Portsmouth College 18/06/09.

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Portsmouth College 18/06/09 Opportunities in the Indian Country Security Market Review Country Security Spend Yearly development + 16% $9.7 billion to 2016 Naval force and Drift Monitor: $4.5 bn Oceanic security: $1.0 bn Airplane terminal security: $3.2 bn
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Portsmouth University 18/06/09 Opportunities in the Indian Homeland Security Market

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Overview Homeland Security Spend Annual development + 16% $9.7 billion to 2016 Navy & Coast Guard: $4.5 bn Maritime security: $1.0 bn Airport security: $3.2 bn Sea Port security: $0.5 bn Special occasions; $0.5 bn (Commonwealth Games)

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8 Major Threat Domains Border Airport Critical Infrastructure First Responder C3i Mass Transit Maritime Seaport Large Event

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Government Procurement Structure MHA – Ministry of Home Affairs Centralized obligation regarding support of Internal Security Protection against dangers: militancy, insurrection, catastrophe reaction 28 lapsed areas with free administration States obligation regarding open request & police and control spending plans

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Key Agencies inside MHA Divisions Internal Security BSF – Border Management Naxal Division Police Modernization Division NIA – National Investigative Agency NSG – National Security Guard CISF – Central Industrial Security Force (Protection of Vital Economic Infrastructure) CRPF – Central Reserve Police Force

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Core Funding Programs Police Modernization & Augmentation – Central Paramilitary Forces ( CPMF) Interceptor Boats for Coastal Security Modernization of Police Forces (MPF) Desert Policing – Gujarat, Rajasthan Border Management – Implementation of Coastal Security Scheme and Integrated Check Posts (ICP’s) Airports – AAI: improvement of key air terminals foundation and APIS – Phase 1 CIAT – Counter Intelligence + Anti terrorism preparing

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Partnerships & FDI Program Cost powerful innovation & Partnerships with neighborhood organizations are the Keys to Success FDI – Foreign Direct Investment; dynamic consolation of private segment to expert effectively connect with outside organizations to accomplice Indian organizations in JV’s innovation exchanges and assembling Fast track obtainment post 26/11 “Reduce pointless methodology, container necks, formality to streamline process” – Mr AK Antony, Minister of Defense Priorities: C4ISR, IED discovery & transfer, warm imaging, access control & biometrics, X-beam frameworks, CBRNE

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Challenges Slow Procurement Trends Prevalent reliance on labor concentrated measures Effective & dependable nearby associations Emphasis on cr

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