Picking a Web crawler.

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Distinctive standard of pertinence than Web Search. Notoriety is a key component in Web Search ... Is an Enterprise internet searcher that is required to perform like a web index ...
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Picking a Search Engine Bob Keating Search Program Manager April 27, 2005

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Search Engine Types Enterprise Search - s earches content inside an association Application Service Providers Search Appliances Web Search – seeks electronic substance Free and Low-Cost Options Syndicated Indexes

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Enterprise Search Examples: Convera, Verity, InQuira Assumes clients are inside the undertaking Search is regularly a coordinated component Tools for sorting out data that is not put away on Web pages Different standard of importance than Web Search Popularity is a key variable in Web Search Keyword coordinating and semantic examination are key elements in Enterprise Search Enterprise is metadata subordinate, Web look disregards most meta labels

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Enterprise Search Pros Tools for arranging venture data Good arrangement on the off chance that you have needs past webpage seek Cons Made require a considerable measure of publication changes if utilized as website quest for residents Expensive webpage seek arrangement

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Search ASP Examples: Atomz, Mondosoft, Innerprise, Crawls a site, has the list and web crawler Managed, on-interest benefit Nothing to download, introduce or keep up Customization of list items pages Control over indexing recurrence and extension Services for the most part constrained to little locales

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Search Appliances All-in-one, fitting and-play equipment and programming seek arrangement Control over indexing and organization Becoming progressively reasonable E.g. $3,000 to record up to 100K reports Examples: Google and Thunderstone Good, vigorous answer for offices of all sizes who would prefer not to invest energy in pursuit

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Free/Low-Cost Web Search Examples: Free forms of Google and MSN Cut and glue look box Your webpage or the entire web Very restricted customization No influence over indexing Not a fitting answer for government organizations

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Syndicated Web Search Model utilized by significant web entrances: AOL, A9, and so forth. Results return XML document because of a HTTP GET Requires organization to supply front-end presentation layer Little control over slithering, indexing and importance Cost per inquiry or site hit Inexpensive, yet can be exorbitant on the off chance that you don\'t have a manufactured front-end

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What about FirstGov Search? As of now FirstGov Search… . Is an Enterprise web crawler that is relied upon to perform like a Web internet searcher Was pitched as an ASP by means of its partner program, yet is just fit for working like a free web query output: loads of despondent individuals

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Lessons Learned FirstGov Search copies work in the private area Designed to work in a way practically identical to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and so forth. FirstGov is endeavoring to give comparative administrations essentially less specialized assets and staff Search innovation is venture, not Web-construct Relevancy and quality not in light of standard with business administrations Because FirstGov does not creep the whole Web, it can\'t decide join prominence Unable to give separating administrations that make FirstGov Search particularly helpful to nationals

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The Immediate Solution Step 1: Improve Search Functionality Implement standard pursuit best practices Perform pattern ease of use tests May 12, 2005 - dispatch new inquiry components and configuration Step 2: Agency Outreach Clear up misguided judgments Understand seek necessities, desires Plan for future administrations to offices

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New Search Model Follow demonstrated Syndicated Web Search model sent at the most well known purchaser entrances (AOL, A9, and so forth.) "Subscribe" to broad record delivered by a noteworthy business internet searcher maker Expanded hunt offerings Citizen access to more than 100 million govt website pages from elected, state and nearby governments Also incorporate pictures and news Vendor has hunt front-end down rendering and distributed web crawler results pages in FirstGov look and feel (straightforward to native)

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Benefits Eliminates expenses and unpredictability of running our own particular hunt framework Cost reserve funds connected to furnishing residents with extended scope, assets and usefulness that makes it less demanding to discover government data Expand momentum offerings more than 10 fold Add complete Image and News seek Allow look group to create separating front-end highlights that increase the value of the center list (e.g, spotlight content, vertical inquiries, alternate ways, and so forth.)

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New Affiliate Program 1. Acquisition Guidance Provide contract vehicle for pursuit Agencies may gain look from FirstGov merchant custom-made to their necessities Allows organizations to effectively get a tweaked arrangement Search Team offers offices help with finding an ideal inquiry arrangement

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New Affiliate Program 2. Highlight Syndication Value-included components worked for FirstGov (e.g. "best wagers") will be accessible for nothing to organizations 3. Outreach Share best practices and industry information Build people group of enthusiasm around Search Provide proficient direction to government offices

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Contact Info Susan Fariss, Search Analyst Susan.Fariss@gsa.gov 202-219-1437 Bob Keating, Program Manager Robert.Keating@gsa.gov 202-208-1047

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