Picture Gathering Work process and Apparatuses.

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Picture Gathering Work process and Devices. a specialized outline. Michael Durbin 2010 Chestnut Pack Presentation Arrangement April 21, 2010. Presentation and Outline. Ventures to finish a gathering for production Beginning from an arrangement of digitized pictures and metadata model
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Picture Collection Workflow and Tools a specialized review Michael Durbin 2010 Brown Bag Presentation Series April 21, 2010

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Introduction and Overview Steps to finish an accumulation for production Starting from an arrangement of digitized pictures and metadata model Ending with an open confronting application for clients to get to the materials Tools and Applications

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Starting Point: Images and Metadata Plan Sources New digitization exertion Migration of existing accumulations Combination: Migration combined with new digitization Other

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Examples US Steel old site/new site * Liberian Collections Photographs inventoriing access Digital Library of the Commons: Images new site Hohenberger old site/new site */classifying access

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Workflow and Tools

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Workflow & Tools: Overview Ingest items – Ingest Tool Index objects – Fedora Index Service handled pursuit, scan, features, positioning, sort… Cataloging interface - PhotoCat design fields, controlled vocabulary association Discovery and access interface arrange fields, look conduct, scanning, aspects, controlled vocabulary connection

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Workflow: Ingest Physical Object Digital Files Repository Object iudl:5081 DC METADATA (METS) MODS MIX THUMB SCREEN LARGE SCALABLE RELS-EXT Hoh009.000.0089.tif Hoh009.000.0089-mods.xml Hoh009.000.0089-mix.xml

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Tools: Ingest Tool History Started improvement in 2006 Rewritten/Adapted a few times Functionality Transform any current clear metadata Generate specialized metadata from picture documents Reconcile with existing articles in storehouse Create/Update objects in vault Configuration Specify item sort, record areas, and so on

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Workflow: Indexing and Searching

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Tools: Fedora Index Service and SRU Server History Born out of Fedora GSearch and OCLC SRW administration around 2006 Has been amplified and enhanced for almost every gathering Architecture Receives messages from the archive Maintains lists Exposes hunts utilizing SRU fedora-list administration Lucene Search Index SRU/SRW

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Tools: Fedora Index Service and SRU Server Configuration Fedora Index Service XSLT to change metadata into name worth sets Configuration for field examination SRU Service List of properties portraying fields to uncover Field and question investigation

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Workflow: Cataloging Interface

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Tools: PhotoCat History Developed to meet a developing need beginning around 2007 Functionality completely configurable metadata demonstrate completely configurable field showcase heaps of unique reason upgrades Configuration Field showcase Field cooperation Field approval Field stockpiling Search conduct

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Workflow: Discovery Application

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Workflow: Discovery and Access Interface History Born from code composed for the Slocum accumulation around 2006 Incorporated improvements required for IN Harmony Functionality Search Browse Facets Filters Date bolster CV inquiry upgrades JQA inquiry investigation

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Workflow: Discovery and Access Interface Configuration Search fields Browse fields Facet fields Thesaurus communication Search results fields Full record fields Look and Feel

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Workflow: Access Interface Branding Colors/Fonts/Icons Conform to IU visual personality rules Conform to accumulation manager’s vision for the gathering Tools CSS STRUTS Photo Render

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Tools: photorender Uses SRU seek and the store as the hotspot for picture information Has a few pre-arranged format examples Supports client control of the perspective Written in Java utilizing the Java3D library

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Example: Hohenberger Photographs Set up Indexer/SRU Set up Photocat Customize inquiry and skim application

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Workflow Summary Great and flexible instrument set Adaptable Powerful Useful Tedious to design and send

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Improvements: Configuration solidification Overlap between setup records

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Configuration union (cont.)

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Example: Digital Library of the Commons Step one: Fill out spreadsheet Step two: produce setups Step three: make any customizations Step four: inventory and peruse

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Improvements: Future Plans Goals Be ready to raise new accumulations without: A product engineer/developer Waiting for a planned upkeep window Improvements Needed Live/Hot design overhauls Configuration interface Bounds for configurability Development Strategy Incremental enhancements Add usefulness to layout as required Generalize with each change

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