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PRE0985 Discharges Effectiveness TWO Objectives PPT05781 030905 BUSINESS Fragments Disseminated Era Transportation Energy unit Natural Rankine Cycle Armada Vehicles Space Car Microturbine PPT05782 030905 Circulated Era Natural Rankine Cycle Dispersed Era
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Emissions Efficiency TWO GOALS PPT05781 030905

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BUSINESS SEGMENTS Distributed Generation Transportation Fuel Cell Organic Rankine Cycle Fleet Vehicles Space Automotive Microturbine PPT05782 030905

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DISTRIBUTED GENERATION Organic Rankine Cycle Distributed Generation Fuel Cells Microturbines Central Station Substation End-client Distribution Transmission PPT05783 030905

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Assured Power Emissions & Efficiency (CHP) Localized Generation GLOBAL SEGMENTATION Regional drivers PPT05784 030905

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PC25 FUEL CELL POWERPLANT Assured base burden power Grid bolster High quality force Emissions exchanging PPT05785 030905

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MICROTURBINES Combined warmth and force Reliable force Peak burden shaving PPT05786 030905

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ORGANIC RANKINE CYCLE Waste warmth to power Free fuel Improve complete effectiveness PPT05787 030905

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FLEET VEHICLES Sunline Transit Extension of business force plants Incorporate car experience 185,000 new transports created every year overall PPT05788 030905

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AUTOMOTIVE Nissan PPT05789 030905

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CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES Technology status Cost Government regulations Government motivating forces Better utilization of vitality assets Hydrogen future Emissions diminishment PPT05790 030905

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