PowerPoint, or… content and mixed media in class.

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PowerPoint, or… content and mixed media in class Eva M. Fernández Rulers LOTE Consortium Phonetics and Correspondence Issue Rulers School — CUNY LOTE@qc.edu Primary Elements Make SLIDES anticipated from PC printed as transparencies printed as hand-outs transferred to web server
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PowerPoint, or… content & sight and sound in class Eva M. Fernã¡ndez Queens LOTE Consortium Linguistics & Communication Disorders Queens College — CUNY LOTE@qc.edu

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Main Features Create SLIDES anticipated from PC printed as transparencies printed as hand-outs transferred to web server Integrate content and sight and sound substance Deliver presentations in formal or casual settings in classrooms or gatherings

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A Glorified Word Processor? Yes… at the same time, PPT (and other comparable programming titles) ISN’T (aren’t) JUST FOR MANAGING TEXT to utilize Microsoft’s language: “you can without much of a stretch sort out, effectively delineate, and professionally convey your ideas”; PPT gives you “the apparatuses you have to speak with impact” discovered some place on the Microsoft.com site “you can undoubtedly compose, intensely illustrate, and professionally convey your ideas”; PPT gives you “the instruments you have to communicate with impact”

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Word Processors ~ Word, WordPerfect, Wordstar, … entering a lot of content printing content, or showing it on a little PC screen so… little textual styles, adjusted left, representation introduction can oversee joining of sight and sound articles, yet can’t show them well console orders for entering and organizing content, however not for presentations

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 Presentation Software ~ PowerPoint, Freelance, Corel Presentations… Designed for making slides default text dimensions are enormous default arrangement and separating of content shifts, contingent upon slide format default picture is situated as scene perfect for overhead projectors with information projectors, exploits screen size

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Presentation Software ~ PowerPoint, Freelance, Corel Presentations… Designed for running slide shows elements to maximally utilize screen when running a presentation console charges to improve presentation undertakings perusing from slide to slide changing shade of screen utilizing/concealing pen or pointer

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Presentation Software ~ PowerPoint, Freelance, Corel Presentations… AND you can relate a slide with notes, a framework, and so on streamlines making freebees and rundowns aides sort out thoughts enhances viability of presentation

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 Presentation Software ~ PowerPoint, Freelance, Corel Presentations… FINALLY, you can spare presentations as HTML records, to transfer to the web for nonconcurrent conveyance of addresses/talks or notwithstanding for synchronous conveyance components to set up “Online Broadcasts”

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How Does It Work? A PPT record = an arrangement of “slides” screens with content and/or media content each connected with a blueprint (produced consequently) and notes (created by creator) Multi-board client interface workspace (slide) diagram or thumbnails of slides notes scrollbars, menus, toolbars

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Multipanel (“Normal”) View

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Slide Sorter View

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Design Features ENTERING TEXT: DEFAULT LAYOUTS Disadvantage: lessens innovativeness? Focal points: creates layout consequently makes worldwide changes simpler

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Design Features TEMPLATES Slide foundation and content plans, shading plans, movement plans Disadvantages: impels squandering time? may add to “slide clutter” issue Advantage: “cool” and fun… and perhaps successful?

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Drawing & Animating Some Examples

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S CONJ S Simple & Complex direction: S  S CONJ S straightforward: S  NP VP S CONJ NP VP subordinate: S  S CONJ S

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LEXICON X LEXICON Y GRAMMAR X GRAMMAR Y phonology X phonology Y punctuation X sentence structure Y semantics X semantics Y pragmatics X pragmatics Y A building design for bilingual cognizance JOINT MEMORY STORE occasions lived in Lx or Ly material scholarly in Lx or Ly

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Here is a red kite and a green kite. They have diverse shading tails. 18 What shading is the kite\'s tail that has a bow on it?

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Images “Prefab” Clipart or Your Own Snapshots

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Charts & Graphs

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The United States A spot with various etymological minorities Take Queens County, for instance 44% of the populace talks a LOTE at home (1990 US Census) Of this 44%, MOST are BILINGUALS Figures ignore individuals who speak LOTEs, yet don’t use them at home

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Grade Hits Figure 5: Hits to homework zones against last grade, r (74) = .150, p > .10 Figure 6: Hits to test ranges against last grade, r (74) = .300, p < .01 Grade Hits Figure 7: Hits to address notes zones against last grade, r (74) = .015, p > .10 Figure 5: Hits to random admon. instruments against last grade, r (74) = .276, p < .02

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Organization Charts & Diagrams

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Figure 1. Correspondences in the middle of bilingual and monolingual conduct in sentence handling, ordered as dialect free and dialect subordinate. Sx shows set of methods connected with Lx.

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Linear Correlation Coefficient ( r)

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Buttons Hyperlinked to URLs Internet neighborhood records nearby or remote executables and so forth

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QC ONLINE/BLACKBOARD the class site is open just through QC ONLINE (Blackboard 5) to get to it, you should: 1. initiate your record: http://vanguard.qc.edu 2. login to QC Online and alter your own data: http://online.qc.edu

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Sounds & Moving Images

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BORROWING: utilization of a word or expression from Lx inside Ly articulation Ya no estã¡n, estã¡n en unique Ahã­ para comprarlo para este weekend ; dad este weekend saying juste , hole in dictionary, and so on phonological & morphological incorporation into host dialect notice, both acquired words are from English

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Saving Work ~:- ) “Save” & “Save As…” presentation (*.ppt) appear (*.pps) plot (*.rtf) set of pictures (*.gif, *.jpg, *.tif, and so on.) “Save As HTML…” Record & spare online telecasts

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Saving Work ~:- ) Embedding genuine sort textual styles Embedding versus connecting related documents “Pack and Go” capacity

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Running a slide demonstrate the “full screen” view console v. mouse power outages, white-outs exploring through slides the mouse as pointer or pen

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Keyboard alternate ways Advance to next slide: space, N, right or down bolt, enter, page down Return to past slide: delete, P, left or up bolt, page up Go to slide number “#”: “#” + enter End appear: esc, ctrl+break

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More console easy routes dark out: B white-out: W show/shroud bolt pointer: A pointer-to-pen: ctrl+P pen-to-pointer: ctrl+A conceal pointer & button: ctrl+H eradicate drawing: E

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Printing Slides As overheads on plain paper on transparencies As gifts the dim scale print-out the high contrast print-out the layout print-out the “handout” print-out

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Running an Effective Show Prepare your slides “Slide Show”  “Set Up Show” recollect to install textual styles save as *.pps, instead of *.ppt Rehearse! hone the discussion hone the timing

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Running an Effective Show Technical contemplations: how to arrange the gear how to spare your records how to set up the hardware troubleshooting…

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Running an Effective Show Design contemplations predictable utilization of content sum, size, situating moderate utilization of pictures the same number of as will outline your point (no all the more, no less) saving yet deliberate utilization of liveliness quantitative data is frequently best exhibited graphically keep away from three-dimensional diagrams (hard to

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