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The Society for Reading and Literacy is a non-benefit society joined in the Republic of Singapore. ... 192 Waterloo Street, Skyline Building, #04-04 Singapore 187966 ...
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Perused I Reading Aid and Intervention Course to read Facilitators Workshop for Parents and Volunteers READ I READ I An uncommon task by Society for Reading and Literacy to help battling perusers in our group READi is a group outreach activity by The Society for Reading and Literacy (SRL) that connects with youngsters having perusing challenges from low pay families. The Society for Reading and Literacy is a non-benefit society fused in the Republic of Singapore. READi Course to read Facilitators gives preparing to educators, coaches, guardians, volunteers, social specialists and anybody required with helping youngsters with perusing challenges and are occupied with perusing guideline and intercession. READi Workshop for Parents and Volunteers gives pragmatic procedures and systems to helping battling and postponed perusers. READi Reading Intervention Program for Primary Schools Trained READi facilitators give balanced casual appraisal and para-mediation in grade schools. Working as one with classroom educators and the Learning Support group, READi facilitators lessen perusing disappointment and give enthusiastic backing to understudies . In center are understudies from essential three to six. Discover how this project can help your school Facilitators from the initial two admissions of the READi Course to read Facilitators have found the course content valuable and compelling for intercession. As indicated by early youth teacher Miss Julie Ho who went to the principal consumption , " After finishing the READi Course, I was exceptionally upbeat to be given the chance to utilize what I had learnt to bolster the youngsters [I teach] who required additional assistance in their perusing advancement. My inclusion has not just helped a kid pick up certainty and self regard as her perusing enhanced over a limited ability to focus 6 months, I have likewise increased individual and expert satisfaction from seeing her develop as a peruser. I might want to emphatically support every one of the individuals who are prepared to take an interest in the perusing mediation program in schools, as this project has constructive outcomes on the youngsters\' perusing, as well as the facilitators\' learning too. From my experience, this project has helped me pick up knowledge into the procedure of proficiency learning, and empower me to learn and develop as tutor in perusing. I am certain every one of the individuals who join will profit as I do." Enroll for this course Our Trainers Noel Chia The only board-ensured instructive advisor outside the United States registered with the Association of Educational Therapists situated in Burbank, California, USA. He is likewise an enlisted advising advisor with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Florida, USA, and an enrolled custom curriculum educator with the National Association of Special Education Teachers, USA. As of now, he is in private practice and serves as a Special Needs Consultant to different associations. Audrey Yip Holds a degree in brain research from The Open University and Specialist Diploma in TESOL. She has over 10 years\' experience educating battling perusers. The initiator of the READi venture and READi Chairperson, she is as of now driving a group of facilitators in the READi perusing mediation for elementary schools program. Audrey is a perusing programs advisor to a few associations. Anne Backus Bachelor of Arts cum laude, Connecticut College, New London, CT,Enrichment Advisor K-5, Singapore American School, Rescue Tutor: Real Spelling; Workshop Leader: Differentiation and Gifted Education.

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READ I READ I Reading Aid and Intervention Reading Aid and Intervention Workshop for Parents and Volunteers Course to read Facilitators READ I READ I This exceptionally commonsense course shows techniques for finding perusing troubles and systems for helping kids with perusing issues. Notwithstanding involved classroom learning, it incorporates a pragmatic workshop session on the READi Facilitation Model. Email to be educated of up and coming courses. Perusing Research and Psychological Perspectives in Reading. Evaluation of Children\'s Reading Development. Finding Reading troubles Instructional Approaches for Reading Instruction Strategies and Techniques for Correcting Oral Reading Difficulties Strategies and Teachniques for Correcting Phonic Reading Difficulties The READi Approach to Effective Reading Facilitation\ READi Practical Workshop 10 hour practicum 8-day Course This casual 2-Day Workshop gives a general comprehension of the perusing forms and gives proposals to guardians to spot perusing challenges in kids. It likewise gives a few techniques to supporting kids\' perusing advancement. Themes include: An overview of reading forms Where perusing can fail.  Reading conduct identified with battling perusers. Basic perusing challenges among elementary school youngsters. Informal tools guardians can use to survey a kid\'s perusing level. A few systems and procedures for helping youngsters Practice Session. 2-day workshop For additional data Find out additional about our courses and projects Email or keep in touch with Society for Reading and Literacy 192 Waterloo Street, Skyline Building, #04-04 Singapore 187966

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