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reasonable training is a piece of ECE and preschool * consideration, instruction and educating ... what is SE in ECE and preschool subject in instructor training? ...
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Current Theories Related to Early Childhood Education and Preschool as Frames of Reference for Sustainable Education PhD Ulla Härkönen Lecturer in Early Childhood Education University of Joensuu Savonlinna Department of Teacher Education 2003

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In Finland: * school starts at seven years old * early youth training implies all instruction under 7 * preschool implies instruction of six-year-olds * reasonable training implies training for economical advancement (Åhlberg 2003) * maintainable instruction is a piece of ECE and preschool * consideration, instruction and educating

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U. Bronfenbrenner\'s worldview Lewin: B= (PE) (Behavior is a joint capacity of individual and environment) Bronfenbrenner: D=f (PE) (Development is a joint capacity of individual and environment) D t = f (t-p) (PE) (t-p) "t" is a sure time; \'t-p\' is an era

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Bronfenbrenner asks: The answer that is the most hard to reach is covered in the letter \'f\'. He asks: What is the procedure that will be made by the individual and the setting?

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L. Vygotsky\'s Theory "The focal issue in Vygotsky\'s hypothetical intuition is in the Development of subjectively novel (\'higher\') mental capacities in the historical backdrop of societies and ontogeny of youngsters during the time spent organisms\'(i.e. society, or youngster) objective coordinated following up on their surroundings" (Valsiner, 1987: 64).

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Vygotsky underlines the social underlying foundations of improvement: 1) social recorded variables 2) cooperation of people social circumstances of advancement environment\'s subjective changes lead to psychic changes (Vygotsky, 1978: 52-57)

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Vygotsky\'s Socio-Cultural Theory * dialect has a most huge significance for the improvement of mental exercises * learning impacts being developed * the zone of proximal improvement (ZPD) * communication, disguise, hereditary law of social improvement: two arrangements (social and mental)

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Didactics is an order, the investigation of showing school instructional method: amongst school and society educating is a procedure of arranging, activity and assessment; values, objectives, substance and strategies Kansanen (1991): "pedagogical speculation is a fundamental expertise behind an instructing of instructors"

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Theories of Learning constructivist hypothesis; information is seen neither total nor objective changing nature of information kids learn in movement, in connection to different people and environment

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Friedrich Fröbel A.S. Neill Johann Pestalozzi John Dewey Rudolf Steiner Maria Montessori Helen Parkhurst Célestin Freinet Vasili Suhomlinski Loris Malaguzzi period :1746-1994 Philosopher-educators

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Categories of history\'s rationalist pedagogues\'texts world standpoint idea of man idea of society idea of information era idea of training primary technique for instruction pragmatic pedagogical procedure

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The content examination has been produced using Finnish course readings of early adolescence training and preschool distributed amid 30 a years ago.

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Study of the books the meanings of \'Early adolescence training\' and "Preschool" have centered the ideas \'Early youth instruction\' and "Preschool" have been broke down the ideas \'Early adolescence training\' and "Preschool" have been displayed

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Three measurements in the definitions the meanings of ECE and preschool have implied 1) hone 2) science 3) subject (in some cases organization) preschool has dependably been a piece of ECE

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Systems hypothesis four measurement model of the idea of early adolescence training. Ex planation: ECE=early adolescence training

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Systems hypothesis four measurement model of the idea of preschool. Clarification: ECE=early youth training

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The ECE educational programs in connection to the frameworks hypothesis four measurement model of the idea of early adolescence instruction. Clarification: ECE=early youth training

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Usefulness of the Systems Definition for ECE and SE this sort of hypothesis is an instructive hypothesis for instructive marvel it is a frameworks hypothesis for frameworks wonder it gives numerous parts of entire ideas it gives likewise the sub-segments, for example, hone: care, training, educating

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The Usefulness of the Systems Definition of ECE for SE can be set in the focal point of the frameworks model and it must be talked about: what is the capacity of SE in ECE and preschool paractice? what is SE as science, identified with ECE science? what is SE in ECE and preschool subject in educator instruction?

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what does SE mean as the substance of supposing in the circle every different measurement? it is conceivable to arrange for how experimental reasearch can be centered around any of particular model-based mixes as indicated by the requirements rising up out of the issues of SE life connection: authentic, social, group and individual measurements objectives must be made for SE, we should realize what is worth of yearn for

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The outcome which has been made and which must be further created: Systems Theory of Early Childhood Education

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