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Topics. commercial for project topics www.iseesoft.com (Dr. Han) Dr. Carter’s additional topics survey from first class schedule: upcoming due dates professional biography comments html template: submit via email by Friday arrangements for interdisciplinary projects:
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Themes business for venture points www.iseesoft.com (Dr. Han) Dr. Carter\'s extra subjects review from top of the line plan: up and coming due dates proficient life story remarks html layout: submit by means of email by Friday courses of action for interdisciplinary undertakings: if going to another class: give extend depiction, your part, end of quarter documentation

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Internet Multiplayer Game

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Survey Interpretation above normal significance/above normal aptitude d: multi-disciplinary groups e: recognize, figure, take care of building issues f: demonstrable skill, morals k: procedures/devices of designing practice above normal significance/underneath normal expertise c: outline framework, segment, or process g: viable correspondence beneath normal significance/above normal ability an: apply information of math/building abilities i: long lasting learning underneath normal significance/beneath normal aptitude b: lead tests/examine information h: wide training (societal setting) j: contemporary issues

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Revised Schedule up and coming assignments due ** Friday 10/8: email karen.davis@uc.edu electronic bio: utilize my html format ** by Monday 10/11: email groups shaped/changed after 10/4 Friday 10/15: printed version of marked group contract Monday 10/18: extend portrayal from each group in required organization; incorporates name of personnel counsel

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Comments on Bios same mistakes non-specialized abilities; irregularities; exclusions overwhelming utilization of language "joined GSFX57 into LPQT with J89-907 convention" versus "analyzed and determined PC equipment mistakes … " in addition to some new ones utilization of alarm quotes, e.g., "best practices" frail or negative wording, e.g., "upheld, in a restricted part, … " or "took care of random undertakings" settle BB: chalkboard email unique in relation to bio

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Professional Biography html Template supplant lowercase content with your own data; email 10/8 <P><B>skills/skill areas</B></P> <UL> <LI>skill 1<P> <LI>skill 2<P> <LI>etc.<P> </UL> <P><B>areas of interest</B></P> <UL> <LI>area 1<P> <LI>area 2<P> <LI>etc.<P> </UL> <P><B>type of venture sought</B></P> <UL> <LI>type 1<P> <LI>type 2<P> <LI>etc.<P> </UL> </TD> </TR> </TABLE></CENTER> </BODY> </HTML> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>your name</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" LINK="#800080" VLINK="#000080" TEXT="#000000"> <CENTER><TABLE WIDTH=550> <TR> <TD ALIGN=LEFT> <P><FONT SIZE=+1><B>your name</B></FONT></P> </TD> <TD ALIGN=RIGHT> <P><FONT SIZE=+1>your favored email address</FONT></P> </TD> </TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <P><BR></P> <CENTER><TABLE WIDTH=550> <TR> <TD> <P><B>co-operation or other experience and responsibilities</B></P> <UL> <LI>(most late first) your title, association (# quarters): work exercises/obligations/accomplishments<P> <LI>your title, association (# quarters): work exercises/duties/accomplishments<P> <LI>etc.<P> </UL>

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Upcoming Assignment Details extend portrayal (10/18) gift html format posted (www.ececs.uc.edu/~kcd/courses/seniors2005) illustrations online from earlier years (~seniors) singular self-appraisal (10/20) one section (each) about how your educational programs community encounter have set you up to embrace your senior outline venture be particular! specify specialized and non-specialized aptitudes and how gained 6 sentence least for each passage

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System Requirements scope extend point of view venture capacities client attributes particular necessities definitions, acronyms and shortened forms references (due 10/25 ; there will be a freebee one week from now)

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Team Notebook group scratch pad record week after week group gatherings and other significant venture documentation gatherings: record date, begin/end times, area, individuals exhibit, issues talked about, conceivable resolutions, and activity things activity things: what, who is capable, by when? suggested: electronic duplicate if conceivable grabbed 11/3 and 12/1

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Team Contract preparatory thoughts in class today utilize notes from last class to guide supposing last form due Friday 10/15 submit printed version marked by all colleagues keep a duplicate in group scratch pad

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A group has a center works usefully concedes to destinations has procedures has responsibility can praise triumphs has parts/duties has authority has a mascot Bad groups may experience the ill effects of irreconcilable situations and conviction; battling time clashes failure to meet due dates miscommunication (or absence of correspondence) absence of reliability farfetched desires absence of initiative absence of inspiration absence of center good-for-nothings; lethargic colleagues; uneven commitment close-mindedness know-it-alls absence of insight; unequal information managing spontaneous changes not finishing singular obligations lopsided workload indistinct objectives disorder and lethargy Notes on Teams

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Team Contract Contents singular obligations or desires what ought to every individual accomplish for the group? what ought to every individual do to guarantee that the group succeeds? group obligations or desires what does the group do to guarantee that it capacities well? what does the group accomplish for every individual part? punishments for infractions raising? occurrence particular? ought to be sensible and enforceable by group no less than 5 things for every zone above

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Teams starting 11/6/04 Altherr Mecklem Neal Rocklin Bair Melchers Nemeth Setter Breyfogle Maslin Cappel Collette Day Cirone Michalske Schneider Yoxthimer Climer Long Gaylor Gilliland Crummey + aviation students DeVilbiss Voellmecke Dowling Gau Hadlock Merrill Fajardo Hemani Lipps Hathaway Kesler Hausfeld Holian Nerti Schlesinger Higgins Mishler Weinman Kaeppner Lang Kortchaguine Krech Martini Springs

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EEs Au Basil Doshi Ganapathy Khera Kluesener Kusak Lanham McAlister Nevels Nguyen Shahrestani CompEs Adejumobi Alqadah Banzhaf Gaudio Horowitz Morris Rabek Seich Vega Unteamed Students

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Inclass Exercise with your group or gathering, pick 5 things from terrible group encounter list recognize what an individual and the group could do to evade or address every thing distinguish 5 infractions and punishments for them

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