Portable Modular Command Center M2C2: The Next Level in Military Communications .

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Versatile Secluded War room (M2C2): The Following Level in Military Correspondences. Daniella Manansala CfAO Akimeka, LLC. July 22, 2005. Review. Foundation M2C2 Presentation Essential Mission Target 1: Highlights Target 2: Crevice Examination Target 3: Proposition . Foundation.
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Versatile Modular Command Center (M2C2): The Next Level in Military Communications Daniella Manansala CfAO Akimeka, LLC. July 22, 2005

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Overview Background M2C2 Introduction Primary Mission Objective 1: Features Objective 2: Gap Analysis Objective 3: Proposal

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Background U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Experimentation Center cooperating with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Leverage off existing correspondence foundation Joint Early Entry Package (JEEP) & M2C2 offer help

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M2C2 Introduction First step: Creating Architecture Comprehensive and refined preparing program Only as significant as the capacities of the Marines working it Maximizing the aptitudes of the Marines, augment the general force of the vehicle

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Artist Rendering

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Primary Mission Augment & bolster existing US Marine preparing programs w/Advanced Training Technologies Program (ATTP) Complete & legitimate preparing Any time Any place In any circumstance ATTP will: Go with the Marines When the Marines go On the Marines plan

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Objective One: Features 1/2 Facilitate the stream of: Text and video symbolism information Battlefield sensor information Control an assortment of: High Frequency (HF) Very High Frequency (VHF) Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) radios Digital Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) organize

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Features 2/2 Carry all types of: Voice Text Video and Internet parcel information GPS utilized for positional information input Located in the back of a High Mobility Multi-reason Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)

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Functional Demonstrator

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Objective 2: Gap Analysis 1/6 Located & recognized Marine Training Protocol Individual Training Standards (ITS) Researched Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) Manual of obligations and errands for: Field Radio Operator Information Systems Specialist Tactical Network Specialist

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Gap Analysis 2/6 Main MOS position: Field Radio Operator Currently preparing isn\'t 100% adequate for the M2C2 Training covers just some radio set gear situated in the M2C2 or not under any condition

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Gap Analysis 4/6 Field Radio Operators aren\'t acquainted with Cisco hardware and systems administration Unfamiliar programming: Network setup programming (e.g. HyperTerminal) Solution changing/redesigning preparing to meet Marines & M2C2 guidelines

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Objective 3: Proposal (1/2) Research all strategies being utilized to prepare regular citizens & troopers Deciding upon the best strategy for preparing Marines Advantages and Disadvantages Statistics Cost versus Comes about

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Objective 3: Proposal (2/2) Features/Capabilities Office of Naval Research (ONR) Gap Analysis Proposal Analysis of Training Technologies

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Acknowledgments Center for Adaptive Optics Malika Moutawakkil Bell Lisa Hunter Liz Espinoza Maui Economic Development Board Isla Yap Akimeka, LLC. Ryan Harris Amanda Hernandez Jeff Gaylord Kieth Molina Funding gave through the Center to Adaptive Optics, a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center (STC), AST-9876783

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