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In the range of Slovakia, then an a portion of Hungaria, is as the start of sorted out ... The main enumeration including all occupants was acknowledged in Slovakia in years 1778 1785. ...
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Populace AND HOUSING CENSUSES IN SLOVAKIA ON THE WEBSITE Miroslav Hu d ec Pavol Büchler INFOSTAT – Bratislava MSIS Geneva 8.- 10.5.2007

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Introduction Brief history of Censuses in Slovakia About censuses on the site Censuses from years 1980 to 2001 Censuses from years 1921 to 1970 Conclusions and future enhancements

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Brief history of censuses Population censuses have a place with the most established measurable activities in the mankind\'s history. The push to locate the quantity of tenants of a zone is as old as every single propelled civilisation seem to be. The principal old censuses were acknowledged for the most part for the military and duty purposes. In Middle Age and in first hundreds of years of present day times certain enrollment activities were performed in Europe. Pretty much customary censuses including the entire populace were acknowledged in Europe just from the half of eighteenth century. Things like, organic, social and monetary qualities were bit by bit added to reviews.

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Censuses in Slovakia In the territory of Slovakia, then a some portion of Hungaria, is as the start of sorted out measurable overviews considered the year 1715. In this year was understood the enlistment of populace planned to family heads of gatherings whose were the subject to tax assessment. The main registration including all occupants was acknowledged in Slovakia in years 1778 – 1785. The checked things included name, age, conjugal status, class rank, work of enrolled people and information concerning the populace relocation. In 1847 was in Hungaria set up the Statistical Office with a normal administration and from this year censuses were performed in ca 10 year time frames. From 1869 were censuses acknowledged by standards characterized by global factual congresses. As ahead of schedule as 1890 the information were handled likewise by Hollerith punch card machines.

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Censuses on the site The point of this task was to improve the learning of residential and remote general group of onlookers and experts about present day populace and lodging censuses acknowledged in the region of Slovakia. The undertaking group were examined censuses from years 1921 to 2001. The arrangement offers: point by point comes about and other related essential data (enactment, verifiable connection, surveys, handling advances, maps...) bound together availability and fathomability by exhibiting information and other applicable records in one spot and in the brought together frame, examination chose markers in their authentic setting (the site contains time arrangement, some of which begin in 1848), open versatile arrangement permitting inconvenience free development later on.

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Censuses from years 1980 to 2001 The information from these censuses, which were at that point in the evaluation time PC prepared, were accessible in computerized structure as Oracle databases. The information from 1980 and 1991 years were initially put away as content records and changed over to Oracle inside the casing of another venture in year 2004. In any case, the information from these censuses were in various organizations and put away in independent databases. As the initial phase in the undertaking acknowledgment the production of the three - dimensional information structure (time, region and pointer), the change to the bound together information position and the capacity of information into this database was figured it out. This arrangement permits the basic recovery of put away information and their utilization in the presentation structure. Metadata for pursuit and route are interconnected with engaging metadata to permit simple route crosswise over regional unit structure and table layouts.

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Censuses from years 1980 to 2001

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Censuses from years 1921 to 1970 The information sources from these censuses were accessible in paper shape as it were. From the 1970 enumeration, which was the principal statistics where information were PC prepared, electronic content documents exist, however they are inadequate, so the undertaking group needed to work with paper information sources. Chosen tables from paper records found in documents, were changed over into electronic structure lastly changed into HTML position. Not at all like the tables of results from the years 1981 – 2001, which are made from database records and table formats as indicated by the client\'s solicitation powerfully, the tables of results from the 1921 - 1970 censuses are static HTML documents.

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Censuses from years 1921 to 1970

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Conclusions and future upgrades The site is acknowledged as a conservative element; all site pages (aside from some topical maps) are displayed in one window. The creators gave careful consideration to the ease of use of the framework, so that the route accross the website pages would be fathomable and proficient from the client\'s perspective. The application was set up with the point of view of its future improvement by aftereffects of the following evaluation got ready for the year 2011.

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Conclusions and future upgrades Future changes: to extend the measure of displayed information to the region level (1980-2001) , to grow the measure of time arrangement, to change over information from more established censuses into comparable structure as the last censuses and present them in element route, to include a web search tool working over the site, to improve the English form of presentation as some data is accessible just in Slovak dialect, to coordinate with analysts and students of history to present information from censuses more seasoned than 1921 statistics. The location of the Website is http://sodb.infostat.sk/sodb/index.htm

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