PowerPoint in the classroom.

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PowerPoint in the classroom. Impetus Administrations. Apparatuses and assets to offer you some assistance with achieving your objectives Learning Spaces Web Instruments Information Administrations. Help and assets. Web: http://catalyst.washington.edu Email: catalysthelp@u.washington.edu
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PowerPoint in the classroom

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Catalyst Services Tools and assets to assist you with accomplishing your objectives Learning Spaces Web Tools Knowledge Services

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Help and assets Web: http://catalyst.washington.edu Email: catalysthelp@u.washington.edu Drop-in: Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology Odegaard Library, Room 230 Monday-Friday, 12:00 - 5:00 Phone: (206) 897-1999

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Workshop Objectives Discuss arranging issues and masters/cons Overview of PowerPoint components Hands-on work with PowerPoint

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Hands-on work Choose outline layout & slide design Insert items Format content & foundation Use different perspectives Present your slide show Print freebees

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Why Use PowerPoint? Snappy and simple visuals for presentations Easy to change, clarify & file Ability to include connections, sound, & feature Web presentations Many organization choices

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Presentation arrangements Color or dark & white transparencies Screen-projector presentations Handouts Outlines 35-mm slides Upload presentations to a Web website

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Technical Planning Software contemplations Mac/XP/2000 – good? Bundle for CD choice – documents and “player” Hardware contemplations Verify projector and PC set-up Verify access to Internet if necessary Have a reinforcement arrangement

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Planning Who is your gathering of people? What are your time imperatives? What are your objectives? What is the most ideal approach to display you\'re material?

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Pros and cons of screen projectors Convenience of advanced arrangement Presenter stays at front of room Lower determination than 35 mm slides Tendency to wash out shading Color irregularity from projector to projector

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Design contemplations Don’t swarm an excess of focuses on a page. It’s truly diverting to attempt to peruse a considerable measure of content. Strong squares of substantial content are difficult to take a gander at and balance all the considerable visual potential that PowerPoint offers to moderators. Your gathering of people will wind up investing so much energy perusing the content on your slides that they are going to miss everything that you are stating in light of the fact that they are so caught up with perusing and why not simply send them a letter if that’s all you needed to do in any case. Little text styles are difficult to peruse in vast address corridors and can make it exceptionally diverting for understudies to pay consideration on your address. Utilize 18 pt text style at any rate.

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Design contemplations Use a sans-serif textual style like Arial or Verdana Serif text styles are best for print materials 18 pt content at the very least (this is 32 pt!) Contrast in the middle of content and foundation

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Design contemplations Use a sans-serif text style like Arial, Verdana Serif text styles are best for print materials not screen projection 18 pt content at the very least (this is 32 pt!) Be cautious of difference in the middle of content and foundation (light foundation with dim content is less demanding to peruse)

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Design contemplations Use a sans-serif textual style like Arial, Verdana Serif text styles are best for print materials not screen projection 18 pt content at any rate (this is 32 pt!) Be watchful of complexity in the middle of content and foundation (light foundation with dim content is simpler to peruse)

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The draw of extravagant accessories PowerPoint makes it simple to include fancy odds and ends Should you?

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PowerPoint fancy odds and ends Designed for business correspondence Goal to captivate, awe, dark, offer – not so much to show But rather studies show understudies see utilization of PowerPoint absolutely Are understudies right?

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Studies say “No!” No critical contrast in test scores (transparencies versus content PowerPoint) Students do 10% more terrible on tests that originate from extended PowerPoint addresses. Including pictures doesn’t dependably have a constructive outcome on understudy learning. - (Bartsch & Cobern, 2003)

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For instance Unrelated pictures really degrade understudy adapting Even significant pictures don\'t help Notice the obstruction?

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Guidelines for utilization of pictures Only utilize pictures when pertinent to content When in uncertainty, forget it Images that outline complex ideas are advantageous to understudy learning Put pictures on slides separate from data

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Creating a slideshow Let’s begin making a slideshow To open PowerPoint, select Start>Programs>Microsoft Office>PowerPoint

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Catalyst User Experience Team (CUE) Help us plan for you\'re necessities Initial and quarterly studies Invitations to center gatherings & interviews 2-3 hours/year Hear from us Semi-yearly bulletin 1-3 quarterly messages

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Thank you for going to! Tell us how to enhance our workshop http://catalyst.washington.edu/learning/ppt.html Click “Evaluation” a

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