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Individual Philosophy of Professional Ethics. The Student will build up a composed individual explanation of their reasoning of morals as a human services proficient. The understudy will verbalize the moral premise on which they make moral judgments and behavior their conduct as a medicinal services proficient. The announcement will incorporate directing standards and qualities that the understudy uses to make basic dec
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Personal Philosophy of Professional Ethics The Student will build up a composed individual proclamation of their theory of morals as a medicinal services proficient. The understudy will explain the moral premise on which they make moral judgments and behavior their conduct as a medicinal services proficient. The announcement will incorporate directing standards and qualities that the understudy uses to settle on basic choices and resolution ethic predicaments. In spite of the fact that quickness and succinctness are excellent, the announcement ought to be no less than one page or more long giving an unmistakable explanation of logic yet maintaining a strategic distance from tedious vagueness.

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Conflicting world perspectives? "I am mindful that nobody… .is unbiased on such candidly charged issues. None of us can endure the thought that our perspective might be founded on a false start and, in this way, our entire life headed in the wrong course." Dr. Armand M. Nicholi Jr.

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Read not to repudiate… but rather weigh and consider. Sir Francis Bacon Seek first see, then to be caught on. Steven Covey

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"A large portion of us make one of two fundamental presumptions: we see the universe as an aftereffect of arbitrary occasions and life in this planet involves chance; Or we accept an Intelligence past the universe who gives the universe request, and life meaning." Dr. Armand M. Nicholi Jr.

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The premise for a way to deal with morals Worldview builds up the establishment that people depend on to frame their way to deal with morals. There are two crucial perspectives from which morals and qualities show in conduct and basic leadership: A conviction that people are made creatures responsible to a maker. A conviction that people developed from the aftereffect of a chance occasion.

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Worldview. "Each individual bases his musings, choices and activities on a perspective." "In light of the fact that perspectives are related to each individual\'s life—the way we think and the way we act—and on the grounds that for all intents and purposes all perspectives guarantee salvation or perfect world, the investigation of perspectives is of basic significance." David Noebel

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"Our perspective advises our own, social, and political lives. It impacts how we see ourselves, how we identify with others, how we conform to misfortune, and what we comprehend our motivation to be." Dr. Armand M. Nicholi Jr.

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"Our perspective decides our qualities, our morals, and our ability for satisfaction. It helps us comprehend where we originate from, our legacy; our identity, our personality; why we exist on this planet, our motivation; what drives us, our inspiration; and where we are going, our fate." Dr. Armand M. Nicholi Jr.

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"Out and out an awesome Civil War of Values furies today all through North America. Two sides with immensely varying and contradictory perspectives are secured an astringent clash that saturates each level of society." James Dobson and Gary Bauer

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The Roots of Two Worldviews. "The profound perspective, established principally in old Israel, with it accentuation on good truth and right direct and its witticism of Thus saith the Lord; ..The realist or "experimental" perspective, established in old Greece, with its accentuation on reason and securing of learning and it saying What Says Nature?" Dr. Armand M. Nicholi Jr.

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"To be more exact, it is a fight between perspectives, On one side is the Christian perspective. On the other is the Humanist perspective isolated into three effortlessly determinable branches: Secular Humanism, Marxism/Leninism, and Cosmic Humanism or the New Age development." David Noebel

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Secular Humanism The Unbelievers Bill of Rights The flexibilities of thought and expression consider as a real part of our most essential and valued rights, and advance both individual welfare and the benefit of all in a popularity based state. Verifiably, notwithstanding, unbelievers, for example, mainstream humanists, nonbelievers, skeptics, realists, and freethinkers have confronted bias, narrow mindedness, and segregation for their sentiments and revelations. In the firm conviction that the rule of Church-State detachment ensures the equivalent privileges of the religious and non-religious, we the Campus Freethought Alliance, on this 12 th Day of July, 1998, therefore exhibit the accompanying Bill of Rights for Unbelievers.

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Unbelievers should have the privilege to: 1.Think unreservedly and self-rulingly, express their perspectives directly, and face off regarding or reprimand any thoughts without apprehension of blame, recrimination, or open exclusion. 2.Be free from separation and abuse in the work environment, business exchanges, and open lodging. 3.Exercise opportunity of inner voice in any circumstance where the same right would be reached out to devotees on religious grounds alone. 4.Hold any open office, as per the established rule that there should be no religious test for such office.

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The Unbelievers Bill of Rights (Con\'t) 5.Abstain from religious promises and vows, including vows of faithfulness, pledges of office, and vows controlled in an official courtroom, until such time as these are secularized or supplanted by non-biased insistences. 6.Empower individuals from their group to perform lawfully restricting functions, for example, marriage. 7.Raise and sustain their kids in a mainstream situation, and not be distraught in reception or authority procedures due to their unbelief. 8.Conduct business and trade on any day of their picking, without impedance from laws or directions perceiving religious days of supplication, rest, or festivity.

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The Unbelievers Bill of Rights (Con\'t) 9.Enjoy opportunity from tax assessment supporting the administration work of ministry, and access to mainstream guiding proportional to that gave by clerics. 10.Declare upright complaint to serving in the military under any condition in which the religious may do as such. 11.Live as nationals of a vote based system free from religious dialect and symbolism in coin, state funded schools and structures, and government reports and business.

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"Mainstream humanists ought to know about another book as of late distributed… .. By Tim Lahaye and David Noebel… The principle proposals of LaHaye and Noebel are, to begin with, that mainstream humanism is a "religion."… . Common humanists ought to be uncertain about this horrible arraignment. Give us a chance to trust that it is not the start of a noteworthy new strike, and that it won\'t be utilized by the Religious Right or their accomplices in the Bush organization and the moderate media to confine not just the rights and opportunity of common humanists yet of all Americans." Another Assault From the Religious Right by Paul Kurtz

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Marxism/Leninism "… law is construct soundly in light of the suppositions that God does not exist and man is a developing creature." "… law conveys the weight of natural advancement, class fighting, and its own particular destruction. The triumph of socialism carries with it the end of all class clashes, the disposal of private property, and heaven on earth." Noebel "capital morals depends on private property, similar to the law in which that morals is sanctioned." Selsam

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"Pretty much as it is difficult to discover everlasting good standards as rules and sayings, it is difficult to discover interminable equity typified in statutes and legitimate codes. Pretty much as a proverb gets to be outdated through evolving conditions, so does a guideline of legitimate right require reinterpretation in each new age, and, in times of expansive social reproduction, complete topple and substitution by another standard meeting new circumstances and necessities." Selsam

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Cosmic Humanism "New Age" Ethics Ethical viewpoint taking into account religious polytheism and philosophical monism. "Through and through freedom is essentially the authorization of the acknowledgment that you are God, an acknowledgment that you are without divine will is making everything available to you." "It [is] impractical to judge another\'s truth." Shirley MacLaine "Independent people can make and create. What\'s more, they can alter their opinions, renouncing values they once held." Gawain

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Cosmic Humanism "New Age" LAW All power dwells inside the individual "we should set up a world framework where global law, courts, and authorization are a reality." Ferencz & Keyes "As each of us associates with our inward otherworldly mindfulness, we discover that the innovative force of the universe is inside us. We likewise discover that we can make our own world and assume liability for doing so." Gawain

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"in the first place was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1: 1 "To cut off Law from its moral sources is to strike a frightful blow at the principle of law." Russell Kirk "The central premise of this present country\'s law was given to Moses on the Mount. The central premise of our Bill of Rights originates from the lessons which we get from Exodus and St. Matthew, from Isaiah and St. Paul. I don\'t think we underline that enough nowadays. In the event that we don\'t have the correct central good foundation, we will at long last end up with a totalitarian government which does not have faith in rights for anyone aside from the state." Harry S. Truman

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HAS 4400 Legal Aspects of Health Care Ethical Principles and Approaches Dr. Burton

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Theories of Moral Obligation Utilitarian and Other Teleological Theories Choosing the option that delivers the best adjust of good over abhorrence for individuals from an ethical reference bunch. Deontological Theories An obligation based hypothesis

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Utilitarianism Three inquiries are left unanswered: Who is to be incorporated into the ethical reference gr

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