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Actualities About Gangs.. 31,000 Gangs in US850,000 Gang Members in USGang Members Age Range 12 to 24/ - 94% MaleFemales in Over 1/3 of Gangs. Groups
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Groups 101. Introduced by Kim Slayton White Commonwealth\'s Attorney Artwork from www.streetgangs.com

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Facts About Gangs. 31,000 Gangs in US 850,000 Gang Members in US Gang Members Age Range 12 to 24 +/ - 94% Male Females in Over 1/3 of Gangs

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Gangs & Crime. Essential Distributors of Illegal Drugs in US Dominant Retail Level Distributors of Crack, Cocaine, PCP in Virginia Control and Expansion of Operations Locations Result in High Levels of Violence Assault, Burglary, Drive-by Shootings, Extortion, Homicide, Identity Fraud, Money Laundering, Robbery, Witness Intimidation

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Northern Virginia MS 13 Gangster Disciples Latin Kings Bloods Crips Pagans & Hells Angels 18 th Street Mexican Mafia Skinheads Southside Locos Asian Dragon Family Richmond MS 13 Gangster Disciples Latin Kings Bloods Crips Pagans & Hells Angels 18 th Street Folk Nation Skinheads Asian Gangs Vice Lords Gangs In Virginia?? Two Hours Away!!!

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Tidewater Bloods MS 13 18 th Street Gangster Disciples Latin Kings United Blood Nation Renegades Skinheads Vice Lords Southwest Virginia Bloods Crips Latin Kings Sureno 13 MS 13 Pagans & Hells Angels Outlaws Skinheads Mexikanemi (TX Mexican Mafia) ?????

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Not Just in the Big Cities . . . August, 2003, Brenda Paz, previous MS 13 part found on banks of North Fork of Shenandoah River. May, 2003, Christopher Kennedy, Crips, found in Braley Pond in West Augusta. May, 2004, Herndon High rookie murdered in pack related shooting.

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Closer To Home . . . Southside & Piedmont Region Crips 18 th Street MS 13 Folk Nation Bloods People Nation 5%

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Right Here At Home. Crips – free alliance Folk Nation 5% Locally Organized Gangs: MFC – Mayfield Crew PTC – Parker Town Crew Sinai/Westside - 654 Cody Clover

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Territorial Hierarchical Respect Loyalty Equals Violence How Gangs Operate.

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What To Look For. Doodles, spray painting, images in youngster\'s room, on journals, dress, belongings Particularly stars, pitchforks, unexplained letters, tears.

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Still Watching . . . Tattoos or gems with same images Constant utilization of one shading; group recognizable proof Constant way of wearing garments Others wearing same apparel Photographs

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The Game

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Black Wallstreet

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What We Are Doing. Halifax County Anti-Gang Task Force Utilizing New Legislation Educating the Public Forming Partnerships

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