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POSC 100 Study Guide Ricardo Salas Section 4 Task 27 [Notice] Dear understudies: The odd-numbered inquiries are responded in due order regarding you. The responses to the even-numbered inquiries are the aftereffect of your readings. This is to guarantee that you are understanding the material. Good fortunes!
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POSC 100 Study Guide Ricardo Salas Part 4 Assignment 27

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[Notice] Dear understudies: The odd-numbered inquiries are responded in due order regarding you. The responses to the even-numbered inquiries are the aftereffect of your readings. This is to guarantee that you are understanding the material. Good fortunes!

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Assignment 27

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Welfare & Educational Policy T or F Questions (5) Multiple Choice inquiries (17) Fill-in Questions (1)

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True or False Questions

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True or False 1/5 Welfare was customarily an obligation of the central government not the states but rather has developed into a joint undertaking between the government and the states.

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Answer 1/5 False

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True or False 2/5 Poverty among African Americans and Hispanics is twice as likely contrasted with whites.

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Answer 2/5

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True or False 3/5 The United States has the most reduced rate of individuals living in neediness among the industrialized countries.

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Answer 3/5 False

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True or False 4/4 According to Patterson, the greater part of the poor in the U.S. are in this circumstance as consequence of decision as opposed to situation.

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Answer 4/5

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True or False 5/5 Most states require both representatives and executives to pay assesses that reserve unemployment advantages.

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Answer 5/5 False

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Multiple Choice Questions The accompanying inquiries are different decisions. Select the most proper answer.

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1/17 An overarching guideline, “equality of opportunity,” is best reflected in the accompanying zone: a) the military b) government funded training c) medicinal services d) natural assurance.

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Answer 1/17 b

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2/17 The legislature characterized neediness in 2007 for a group of 4 with a yearly wage not as much as: a) $15,000 b) $18,000 c) $20,000 d) $23,000

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Answer 2/17

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3/17 About what number of individuals live in destitution in the United States? a) 20 million b) 26 million c) 31 million d) 35 million.

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Answer 3/17 d

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4/17 Charles Murray in "Losing Ground," contended that individuals from the underclass: an) are just casualties of the free venture framework b) the market\'s aftereffect that has both positive and negative circumstances that outcomes in altered unemployment c) are changeless and like to live on welfare d) need government help to allay the hardships of destitution.

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Answer 4/17

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5/17 The U.S. Authority of the Census evaluates that Americans that what per penny of full-time specialists don\'t win enough to lift their family over the neediness line? a) 5 % b) 10% c) 15% d) 18%.

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Answer 5/17 b

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6/17 Prior to the central government expecting some part in social welfare approach, the states were given this obligation taking into account the accompanying: a) Ninth Amendment b) Tenth Amendment c) Twelfth Amendment d) Fourteenth Amendment.

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Answer 6/17

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7/17 Government oversees best by staying out of individuals\' lives, giving them however much opportunity as could be expected to focus their own interests and urging them to wind up confident: an) administration obligation b) open responsibility c) negative government d) singular activity.

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Answer 7/17 c

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8/17 At one point amid the Great Depression, what percent of the country\'s work power were unemployed? a) 15% b) 20% c) 25% d) 35%

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Answer 8/17

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9/17 The thought that administration intercession is vital keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade individual freedom and security when people are slammed by financial and social strengths outside their ability to control: an) administration stewardship b) open security c) political improvement d) constructive government.

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Answer 9/17 d

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10/17 Lyndon Johnson\'s projects that included government activities in medicinal services, instruction, open lodging, sustenance, and different regions came to be called: a) the Last Frontier b) the New Deal c) the Great Society d) New Federalism.

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Answer 10/17

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11/17 Government advantages offered straightforwardly to individual beneficiaries, for example, the month to month standardized savings watches that retirees get: a) shortage help b) open commitments c) exchange installments d) allotment appointments.

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Answer 11/17 c

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12/17 what number Americans are accepting government managed savings and medicare? a) 25 million b) 32 million c) 38 million d) 40 million.

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Answer 12/17

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13/17 How much do standardized savings and Medicare cost the central government yearly? a) $350 billion b) $800 billion c) $ 1 trillion d) $1.3 trillion.

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Answer 13/17 b

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14/17 Only those people who paid extraordinary finance charges when they were utilized are qualified for advantages: a) social protection programs b) open help programs c) social welfare programs d) government sponsored help.

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Answer 14/17

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15/17 Although individuals fit the bill for standardized savings by paying finance assessments amid their working years, the cash they get upon retirement is subsidized by: an) administration ventures produced from the share trading system b) the retirees themselves c) finance charges on current specialists\' compensations d) corporate and capital increases charges.

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Answer 15/17 c

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16/17 What is the motivation behind why most Americans don\'t give unemployment advantages wide open backing? a) Because they feel that the economy is the essential issue b) Because of their religious confidence c) Because they feel that the administration is the genuine guilty party d) Because they trust it is an individual coming up short with respect to the unemployed person.

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Answer 16/17

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17/17 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of those specialists who lost their occupations in 2001, what per penny were terminated or quit deliberately? a) 13% b) 17% c) 38% d) 55%

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Answer 17/17 a

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Fill-in Questions The accompanying inquiries have missing basic words. Fill in the most suitable missing word.

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1/1 Signe-Mary McKernan and Caroline Ratcliffe inferred that poor people\'s majority are: a) poor just for a _______ and b) then for reasons to a great extent past individual ___________, for example, c) a _____ ________ or renunciation by the ________.

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Answer 1/1 while control Job cutback, father

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The End

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