your class scheduler to guarantee you are recorded as an educator with POST access. Program Contacts – Access the Faculty Center and check whether your classes arrive and that you can see the evaluation lists. Urge your Grade Approvers to recognize their entrance asks for that have been begun for them.

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Helpful Links How to set your programs for downloads (For Everyone) spring/_JobAids/SetYourBrowserforPeopleSoft.pdf How to view lists by means of standard understudy pages view (Roster Contacts) garden/_JobAids/SummaryOfEnrollment.pdf How to check what parts you have in PS (Roster Contacts) spring/_JobAids/ViewYourRoles.pdf Instructions for applying for access join (Roster Contacts) garden/bolster/records/RequestAccessForYourself.pdf Link for applying for access (Roster Contacts) spring/AddSecurityRequest

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Ongoing Communication For proposals for upgrades: Email – put “Faculty Center Suggestion” in the headline. For quick help, present a help ticket Select University Technology Office for the association, Select PeopleSoft for the class Type in a synopsis and portrayal of your issue. How would you like to be spoken with?

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Questions? Remarks?

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Faculty place for Instructors and Roster Contacts Requesting Access Faculty/Instructor You will have the capacity to get to all classes for which you are an educator of-record naturally. In the event that you don’t see a class that you are instructing in the personnel focus – contact your dept’s class scheduler to check in the event that you are recorded as a teacher for that class.

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Faculty community for Instructors and Roster Contacts Requesting Access Instructor Delegates A representative may be an understudy (TA), a staff part, or another employee. TA’s are by and large set up to enter grades, however not submit evaluation changes or relegate representatives to a class. TA’s ought to be set-up with an Instructor Role of TA with POST access. In the event that a TA is to be the essential teacher, and will both enter and change grades, they ought to be set up as an essential or auxiliary educator with POST access. Your specialty class scheduler can include Instructor Delegates by utilizing the pages under Curriculum Management at: Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes later on, Instructors will have the capacity to add teacher agents to a class by means of the staff focus utilizing the Delegate symbol on the front page. (coming soon)

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Faculty place for Instructors and Roster Contacts Requesting Access Roster Contacts To utilize the workforce focus, Roster Contacts must: Complete this preparation or the online class Request access for the SR Roster Contacts part Access can be asked for from the desert spring landing page at garden Submit composed endorsement of their Chair/Director

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Faculty community for Instructors and Roster Contacts Requesting Access Level 1 and Level 2 Approvers To utilize the staff focus, Level 1 and 2 Approvers must: Complete internet preparing accessible in board Request access for the TBD part Submit composed support of their Chair/

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