Perusing your Responsibility Reports U-PASS AYP AMAO.

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2. Perusing your Accountability Reports U-PASS, AMAO, AYP. August 18
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Perusing your Accountability Reports U-PASS AYP AMAO Judy Park, Assessment & Accountability Director Russell Klein, Results Coordinator Utah State Office of Education August 2006

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Reading your Accountability Reports U-PASS, AMAO, AYP August 18 – Sevier D.O., 180 E 600 N, Richfield August 22 – Granite D.O., 2500 S. State St., Salt Lake August 23 – Weber D.O., 5320 S. Adams Ave. Pkwy, Ogden August 25 – Nebo Learning Center, 570 S. Principle St., Springville

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Utah Performance Assessment System for Students U-PASS Accountability Plan

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U-PASS State Accountability Required by State Law School level report Based on different evaluations Includes participation & graduation rate 2006 – schools without a 12 th grade just 2007 – all schools

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U-PASS Accountability Plan Student Participation on Assessments Status Scores Percentage of understudies capable on the gathering of appraisals and different pointers Progress Scores Longitudinal measure in view of looking at the accomplishment levels of the same understudy starting with one year then onto the next

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Achieved State Level of Performance

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U-PASS Accountability Plan Student Participation 95% Acceptable Status Score 80% Progress Score Low 0 – 189 Medium 190 - 214 High 215 - 400

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Progress Value Table

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Schools will be recognized as: Achieved State Level of Performance Participation is 95% and Total School AND Subgroup Status is worthy (80%) or advancement is medium (190) or high Needs help Participation is under 95% or Total School or Subgroup Status is not satisfactory and advancement is low

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Language Arts (35%) ELA CRT (35%) Or ELA CRT (30%) & DWA 5% Math (35%) Math CRT Science (20%) Science CRT Attendance (10%) Schools without a 12 th grade Status and Progress Score

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U-PASS Accountability Plan Aggregate Subgroup Accountability Every understudy who has a place with a subgroup other than white Individual understudy proficiencies are included and isolated by the quantity of understudies to decide the subgroup capability level Any individual subgroup not meeting capability will show up on the front page of the report

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U-PASS Accountability Plan Subgroup Status Accountability. Permits more noteworthy responsibility. Understudies in a subgroup with under 10 are currently incorporated into the total computation. Understudies are all the more genuinely spoken to. Every understudy just tallies once, paying little heed to the quantity of subgroups in which the understudy qualifies. Expanded unwavering quality. We are assessing a bigger gathering. More understudies and more schools are spoken to. Expanded legitimacy. We don\'t overweight little populaces. This lifts the weight of one subgroup being the sole determinant of unsatisfactory status of the school.

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The 2006 U-PASS Report Web-based report design An expanded measure of data accessible on every school Allows for "drill-down" data

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Must accomplish both criteria Final Result

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Subgroups Needing Assistance

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Status "Drill Down"

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Click on Grade Name for Instant Graph

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Click on Grade Score for Further Drill Down Second Level "Drill Down"

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Third Level "Drill Down" Boxes develop "mouseover"

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Progress "Drill Down" coming in October

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Additional Reports

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U-PASS Additional Information: NRT ACT/SAT AP Concurrent Enrollment School Summary Information Student Summary Information Percent of understudy perusing on evaluation level (reported for evaluations 1-10) Dropout Rate (disaggregated by \'08) Disciplinary Action Course Taking Patterns and Trends

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AYP Reports

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Schools with a 12 th Grade Assessment Drill Downs Additional Information

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AYP School Reports For 2006

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AYP Federal Accountability Required by Federal NCLB Title I Law School, District & State level Reports Based on Language Arts CRT & Math CRT Includes participation & graduation rate

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AYP 2006 Level 1 Three sections: Participation in testing Academic accomplishment School participation/graduation All-or-nothing idea

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1 3 2

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AYP 2006 Level 1 Did the school make AYP? Math versus Dialect Arts? AMO (Annual Measurable Objectives) same as a year ago Consequences just for Title I schools

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4 1 3 2

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Students in AYP & U-PASS School Reports Two vast information accumulations 1) End-of-Year Clearinghouse 2) Core CRT Files These Two Files Need To Match To Be On AYP & U-PASS School Reports! 6 Fields for Matching: District#, School#, Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Gender As of Spring \'06 – SSID!

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Full Academic Year

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Math Core CRTs

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Language Arts Core CRTs

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AYP 2006 Level 1 Questions?

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AYP 2006 Level 2 Status versus Safe Harbor (Improvement) Safe Harbor 10% diminishment in % of understudies not capable

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AYP 2006 Safe Harbor (Improvement) Not Proficient Status

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AYP 2006 Safe Harbor (Improvement) Not Proficient Status

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AYP 2006 Safe Harbor (Improvement) Improvement

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AYP 2006 Safe Harbor (Improvement) Improvement

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AYP 2006 Safe Harbor (Improvement) Good for Improvement Shows Improvement Good for Status Improvement Does not demonstrate change Not Proficient Status

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AYP 2006 Safe Harbor (Improvement) Made AYP Made AYP Shows Improvement Made AYP Does not indicate change Not Proficient Status

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Safe Harbor

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AYP 2006 Level 2 Safe Harbor Additional Indicator is just utilized when Safe Harbor count is required

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AYP 2005 Level 2 Confidence Interval on Status 99% Confidence Interval on Safe Harbor 75% Participation & Additional Indicator N/A

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Confidence Interval Voting – exit surveys

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Confidence Interval on Status

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Confidence Interval on Safe Harbor

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AYP 2006 Level 2 N size – 10 versus 40 Small N = Automatic YES

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AYP 2006 Level 2 N=40 investment, participation, and graduation N=10 scholarly accomplishment

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AYP 2006 Graduation rate – 85.7% One year postponed (have until Sep 1) 05 information from distribution center 04, 03 information from USOE factual documents Quality of information has enhanced 40 approaches to make (or not make) AYP

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Times 10 40 approaches to make (or not make) AYP

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Available on the protected FTP site

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AYP 2006 Level 2 Questions?

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AYP 2006 Level 3 Definition of "safe harbor" Definition of "support" Definition "certainty interims" Definition of "graduation rate" UAA

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AYP 2006 Level 3 Questions?

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AYP 2006 Did your school "make it"? Interest – DID YOU MEET IT? Investment – Is the N estimate under 40? Did they have 95% interest? Did they normal 95% support in the course of the last three (or two) years?

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AYP 2006 Did your school "make it"? Status – Is the subgroup estimate under 10? Status – Is the % sufficiently capable? Status – If the % capable is insufficient – does the certainty interim change it?

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AYP 2006 Did your school "make it"? Safe Harbor – Is there a 10% lessening in understudies not capable? Safe Harbor – Is the % diminishment of understudies not capable inside the certainty interim?

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AYP 2006 Did your school "make it"? Participation/Graduation Rate – Is the subgroup under 40? Participation/Graduation Rate – Did the school meet 93% participation rate or 85.7 graduation rate Attendance/Graduation Rate – has there been an expansion from the earlier year?

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Level Three Clarifications

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AYP 2006 Level 3 Participation Category – Students selected on test date. Support inside tests – Students you\'ve had for the full scholastic year. (subset of "classification" set) Participation – graduate/go to. Is ALL understudies…

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95% Participation

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LEP Subgroup Definition

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Additional Indicator AYP Attendance 93%

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Additional Indicator AYP Graduation Rate 85.7%

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UAA Testing Special Ed Alternate Assessment Grade level is determined in light of birthdate. Center Test Id and grade level will be utilized to figure out which Actual Test ID to relegate an understudy to. LA and grade level will compare to an Actual Language (Reading) class for that understudy. Mama and grade level will compare to a math course. UAA understudies whose birthdate is in 9-twelfth grades will be added to GE0812R Geometry. They are a piece of High School Math AYP! UAA in 7-eighth grade will be added to seventh grade math.

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Out-of-Level Testing Not permitted No for interest No for scholastic accomplishment Math Levels: 6 th – Math 6; 7 th – Math 7; 8 th – Pre-Alg. Anything lower for the evaluations is Out-of-Level and considered Not Proficient.

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District AYP Reports Previous District AYP Report Grades 3 – 8 just

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District AYP Reports 2006 District AYP Report Grades 3 – 8 Grades 10 – 12 Business Rule An LEA will get a report taking into account both 3-eighth and 10-twelfth grade AMO\'s.  A LEA must fizzle at both the 3-8 AND the 10-12 grade levels to come up short AYP.  (Either subject)

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District AYP Reports 2006 District AYP Report Grades

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