Predictable and Inconsistent Meals: Effects on Performance .

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Consistent and Inconsistent Meals: Effects on Performance. Jackie Berning, PhD, RD, CSSD Associate Professor/Chair University of Colorado Sport Dietitian: Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Cleveland Indians Challenges to a Swimmers Diet. Hectic schedules
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Predictable and Inconsistent Meals: Effects on Performance Jackie Berning, PhD, RD, CSSD Associate Professor/Chair University of Colorado Sport Dietitian: Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Cleveland Indians

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Challenges to a Swimmers Diet Hectic calendars Little learning about: Basic nourishment Grocery shopping Food readiness What to pick when eating out Good sustenance isn\'t generally a need

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Nutrition Knowledge Survey of Adolescent Swimmers Most nutritious sugar 63% picked an apple while 37% picked French fries Good wellspring of protein 63% picked chicken, while 37% picked cereal Food Groups 95% recognized the nutrition types, however no one but 45% could distinguish sustenances from the gathering Berning, IJSN, 1991

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Nutrition Practices 30% of immature competitors skip breakfast 25% skip lunch 86% eat at fast food eateries every week 82% of male track, b-ball, and football groups couldn\'t distinguish the fuel sources in the muscles

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Food is Fuel Strategies to help players keep up their "fuel tanks" Must have breakfast regardless of the possibility that it is little Liquid feast supplements might be valuable when in a rush Focus on "get & go" nourishments Focus on sustenances with protein and starch Hydrate before amid and after workouts or diversions Never go more than 3-4 hours without nourishment

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Effects of skipping dinners Higher muscle to fat ratio ratios Fatigue, dormant + 0 Lower muscle to fat quotients More vitality Throughout the day - 24 hours Athletes who skip suppers and just eat one feast for each day have higher muscle to fat ratio ratios Deutz et al, 2000 Med Sci Sports Exerc 32(3) 659-68

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Recovery Nutrition Normally takes 24 to 36 hours to supplant muscle vitality (glycogen) By expending sugars quickly post work out (w/n 30 minutes) can reload the muscles in 12 to 16 hours Snack ought to be for the most part carbs and some protein (4 sections CHO\'s and 1 section Pro) Chocolate drain, nourishment shake, smoothie, nutty spread sandwich, vitality bar, yogurt, turkey sandwich, string cheddar and wafers

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Example of Post Game/Recovery Nutrition Local High School Soccer mentor needed to trim the time it takes to return home after an away amusement He requested that the guardians give snacks on the transport to the outing home Found: the group recuperated speedier the following day Were not as eager getting back home Were not as cranky getting back home Felt he could push them harder the following day Took the group to the State High School playoffs—lost in second round twofold extra time… sudden demise

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Sample Recovery Foods Granola, vitality or breakfast bars Bagels with peanut spread Sports drinks Recovery shakes Sub sandwiches Crackers and cheddar Burritos Fresh organic product like apples, bananas, oranges, grapes Vegetables, for example, carrots and celery Fruit smoothies (prepackaged) Trail blend/creature wafers

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High School Football Team Local HS football mentor felt that understudies expected to think about nourishment/hydration Set up a few instructive open doors Met with sponsor club Parents, understudies and mentors all listening to similar data

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Local High School Football Team Meet with players in the late spring at speed camp Breakfast Hydration for camp and two a days Healthy snacks for the duration of the day Weight put on and weight reduction

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Weight pick up (muscle) includes eating more calories not simply more protein Weight pick up is a mix of quality preparing, legitimate sustenance and rest Increase calorie consumption 500-1,000 calories for each day Maintain hydration It takes an arrangement to pick up Eat littler dinners all the more regularly Need a 200-300 calorie shortfall for each day Don\'t skip suppers or just eat one supper a day Eat gradually Fast eaters have a tendency to indulge Increase high-impact practice gradually every day Maintain hydration Weight Gain/Weight misfortune WEIGHT GAIN WEIGHT LOSS

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Breakfast Skipping Bad for Bones and Weight Journal of the American Dietetic Association . (June 2005) Study found that skipping what some call the most essential feast of the day " may predispose" young ladies to weight control plans low in calcium and fiber. The individuals who have breakfast all the time have a decreased body mass list contrasted with "infrequent breakfast eaters." Girls who reliably had breakfast had a lower body mass file and higher fiber and calcium admissions, which may propose that having breakfast amid the basic pre-adolescent and teenager years could avoid osteoporosis.

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Local High School Football Team Game Day Nutrition Developed a feast anticipate amusement day Developed hydration get ready for diversion day Developed nibble get ready for half time Developed recuperation arrange

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Meet Day Nutrition Need to stay with the three suppers/day and relying upon swim time snacks in the middle of occasions or warms Even if its an early morning swim still need to eat something Oatmeal, bowl of oat with low fat drain, or vitality bar Need to eat after swim Carton of yogurt, nutty spread sandwich, smoothie Lunch Small sub sandwich, products of the soil vegetables, sports drinks Mid-evening Snack Fruit/vegetables, low fat string cheddar, entire grain saltines Dinner Standard fundamental feast that incorporates entrée, starch, vegetables and low fat drain Snack before bed Smoothie, yogurt parfait, bowl of oat

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Pre-Event Eating 1-4 hours before the occasion nearer to occasion less sustenance Consume for the most part CHO as they are processed quicker next comes protein, last comes fat 1 hour or less- - stick to fluid, sports drinks 2 hours or less- - sports drinks, toast, biscuits, oat with lowfat drain 3-4 hours- - spaghetti, French toast, turkey sand, yogurt, string cheddar and wafers

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Pre-Event Meal Ideas One hour or less before rivalry Stick to fluids like water, games drinks and keep away from high glycemic refreshments like pop, juice, beverages or "vitality" drinks Two hours before rivalry Cereal and low fat drain Toast, or low fat biscuit 1/2 Bagel, yogurt and natural product Three-four hours before rivalry Turkey Sandwich w low fat cheddar, yogurt, organic product, granola bar Pasta with meat sauce, bread sticks, low fat drain French toast, low fat drain, organic product

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Dangers of Dehydration Fatigue Loss of coordination Increased danger of warmth ailment, warm stroke and even demise

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Monitor Fluid Loss Two courses: Weigh in before practice and after practice some liquid per pound lost Check the shade of pee 1 - 3 = Optimally Hydrated 4 - 6 = Slightly got dried out ought to drink more 6 - 8 = Dehydrated, must drink more

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Thirst is not a satisfactory pointer of liquid needs Wait to drink until you parched its past the point of no return As little as a 2% weight reduction as sweat will influence execution If you drink to fulfill your thirst it\'s insufficient

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Sport Drink Formulation Important for Optimal Fluid Absorption 18.3 16.5 FAST Fluid Absorption (mL/cm/hr) 6.9* 0% 6% 1.8* 8% 9% SLOW 13% Water Gatorade Powerade AllSport Ryan, AJ. et al J. Appl. Physiol. 84: 1581-1588, 1998 Soda Pop * p<0.05 slower than water and Gatorade. Water and Gatorade were not quite the same as each other.

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"Vitality" Drinks: What are they Basically liquid and vitality in one container Contain high centralization of starch (practically same focus as syrup) Usually caffeine (infrequently in a natural shape, for example, Mate or guarana, which is 4-5x all the more effective) May contain different fixings to potentiate caffeine (ginseng) May contain Synephrine

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Fluid Guidelines say: How much would it be advisable for me to drink for Practice and Games? Before Drink 12 to 20 oz - 2-3 hours before During Drink 6 to 12 oz each 15-20 minutes After Drink 150% of sweat misfortunes Drink 3 glasses (24 oz) for each 1 lb weight lost through sweat Two swallows are around 3 ounces Replace 70% of what you have lost before next practice

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Carbohydrates (60%) Proteins (15%) Fats (25%) What Should Athletes Eat?

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¹/3 Grains, Bread, Pasta ¹/3 Fruits & Veg ¹/3 Protein Use a Modified Peace Sign Breads, oat, rice pasta, natural product, vegetables, tortillas, vitality bars saltines, potatoes (not broiled), pinto beans, dark beans, plate of mixed greens Chicken, turkey, meat, pork, drain, cheddar, yogurt, eggs, nutty spread, nuts, soy

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All players, mentors and guardians became tied up with the program

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Resulted in a 5A State High School Championship! Bring home message for me is mentors/competitors had confidence in: Importance of sustenance in athletic execution Importance of hydration Second half group Believer in powering and cooling the body will permit an understudy competitor to boost their athletic potential

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