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Petrified Wood. By: Jen Osburn & Hannah Pugh. Some Questions to Answer…. What is petrified wood? How is it formed? Why are there multiple colors? Where can this wood be found? What has petrified wood been used for? What are some interesting properties of petrified wood?
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Petrified Wood By: Jen Osburn & Hannah Pugh

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Some Questions to Answer… What is petrified wood? How is it framed? Why are there various hues? Where can this wood be found? What has petrified wood been utilized for? What are some intriguing properties of petrified wood? Are there any fascinating stories connected with it?

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What is Petrified Wood? A fossil in which the greater part of the natural segments of wood have been supplanted by minerals The first structure of the wood is typically protected Sometimes the individual structure of cells can be recognized Tree rings can be seen on numerous pieces At the infinitesimal level, numerous tissues of the wood can be distinguished

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The Petrification Process STEP 1: Wood gets covered in residue. This as a rule happens because of volcanic ejections, mudslides, or other characteristic fiascos.

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STEP 2: Water rich in minerals courses through the residue. STEP 3: The minerals supplant the wood\'s cells and natural materials with stone through the span of numerous years.

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What is Involved? Conservation of the "wood" can be credited to an absence of oxygen. The vast majority of the minerals required in the process are silicates. The structure of the cells of the wood can be safeguarded so well by that the elements can be seen in detail at an infinitesimal level. The minerals replace the wood\'s lignin and cellulose as they rot.

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Colors Different components in the minerals yield diverse hues in the new fossilized wood. Carbon: Black Cobalt: Green/Blue Chromium: Green/Blue Copper: Green/Blue Iron Oxides: Red , Brown , Yellow Manganese: Pink/Orange Manganese Oxides: Black

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Locations The world is continually changing, a large portion of the land mass at one time was secured in tropical woodlands, so petrified wood can be discovered anyplace.

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The Best Locations… Argentina Canadian Badlands Czech Republic Greece Libya USA Australia India

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What Can It Be Used For? Paper weight anybody?

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Interesting Properties On the Mohs Hardness Scale, petrified wood is evaluated with a 7, the same as quartz. Petrified wood is the state diamond of Washington. Petrified wood for the most part improves a pet shake than general rocks. Petrified wood is the official state fossil of Arizona. Petrified wood can measure a huge number of pounds.

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Folklore Many myths and fables have some specify of the petrification procedure. The tale of Medusa Basilisks Children\'s diversions Various fables

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Can It Be Made in a Lab? A lab in the condition of Washington has effectively made simulated petrified wood.

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