PowerPoint:mac 2004 An Approach to Present Data Outwardly.

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Select both of these two slides, they permit you to embed clasp craftsmanship. ... snap to include cut craftsmanship. Including Clip Art. The Clip Art Gallery will open. ...
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PowerPoint:mac 2004 A Way to Present Information Visually Ann Delesha and Lisa Simonet

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Locate PowerPoint Icon on the Desktop Double-click mouse to open Or select PowerPoint Icon on the dock. Opening PowerPoint

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You will then see the "Undertaking Gallery" Click "Open" to continue.

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PowerPoint:mac 2004 You will consequently go a clear page likewise alluded to as the title slide. It will seem as though this:

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The "Slide Viewer" Click-"Snap to include title" and you will see a cursor. Sort: My Project Click-"Snap to include subtitle" again you will see a cursor. Sort: Your Name

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It ought to appear as though this… You are prepared to proceed onward. How about we find out about the "Layout View".

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The "Framework View" As you write you will start to see on the left-hand side what you are writing. You will likewise see what you have written. It will appear to be like this

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The "Notes Panes" To upgrade your presentation, you can sort notes to help you while exhibiting. Click-"Snap to include notes" and you will get a cursor. Start writing.

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Reviewing The Parts of PowerPoint This is the "Layout View" See Page 7 This is the "Slide Viewer" See Page 5 This is the "Notes Pane"- See Page 8

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The Formatting Palette You should utilize the organizing palette-in the occasion in the event that it is not on. Click the symbol with the An on it, it is underneath the Window and Help determinations on the toolbar. The container will be highlighted dark when on.

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How to Add a Design On the Formatting Palette,select Change Slides. Click on an outline that will work for your presentation. This will likewise arrange the text style and design for every slide.

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Adding a New Slide Using the Formatting Palette, you will have the capacity to embed another slide, click on what slide fits yours necessities. Take after directions on slide.

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Adding Clip Art Select both of these two slides, they permit you to embed cut craftsmanship. Double tap to include cut workmanship.

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The Clip Art Gallery will open. Pick a photo. Click "Embed" Adding Clip Art

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After You Add Several Slides After including a few slides attempt this: Insert a diagram or a stream outline, by selecting both of these two slide formats: Or continue by making spirit by including "Slide Transitions" See the following page!

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Adding Transitions are an impact to move you from slide to slide. Click on Slide Show on the Menu Bar and after that select Slide Transitions.

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First, Click "No Transition" A drop down menu will show up. Pick a move. Slide Transitions Click to

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Let\'s View Your Work!

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How to Move About Your Presentation To move from slide to slide. Click the mouse once to progress to the following slide. To stop your show press the "esc" catch. Congrats, you have effectively made a PowerPoint.

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