PowerPoint 2007.

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PowerPoint 2007. Audit. Points… . Characterize presentation programming Formats and Outline Subjects PowerPoint Sees Slide Designs and Placeholders Slide Content Graphical content and Representation Diagrams and Tables Slide Bosses, Headers, and Footers Moves and Activitys Print Choices.
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PowerPoint 2007 Review

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Topics… Define presentation programming Templates and Design Themes PowerPoint Views Slide Layouts and Placeholders Slide content Text Graphical content and Graphics Charts and Tables Slide Masters, Headers, and Footers Transitions and Animations Print Options

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Presentation Software Presentation programming is a PC project used to compose and present data Presentation programming permits you to convey your thoughts viably Use PowerPoint to present data in a mixed bag of courses On-screen presentations (slides) Notes page Audience gifts Outline pages PowerPoint 2007

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Options for Creating so as to create a Presentation Start sans preparation a Blank presentation with no pre-arranging Use a Template with preformatted slides, placeholders and custom formats Use a Theme with preformatted slides Design Themes can likewise be connected after a presentation has been made.

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Four Basic Presentation Views Normal perspective is the essential altering perspective Slide Sorter perspective is utilized for revising slides and including slide impacts Notes Page perspective is for writing notes to yourself or for the moderator Slide show perspective is utilized to convey the presentation

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Normal View and Panes PowerPoint opens in Normal perspective Normal perspective is the essential perspective for composing, altering and planning your presentation Normal perspective is partitioned into three sheets Slides and Outline tabs Slide sheet Notes sheet

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Slide sheet Normal View Example Slides and Outline tabs Notes sheet

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The Outline tab shows the content of your presentation as a framework The Slides tab shows the slides of your presentation as little pictures, called thumbnails Thumbnail

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Right Pane A sheet on the right will show up when certain elements are chosen as being what is indicated as: Custom Animation Insert Clip Art Research

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PowerPoint Slides may contain.. Content Table Charts Smart Art Pictures Clip Art Movies Sounds Hyperlinks and different articles PowerPoint 2007

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Slide Layouts and Placeholders You can pick among nine slide formats when making another slide A slide design contains content and item placeholders that are masterminded in a particular manner on the slide A substance placeholder can be utilized to embed content or protests, for example, content, cut workmanship, tables, diagrams, and different items by tapping the suitable symbol See taking after slides…

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Slide Layouts

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Content Placeholder SmartArt realistic Table Graph outline Text Content placeholder Can embed content or item Picture Clip craftsmanship Movie

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Promote and Demote projectiles Text is entered as slugs Subtopics ought to be indented under a fundamental point. Downgrade - press [Tab] to move a projectile down a level Promote - press [Shift] + [Tab] to move a shot up a level Promote and downgrade catches likewise on strip 1 st level slug 2 nd level shot

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Formatting Text Once content is entered, you can arrange it with textual styles, hues and sizes Formatting content permits you to make particular focuses emerge and snatch the audience’s consideration A whole presentation can be organized by utilizing a Design Theme (see next slide)

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Design Theme Design topics give your presentation a firm look A configuration subject fuses sets of hues for fill, line, and shadow, called topic hues textual styles for titles and other content, called topic textual styles impacts for lines and fills, called topic impacts Design tab More catch Design topics

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Additional Text Options When content box placeholders alone don\'t convey the coveted message, have a go at embeddings or including: Text encloses – place content better places on the slide WordArt – is an arrangement of brightening content styles that you can apply to any content item SmartArt – change over content to a realistic Shapes – can be utilized to make callouts, flags, flowcharts, authoritative outlines with and without content

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Graphics Options To make a presentation all the more fascinating or a more grounded point utilization: Clip workmanship Photographs Movies Sounds Quick Styles - is an arrangement of predefined organizing choices for content and illustrations

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Quick Styles A Quick Style is an arrangement of designing choices, including line style, fill shading, and impact

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Charts and Tables Use diagrams to graphically speak to numerical information Chart sorts incorporate section, line, pie, bar, and others Use a table when data would look best composed in lines and segments

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Slide moves decide how a slide moves all through perspective amid the slide appear. Move classes Slide Transitions

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Custom Animation Effects Animation impacts characterize how the items in your presentation show up on the screen amid a slide show For instance, you can have every projectile in a rundown seem each one in turn You can vitalize content, illustrations, sounds, hyperlinks, SmartArt outlines, diagrams and graph components

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Custom Animation Types Entrance—causes an article to enter the slide with an impact Emphasis—already unmistakable article has an impact Exit—causes an item to leave slide with an impact Motion Paths—causes item to proceed onward indicated way on slide

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Set Custom Animation Effects Type of activity connected Animated items show up in the Custom Animation list This data alludes to the daylight cut craftsmanship

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Master Slides There are three Master perspectives: Slide Master perspective Handout Master perspective Notes Master perspective Masters store data position & size of content and placeholders content styles foundation hues impacts, livelinesss and subject hues Changes made to experts show up on slides, notes and gifts separately

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Slide Master View Slide Master Changes made to the Slide Master will show up on all the related formats Layouts can be independently adjusted too Slide Master designs

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Customize the Background Style The foundation , which is on each slide, is the territory behind the content and representation A foundation realistic is an article put on the slide expert You can alter the foundation with pictures and shading to improve slides You can likewise apply a foundation style which is an arrangement of shading varieties got from the topic hues Theme hues are an arrangement of twelve composed hues that focus the hues for all slide components in your presentation

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Headers and Footers Headers and footers are data that you can add to every slide, for example, an organization name or the date To embed headers and/or footers, tap the Insert tab, then snap Header & Footer\'s The footer situation content articles on the slide is reliant upon the presentation topic To apply headers and footers to notes and freebees, tap the Notes and Handouts tab in the Header and Footer dialog box

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Headers and Footers Dialog Box

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Slide Sorter View Slides show up as thumbnails and can be revamped. Slides might likewise be orchestrated in typical perspective.

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Slide Show View To see the appear, click the View tab, then tap the Slide Show catch in the Presentation Views assemble The Slide Show toolbar catches are semitransparent and mix in with the foundation shading on the slide Other valuable Slide Show summons : Esc key – to end slide show Spacebar – to progress to next slide Left and right bolt keys – to progress or do a reversal one slide

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Use Slide Show Commands Previous slide catch Annotation devices Slide Show toolbar Pen Options menu catch Next slide catch Navigation alternatives Slide Show menu catch

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Printing a Presentation Using the Print dialog box, you can decide to print slides, freebees, notes or the Outline view Handouts can be printed as 1,2, 3, 4, 6, or 9 for every page You can print in Color, Grayscale or Pure Black and White, contingent upon your printer

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Print Dialog Box Click list bolt to pick what to print

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Speaker Notes Speaker notes are for the moderator to practice and/or remind themselves to make a some vital focuses. PowerPoint 2007

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Audience Handouts give lines to group of onlookers to take their own particular notes PowerPoint 2007

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Evaluate a Presentation Keep your message centered Keep your content succinct Keep the outline straightforward Choose alluring hues Choose textual styles and styles that are anything but difficult to peruse Emphasize essential content Use visuals to help impart your message

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To Create Your Own Graphics and Animations, Consider Taking … CIS120DB – Illustrator CIS120DC – Flash Animation

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