Pester and Jeckle and the Minimal Red Auto.

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Pester & Jeckle and the. Minimal Red Car. School Community. Contact ... to associate and examine their youngsters with one another and school work force in ...
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Bug & Jeckle and the Little Red Car School Community Liaison Program Murgon State School Campus

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Early Days Inappropriate understudy conduct Poor understudy participation and maintenance Little contribution of guardians

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Early Days proceeded with Parents not sure or agreeable Staff not quiet reaching guardians Aggression

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Evolution 1990\'s A PLO in the school Non-Indigenous worker

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Evolution con\'t Early 2000s 1 x Indigenous & 1 x non-Indigenous Employed as a Teacher Aides Reactive Part-time Annoyed and baffled instructors

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Since 2004 2 x fulltime PLO positions Developed part explanation Leased Q-Fleet vehicle Designated PLO Room

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Since 2004 Proactive methodology Flexible Solution centered Constructive

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Since 2004 Philosophy We are all here to the greatest advantage of the youngster.

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Since 2004 Responding to guardians in an opportune and minding way. Accessible for guardians and group Transport kids and guardians/carers Critical structures followed up and filled in Responsive

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Since 2004 Time for a cuppa!

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Since 2004 Neighborhood Meetings "It was found that the guardians truly valued the chance to associate and talk about their youngsters with each other and school staff in a sheltered, steady and non judgemental environment"

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What does it look like at this point? New understudies Welcome to unseasoned parents/carers Re-section Mediate amongst home and school

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What does it look like at this point? Interventions 3-way reporting interviews Special occasion coordinators

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What does it look like at this point? Nearby and state consultative gatherings Public Relations Smith Family association

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Who could play out this part? Essential individual characteristics Long term regarded individual from the group Local information and contacts

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Who could play out this part? Sustaining Good communicator Empathic

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Who could play out this part? Solid minded and concentrated Friendly and inviting Accepting

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Who could play out this part? Adaptable Hard working Tough cleaned

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Benefits & Outcomes "Building solid and durable extensions"

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Benefits & Outcomes Increased participation and maintenance of understudies Identifying understudies not at present in the educational system

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Benefits & Outcomes Regular correspondence amongst home and teachers all the more ready and certain to contact guardians

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Benefits & Outcomes Attending the school for gatherings and capacities No guardians objections Parents willing to approach the school

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Benefits & Outcomes Re-passage gatherings Significant lessening in referrals Significant increment in guardian engagement

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Benefits & Outcomes Students effectively occupied with class programs Significant reduction of Admin inclusion in order issues

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On-running difficulties Competing with pokies and bingo Feeling just as you need to address everybody\'s issues and needs

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On-going difficulties day in and day out part Keeping normal

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On-going difficulties STAFF!

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Consciously mindful of social assorted qualities and deliberately regarding and commending distinction.

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