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Obligation Management. Tips For Money Management. Association. Documents. Individual ... Obligation Management. Mastercards. Think about interest rates - Consolidate cards that have high ...
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Themes Tips for Money Management Budgeting Cost-Cutting Tips Debt Management

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Tips For Money Management

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Organization Files Personal Goals Plan for Extras Put aside for Christmas or Holidays

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Important Documents Social Security Card (with right name) Marriage Certificate Birth Certificate Children\'s Birth Certificate Will Power of Attorney?

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Comparison Shop! Arrange "would we be able to improve?" -Furniture -Car purchasing -Jewelry Day Care Counseling Services Health Services

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Budgeting Fixed Expenses Variable Expenses Savings -Do not avoid this! - $5 a week X 52 weeks=$260 spared! - $20 a week X 52 weeks=$1040 spared! Salary Bills-you can move around your due date

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Cost-Cutting Tips

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Maintenance and Upkeep Transportation Dollars Tire upkeep - Pressure kept up - Wheels adjusted - Rotate your tires!

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Maintenance and Upkeep Transportation Dollars Oil changes Check your belts Tune ups Use the auto with better gas mileage Gasoline -$.03 X 12 gallons=$.36 -$.36 X 52 weeks= $18.72 reserve funds

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Maintenance and Upkeep Transportation Dollars Check Consumer Reports -gas mileage -support rating -security appraisals

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Shopping Cut Coupons Buy less costly brands Medication -ask a drug specialist and purchase nonexclusive brands -customary Sudafed $6.00, non specific $3.00

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Maintenance and Upkeep Home Turn down the warmth or air when not at home. Purchase machines with vitality sparing appraisals Seal flawed windows and entryways Fix defective fixtures Check the outside vent on your dryer

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General Cost-Cutting Review your link administration Review your telephone utility -are PDAs less expensive -telephone cards

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General Cost-Cutting Coffee -$1.50 a day (5 day week\'s worth of work) X 52 weeks=$390 (would you be able to top off at home) -$3.50 a day (5 day week\'s worth of work) X 52 weeks=$910 Eating out for nourishment -$4.00 X 3 days=$12 X 52 weeks=$624 a year

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Debt Management

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Credit Cards Compare loan fees -Consolidate cards that have high rates Check your FICO assessment! Is your base installment lower than your fund charge? To what extent is the special rate for and what is the rate a short time later?

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Loans Compare financing costs When you ensure it goes to your central! Equalization checks Can you stand to make an additional installment now? Early pay-offs

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