PowerPoint 101.

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PowerPoint 101. Nuts and bolts in PowerPoint Addresses. PowerPoint 101-2. Suppositions Making the Presentation Sparing the Presentation Content Operations Cut/Duplicate, Glue, and Embed Operations. PowerPoint 101-3. Including Pages Notes Considerations Design Presentation Printing Operations.
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PowerPoint 101 Basics in PowerPoint Lectures

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PowerPoint 101-2 Assumptions Creating the Presentation Saving the Presentation Text Operations Cut/Copy, Paste, and Insert Operations

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PowerPoint 101-3 Adding Pages Notes Thoughts on Format Presentation Printing Operations

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PowerPoint 101-4 Closing Files Opening Files Summary

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Assumptions Office 2000 PC or Macintosh Creating another PowerPoint Presentation Formatting is wanted

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Creating the Presentation-1 Select Start , Programs and PowerPoint

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Creating the Presentation-2 Select Design Template

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Creating the Presentation-3 Select the proper pre-organized layout

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Creating the Presentation-4 Select Layout

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Saving Files Saving Files – From the menu select Files and after that Save

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Text Operations From the menu select Format to roll out arranging improvements

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Cut/Copy, Paste and Insert-1 Standard Windows routines – permits simplicity of progress and imagination

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Cut/Copy, Paste and Insert-2 Select Insert and afterward select the source

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Adding Pages-1 From the menu select Insert New Slide (Ctrl+M)

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Adding Pages-2 The Outline Pane records all slides

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Adding Notes-1 Click the notes sheet, and afterward sort your notes for the present slide

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Adding Notes-2 Here’s the heart of your presentation!

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Thoughts on Format Bullets 5 or 6 Use White Space Readable Font High Con tra st

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Presentation Slide Show Hard Copy – Printing Operations

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Slide Show Select Slide Show and View Show (F5)

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Printing Operations-1 Hard duplicate for freebee and record Multiple configurations Slides just Handouts Notes Pages Outline View

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Printing Operations-2 Select File and Print and to print the presentation

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Closing and Opening Files Close documents by decision, not default or mischance Select File and Close

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Opening Files-1 Three normal methods for opening PowerPoint records Outside PowerPoint At Startup Opening another PowerPoint presentation.

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Opening Files-2 Outside PowerPoint From a subdirectory or floppy circle

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Opening Files-3 At Startup – select open a current presentation

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Opening Files-4 From inside PowerPoint select File and Open

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Assumptions Creating the Presentation Saving the Presentation Text Operations File Operations Adding Pages Notes Thoughts on Format Presentation Printing Operations Summary .:tslidesep.

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