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Application Speaking and Listening. Draft MaterialsSuggestions for record keepingDVD Teaching Speaking and Listening Phase 1 2007 and Phase 2 Autumn 2008Phase 2 is e
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Points: To pick up upgraded data about APP talking and listening To pick up a review of essential APP pilot in Lancashire and how the methodology is being reached out to every single grade school To consider how control will be sorted out in offices To consider models of good practice in appreciation of the new educational programs/structure and APP

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APP Speaking and Listening Draft Materials Suggestions for record keeping DVD Teaching Speaking and Listening Phase 1 2007 and Phase 2 Autumn 2008 Phase 2 is e – based self preparing materials with spotlight on New Curriculum/Framework and Functional Skills Phase 1 DVD accessible on www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/site/sl/index.htm

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Assessing Pupil Progress (APP) Update from Primary Pilot

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APP pilot Primary APP has been trialed in different powers 9 schools in East Lancs required in the pilot Model for pilot included headteachers, APP school pioneers, Literacy subject pioneers and chose KS2 class educators

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Feedback - positives Schools enjoyed the materials and invited steady approach supporting move Schools felt materials make age related desires and weighting of appraisal concentrates clear SMT are picking up bits of knowledge into the APP evaluation process and feel that time put resources into the balance procedure is beneficial The Renewed Framework underpins APP proof social affair eg perusing proof.

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Feedback - positives Teachers who have utilized Lancs composing level descriptors appear to discover the way toward proceeding onward to APP materials less demanding. Some pilot schools are effectively fitting their execution of APP to the school\'s territories for advancement eg focussing on perusing/composing. Some pilot schools are as of now propelling APP crosswise over entire school HT/SMT contribution is significant

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Feedback - issues Schools might want the materials reached out to all levels Providing adequate confirmation to bolster levels in perusing was now and then at first an issue. In any case, it got to be obvious that schools utilizing units from Renewed Framework had more confirmation for perusing AFs than they had initially thought. Clarity about autonomous and scaffolded work was vital

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Collecting proof perusing

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Collecting proof written work

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Feedback - issues Time component – interest in preparing instructors and in the control procedure. Continuous presentation/staging in of APP   Some announcements on rule sheets hard to comprehend/instructor subject learning issues. Contribution of HT/SMT vital

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Next strides for Primaries: APP as of now being amplified the Hub schools All essential educators to get some preparation one year from now Transition work with Secondary and primaries in the Wyre range being readied and trialed summer 2009 How might you consider APP to be a piece of transitional strategy?

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APP Moderation There should be a scope of proof that empowers educator judgment/appraisal to occur effectively. There should be an understanding that the discretionary errands are not the most ideal approach as the sole appraisal. The discretionary undertakings ought to be utilized as a major aspect of an end of unit appraisal to affirm educator judgment, or to be utilized with students for whom there is an absence of data (i.e. summative appraisal utilized if necessary). It should be strengthened that the continuous work is to be utilized as the real evaluation vehicle.

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APP Moderation Teams need to guarantee that leveling is not an outline judgment but rather to survey particularly, distinguishing where the AF is to be discovered expressly in the specimens. Undertakings must match the AF they are planned to target. There should be a scope of proof that embodies all the AFs however that individual undertakings need a smaller center or a more set number of AFs. Educators should be particular and exact about coordinating assignments with the AFs to be evaluated. Make a portfolio in your bureau of a scope of errands that have functioned admirably to address specific AFs.

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APP Moderation In portfolios, there is a need to weed out weaker pieces that simply exhibit again an AF officially showed somewhere else, however that does as such at a lower level. So indicate full range for e.g. level 6 and forget additional items for level 5. Supportive to have a commented on A3 or marginal matrix at the front of the portfolio. The reach ought excluded excessively numerous things but rather similarly, not very few to secure judgements

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APP Moderation How does control occur in your specialization? Undertaking Please visit www.lancsngfl.ac.uk and take a gander at the New Curriculum work from 7 schools and how each has connected APP to their way to deal with the new educational modules

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Action Plan and Evaluation Portfolio of composed work for level 4/5 fringe that you think covers all the AFs for composing. Give the instructor general level judgment and the office general level judgment. You should finish and append the level 4/5 APP lattice, Record of Moderation structure and the Review of proof structure with the portfolio 20 th October Garstang 21 st October Woodlands 22 nd October Clayton Park

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