Pre-adult Wellbeing Information Accumulation: Coordinating Reviews, Utilizing Various Information Sources and Growing Ne.

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Pre-adult Wellbeing Information Gathering: Coordinating Reviews, Utilizing Different Information Sources and Growing New Organizations Western The study of disease transmission Meeting May 30-31, 2002 Robert J. Nystrom, BS,MA Youthful Wellbeing Director Title V State Juvenile Wellbeing Facilitator Why Information??? Needs Appraisal
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Juvenile Health Data Collection: Integrating Surveys, Using Multiple Data Sources and Developing New Partnerships Western Epidemiology Conference May 30-31, 2002 Robert J. Nystrom, BS,MA Adolescent Health Manager Title V State Adolescent Health Coordinator

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Why Data??? Needs Assessment What are the unmet needs or rising wellbeing concerns? Engaging What is the wellbeing status/practices of youth? State funded Education What do youth, folks, policymakers and general society should be educated about? Screen Trends Are wellbeing status or markers for youth showing signs of improvement or more terrible after some time?

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Why Data??? Project Planning What projects, assets or strategies should be created to react to distinguished issues? Assessment Are our projects and arrangements having an effect? Research What truly meets expectations and would we be able to enhance our insight level of an issue?

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Partnerships – a short rundown State Department of Human Services State Department of Education Oregon Research Institute, Institutes of Higher Education Federal and National Private Funding Partners State Commission on Children and Families Local Education Agencies Local Health Departments State and Local Health Care Advocates Hospitals and Health Care Providers

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Adolescent Data Sources Vital measurements Birth, passing, damage, malady Other Surveillance Systems Suicide endeavors, doctor\'s facility release, law implementation School overviews YRBS, Assets, Tobacco, Alcohol and different Drugs, School Policy SBHC clinical experience frameworks Diagnosis, use, quality affirmation, quiet fulfillment

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Adolescent Suicide Attempts Registry Emergency room work force are obliged to report endeavors by law Limited to kids and youth ages 0-17 years old Does exclude endeavors that don\'t bring about a visit to a crisis room Also… Hospital Discharge Index (inpatient and psychiatric doctor\'s facilities) Attempts that don\'t bring about hospitalization are excluded

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Adolescent Suicide Attempts Registry Demographics Method(s) Mental wellbeing history Previous endeavors Precipitating occasions and danger elements Disclose arrangement Referral

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Oregon Healthy Teens Survey Replaces various statewide or focused on studies: CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey State Public School Drug Use Survey State Tobacco Use Survey Protective element or resources questions Individual, associate, kin, parental, school group

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Oregon Healthy Teens Survey Alcohol, tobacco and other medication use Sexual conduct and learning Diet and activity Harassment and exploitation Violence and other harm related practices Involvement in star social exercises Environmental danger and defensive components

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School Health Policy & Programs Survey CDC School Health Education Profile Survey (SHPPS) Principal Questionnaire Lead Health Educator Questionnaire Oregon Supplemental Questions (SHPPS) Principal Lead Health Educator Oregon New Modules (SHPPS) Health Services Mental Health Services Nutrition Services Physical Education

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SBHC Clinical Encounter System Defined arrangement of clinical experience variables are gathered for all customers and visits to a state confirmed SBHCs incorporated into a solitary database State bolstered information accumulation framework Clinical Fusion/School Healthcare ONLINE Other clinical administration data framework that gives obliged variables in an exportable record

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SBHC Clinical Encounter System Patient Demographics Date of conception, sex, race, grade, protection status Visit Information Date of visit, area, supplier sort, supplier Service Information CPT codes, Diagnosis codes, time, danger element

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Health status Center environment Communication Prevention messages Frequency Care rating Provider Appointment sort Other consideration/access Classes missed Demographics Special point Asthma arrangement SBHC Patient Satisfaction Survey

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Use SBHC Patient Satisfaction Survey Special Topic – Asthma Partner with Oregon Asthma Program Partner with MCHB Graduate Student Internship Program Explore study information, clinician meetings, outline audits Examine asthma determination and treatment in SBHC setting Develop an asthma administration agenda to help suppliers Example:Translating information into practice

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