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Pleasantry. R/E/A/D/I/N/G 52=C in a D (perusing between the lines)(cards ... Separate the issue and every conceivable arrangement. Ties into inventive considering. Basic ...
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Pleasantry R/E/A/D/I/N/G 52=C in a D OHOLENE 4=Q in a D 26=L of the A

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WORDPLAY R/E/A/D/I/N/G 52=C in a D (perusing between the lines)(cards in a deck) OHOLENE (a gap in one) 4=Q in a D (four quarters in a dollar 26=L of the A (26 letters in the letters in order

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How would we think/grasp Levels of learning Terms (261)

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CREATIVE THINKING Creating thoughts to take care of issues Skill Process mentality Improve your creative energy Think in all bearings Suspend judgment Keep it up

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ANALYTICAL THINKING Break down the issue and every conceivable arrangement Ties into imaginative considering

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CRITICAL THINKING Use particular devices to settle on choices Read basically Fallacies (botch in thinking) Page 267

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STANDARD AGENDA THEORY Identify the issue inquiry of certainty inquiry of qualities inquiry of approach everybody must see there is an issue

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STANDARD AGENDA (cont.) Analyze issue truths how genuine aims stop talk time use basic speculation questions

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STANDARD AGENDA (cont.) Solution rule limits (rules) Develop conceivable arrangements conceptualizing

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STANDARD AGENDA (cont.) Evaluate arrangements time advantage to the dominant part Implement arrangement

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